Hello and Welcome to Online Wealth 4 All’ s What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide My name Is Barbara and I am the founder of this site.

I personally believe that anyone can earn wealth in the online world if they put in the required effort and find the right opportunity to get started.

Hence, my reason for creating this site to motivate, encourage, inspire & empower ordinary folks like you and I by showing you the best ways of how you can make money online from the comfort of your own home.

My goal is to turn my talk into action by showing you what steps to take in creating your own fulfilling, and successful work from home jobs. If, you have a different view on this post feel free to share in the comment section at the end of this post

With the internet diversifying each day, it’s appealing to folks to chose  working online vs offline, the problem many of them encounter in most cases is determining the right course of action that will help them to expand their horizons whilst learning new skills.

The internet has a lot of misinformation, with all the rip offs and misleading upsells one will become frustrated and confused scrolling through a countless number of pages to find the best way to start earning a living online legitimately.

You spend precious time running searches, time you would have spent wisely to get started in building your business online. This is why I am here to give you pointers and do the research for you to save you all the trouble.

Believe me you, there are certainly innumerable ways you can earn and create an income online legitimately. With the many services /goods both sold or bought online, you can practically find something that fits your criteria with just a few  clicks of a mouse and start growing and managing your business from there.

You Don’t Have To Be Trapped-Change Your Life For The Better.

A great thanks for choosing to visit  this site, I commend you for sticking around. It shows you’re indeed interested in learning how to make money online  and you’re an action taker, who knows what you want.

I  do  have a question for you though, have you ever felt stuck, in that everything you tried was like spinning some sort of wheels? That was me once upon a time.

I used to work long tireless hours, but never achieved the goals of living my dream life. Being away from my girls and not spending enough time with them was quite painful and It did take a toll on me.

Working long hours and not being able to achieve my dreams was not helpful either until one day  when I made a decision to make some changes in my life by ditching my 8-to-6 and look into work-from-home jobs.

I have been able spend more time with my family and I’m glad I made this decision to work on my own times and at my appointed anytime.

You don’t have to be trapped in a job you don’t like, or chained to a desk everyday working long hours, stressed because you’re missing out on your family activities, have less time with your children or none at all!

When you can easily change that by becoming your own boss and manage your time building a brand, or make this your side hustle whilst spending time with your family.

As the old saying goes knowledge is the power, I found an incredible and reliable platform that imparts you with knowledge of making money online in affiliate marketing and gives you an insight on how people are thriving online.

I don’t regret at all about  making this wise decision of improving my life by following this step-by-step guide which has imparted me with knowledge and skills I needed in building and managing a business online.

I will not sugar coat anything though I want to be as transparent as possible, to say the list this hasn’t been an easy journey.

Success doesn’t happen overnight or within one day, as we all know success is a journey, and there are no magical buttons here to push for money to start rolling in that’s a wrong mindset .

Have I succeeded in achieving all my set goals yet? Truthfully not all of them, but I am ain’t worried either, I knew when signing up that this wasn’t a get-rich-scheme and I ‘m happy to work hard and persevere for my dreams.

So, if you’re looking for the get-rich-quick scheme you might as well stop right here, don’t waste your precious time by proceeding with the read, it will be a total waste of your time .

However , if  you’re here to delve into a long-term or part-time way of making money online, then you my friend should stick around and follow through because I will show you how to get started who knows you might thank me later.

You can choose to break the cycle today and start working on your terms, the choice you make now will create your future dreams and any effort, no matter how modest it won’t be in vain trust me. You will put in a lot of work in the beginning but later it will be worth a while.

All you have to do is to push open that door and discover what awaits you by getting started here. Many times the smallest step in the right direction might become the biggest step in your life.

A lot Has Changed In This New Era -You Don’t Be Left Behind

The world has diversified at very high speed in the course of time and the internet has become a different playing field, where folks are building revenue-generating empires online and as time drifts away the numbers keep rising tremendously.

You too can choose to go with the flow or remain stuck in the old era.

Considering that quite a number of offline businesses are closing down and many folks are forced out of their jobs, unemployment has impelled folks to make choices of earning a living online.

Therefore, you’re bound to meet some competition in any method you might choose.

You shouldn’t let this deter you from moving forward in the pursuit of your dream, everyone has a chance to make it with patience, perseverance, persistence, and handwork.

Whether you’re are searching for some part-time gig, or after a long term sustainable and fulfilling income online, there are certainly different ways you can earn money on the internet in any method you choose as long as you have the mindset and discipline you require moving forward.

Later on in the post, I will introduce you to one of the top best ways to make money from home as a beginner it requires no prior experience plus you don’t need huge sums of money to get started.

An Ultimate step-by-step guide that will train you the ropes of building a long sustainable online business in affiliate marketing.

Anyone can learn and master this business from young folks, middle-aged, or retired, male, female plus where you come from will not deter you from joining or learning new skills.

We all can share on this piece of pie and earn decently from trusted brands all you need is a desktop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Can Anyone Make Money On The Internet ?

Oftentimes folks wonder if it is really possible for any regular person to earn a living on the internet since the competition is high, and if so what is the best way to make money from home working online?

To answer those questions, yes there is money online and ANYONE can indeed earn a living working online regardless of the competition.

The internet is a very huge space with many realistic opportunities and different directions you can leverage. to make that happen.

Some can produce immediate results that will cater for your basic needs like utility bills, rent and groceries e.t.c but the payout might  not be great enough to buy you that dream home, or cover expenses for your desired trips.

Whilst others are gimmick upsells, and some are not in favor of a beginner who has no prior knowledge of getting started with online jobs.

However, there other realistic methods  that will transform your life and provide you financial freedom.

It’s entirely up you to choose what will work best for you and the fact still remains we can all earn something online if we chose what fits our criteria and put in the effort.

Is There Success Online & Can It Change One’s Life?

When you surf the internet you will come across obvious testimonies of how folks are earning wealth online whilst building brands. and YES you can certainly become successful online no doubt about that, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any failures as well, not every one online is succeeding

Statistics state that 70% fail online, I think it all depends on the individuals, the direction they chose, and misleading information. Plus some tend to quit after a few failed attempts because they are not patient enough to wait for and  see results.

With that being said there are literally different ways folks earn online, some are either through active income which will require you to work actively to get paid for your time.

It can be hourly, weekly or monthly and passive income where you do the work one time and get paid numerous times even while in your sleep.

Don’t forget the internet is also full of upsells and misleading gimmicks of get-rich-quick schemes you may encounter .along the way.

I believe this is partly the reason why many folks encounter failure along the way and some end up quitting. 

However if, you get acquainted with the right opportunity to work online you will definitely stick around to see it though & get the end results.

Therefor in regards to misleading gimmicks /upsells  when you feel the opportunity is too good to be true, I recommend you ignore and move on because not everything they promise you is a fact these folks are only trying to make a buck off of you by selling you their upsell products.

Does Working Online Appeal To You & Wonder If It’s For You?

You’re being on this page insinuates you must be probing into the best ways to make money from home.

If my presumption is right and  working online is unquestionably appealing to you, but deep down you harbor questions, or fear of failure and not knowing how to get started good thing you stuck around to this point.

I do understand you my friend, you shouldn’t stress  though I’m here to help  answer your questions, and overcome that fear of failure. 

All you need is to find the right method that fits your criteria and guidance or training to get you rolling.

As I mentioned earlier you can indeed earn a living online and make it your full/part-time job.it doesn’t matter what direction you chose as long you get the right training you will start and manage a thriving and fulfilling business online.

If, you’re indeed serious about earning money online and decided that you willing to do whatever it takes to live your dream lifestyle, i applaud you for wanting to cause change for you and your family s well-being!

Therefor i’m going to let you in on a secret that has been proven to work for many. Need my help to get started on how to build  your business online  then below is the way to go,

Passive income though it’s a long stride once you’re established it’s long term and you can make money even whilst in your  sleep which will lead to achieving your life dreams.

It would be an exaggeration if I told you this will be easy because it isn’t but in the long run it will be worth all your efforts.

The benefits will come down the road and it continues whether you’re still putting in the work or stopped at some point it’s an upward and downward business which requires perseverance, patience& persistence

Majority of folks are earning online in passive income it has worked for many actually 1000s of people and it’s been proven & tested to be 100% effective by many.

Although you put in a lot of work at the beginning you will be gaining recurrently in the future, you just have to give it your all by making your business the first priority.

Bear in mind you are now working for yourself so it’s only fair you should give it your all

Otherwise if you’re the type that is looking for quick cash, a quitter, putting in less effort, or not at all and anticipate money to just roll in then this ain’t for you my friend.

Unless you have Claire Voyant’s crystal ball to assist you then you my friend don’t belong here. I recommend you stop now to avoid wasting more of your time reading through.

What To Start With When Looking At Work-From-Home-Jobs ?

For someone who is just starting out with no prior knowledge of how to start an online business, or encountered  some scam sites which I also fell victim to a couple of them you definitely must have concerns and worries of course as to which method/direction to go and  this is quite understandable.

Let me just put your mind at ease, I do know how frustrating it can be I was in your shoes not long ago so I do have a clue of how you feel.

But I discovered this reliable and honest way one can utilize to make money online in a legit step-by-step guide that shows you the ropes of how you to make money online. Believe me you will never worry about being scammed again I know because I don’t anymore.

This step-by-step ultimate guide doesn’t involve start-up-capital, renting of space for your business, hiring of employees or finding customers all those necessities you would have worried about in starting an offline business.

In this case, there are numerous ready products & services for you to promote on your website and earn the commission which is called Affiliate Marketing it gives you.

  • Freedom to take vacations whenever you want no more asking for permission
  • Build a brand and work to achieve your goals, not around your boss’s and enriching others.
  • Choose which hours and time to work in a day instead of a 9-to-5 job.
  • Earn more than your 9-to-5 would usually pay you each month
  • Get enough time for your family and not miss out on your children growing up

Where To Go From Here, Ever Heard About Affiliate Marketing?


If  not, Affiliate Marketing means promoting other peoples products and earning a commission from those sales.

Affiliate Marketing gives you the resilience to work with an interest or passion as long as you have a website.

Fundamentally what you do is to promote/recommend other peoples products you do this by putting affiliate links in the written content on your website. It can be a review or blog.

When the consumer clicks on that link and buys the product from the company you’re promoting you will earn a commission from the sale.

The internet has many companies with affiliate programs you can utilize and a wide selection of millions of products to choose from and promote.

1000s of ordinary people like you and I from different walks of life are making money using this ultimate step-by-step guide it’s been tested and proven by many to be working.

This means if it indeed it worked for them, you my friend are no exceptions, as long as you have the will power and zeal to see it through.

Take this step to become the next success story like the ordinary folks out there who chose to change their lives for the better and they are now living their dream lives.

Like I said earlier in the post this method won’t require you to worry about all the necessities needed for an offline business instead there are  1000s of  ready to sell products /services  for you to promote.

Do you want me to help you get started if that’s the case I will walk you through all the steps you need to get rolling.

You may be wondering now what is next Barbara how do I begin ? Well my friend this is very simple, the first thing you need to do is to choose a topic.

It can be a hobby or passion for something you enjoy doing, an interest you can utilize into a fulfilling work from home job by turning your passion into profits and becoming an entrepreneur in different businesses/ niches online like,

  • Traveling
  • Technology
  • cooking
  • Relationships
  • online marketing
  • Sports any type
  • Gardening
  • Playing guitar
  • Health
  • Traveling
  • Dogs
  • Relationships
  • Gardening
  • Books e.t.c

Once you have chosen a niche/interest the next thing you will want to think about is which platform to use for your website. There are many alternatives out there it could be Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Medium, or WordPress  e. t.c

I would strongly recommend you use WordPress because it is quite diverse yet pretty simple to use in just a few mouse clicks you will have a website up & running live to all world.

What you need to do next is deciding on a place to host your website again there are other alternatives, but not every hosting company will meet up to standard.  Some will offer you less information and support as to the use of all those control panel buttons which will make things very hard and a bit confusing for you. .

That’s why I’m recommending a trusted place I know SiteRubix.com or can go directly to Wealthy Affiliates where everything is made easier for you like 123 and in a few seconds you will have a very ready to earn money website up & running.

If  you follow this ultimate step-by-step guide and start your training at the   best one-stop-shop where everything you need to thrive in your business online is under one roof.

From website building to hosting, training  e.t.c. You will be building a brand from scratch with a reliable foundation

Step #1 Select a Profitable Niche/ Topic you really like {Passion }

Step # 2 Build Your Website {It’s A Brand You ‘re Building )

Step # 3 Create Content For your site {to attract visitors to drive traffic to your website }

Step # 4 Earn Revenue {Passive Income}

The good news is anyone can do this male or female, young or old 1000s of ordinary folks just like you and I who started from scratch in affiliate marketing are making money using this ultimate step-by-step guide it’s been tested and proven to work.

Again if it worked for them you and I are no exception as long as you have the will power to give it 100%.

Let yours become the next success story like the ordinary folks in the list below who chose to change their lives for the better and are  now living their dream lives.

•College /university students
•Stay at home moms
•Laid off from work
•Minimal wage employees

I wish the same level of success for you and I want you to experience this yourself don’t take my word for it if you haven’t built your website yet click here to get started

Click Here To Watch A Video Illustration Of How To Build Website

After building your webs what is really required of you now moving forward is the self-drive to work hard and the right mindset to stay in this for the long run.

Once you’re signed up with Siterubix.com it’s definite you’ve become a member for Wealthy Affiliate and what this means is that you now have access to Wealthy Affiliate platform’s training courses & tools which will equip you with new skills of growing and managing your business online.

I also promise you my support and guidance and so is all community of over 1.5 million members of WA as you proceed on your journey to success, everyone is willing to help and this includes the owners.

All you have to do is to start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which has 10 lessons for a free starter member ask questions whenever you are stuck and you will have an immediate response. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

My Take On This

You don’t have to be an expert or an advanced entrepreneur to learn or make money in this step-by-step Ultimate guide.

All you need is to get started is the right training and a genuine foundation that will teach/ provide you with the tools needed to create a thriving business online.

As long as you follow each step and apply what you have been taught there will be no limit to what you can achieve. Many before you and I have made money using the same PROVEN method.

With affiliate marketing, it’s a long stride but in end, it will be very rewarding, as we all know Rome wasn’t built in one day and I can’t give you a set time for when you will achieve it, but with consistency,persistence,and patience  your passion will eventually turn into profits. You just have to maintain the zeal to make this work.

Thank you for reading this article if you have any comments, questions or have something to add please feel free to drop them in the comment section below and l will surely get back to as soon as I can.

Have a pleasant day

Your pal



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