Hello and welcome to onlinewealth4all.com ‘s Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It A Scam or Legit. My name is Barbara and here to give my opinion.

Are you searching for ways or want to learn how to make money online and affiliate marketing came to  mind? Then you must have heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I am pretty sure you’re wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is legit or a scam because it sounds too good to be true.

I was in your shoes once upon a time, had the same indecision before getting to know this great affiliate program. Everything was new to me since I had no experience in the online world business.

I researched to get to the truth, went through various reviews and discovered it is indeed upstanding and here I am today giving you my own review on the same platform based on my  own experience.

I have been a member of WA  for a while now , when I tested it and leveraged the tools/ training within this platform, I was blown away by the amount of knowledge I acquired with my Free starter account.

It didn’t take me long to acknowledge the potential of this platform, just after few days I upgraded  to premium membership when I realized that this was indeed the right fit for me.

 Are you skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate being  an honest platform  and not an upsell or misleading gimmicks, pondering whether it will fit your criteria?

Then buckle up as I extensively delve into what I know about the platform  in this review. With out further ado lets get rolling, here is what I’m going to talk about,

  1. Honest overview & ranking of Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Wealthy Affiliate pros & cons
  3. What is Wealthy Affiliate all about,& who is it for ?
  4. Who owns Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Wealthy Affiliate training
  6. Site builder at WA
  7. WordPress Hosting  at WA
  8. Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
  9. Support within WA
  10. WA success stories
  11. WA memberships /prices
  12. Is WA worthy every penny?
  13. Summarized overview
  14. My take on the platform


Quick Summary Of WA Review

Wealthy affiliate is an honest and reliable platform that offers legit training courses in affiliate marketing to all levels of affiliate marketers novices & advanced alike .

To get started at WA is $ 0 the training you are offered with your free membership is really mind blowing.

You get hours of video and text formatted tutorials ,live chat, one-on-one coaching, 2 free websites, access to the keyword  research tool jaaxy 30 searches and  so much more .

The  premium membership will open for you unlimited access to every thing WA has to offer we will get into details about that down below. In my opinion WA is an ideal platform to get you started in your quest of making money online 


As we delve into WA I want to ascertain that,

“Yes I am an affiliate member of WA”

” And no one paid me to write this review about WA platform”

‘Yes, I joined as a free starter member, after being  referred by one of the members in the platform and now I’m a premium member of this platform” 

Nb. This WA review post does contain WA links  When you click on one of them and join i will be paid a small fee in commissions at no additional costs from you.  

Honest Overview and Rankings of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price Starter Membership; 100 % {Free To Join}

Price Premium Membership; $ 49 Monthly or /$ 359 for a year {
Join Here}

Owners; Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank; 98 out of 100

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For ;Total Newbies & Experts alike

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons


Do not require experience, the training is simple and easy to follow.
•There are tools and training related to each topic to help you succeed in making money online.
•100% free lifetime membership – no credit card or payment information required
•You have the ability to create 50 websites as a premium member and 2 websites as a starter member.
•Elite training courses
•Hosting that leads in the industry
•Unlimited access to Jaaxy keyword tool as a premium member and 30 searches for a starter account

24/7/365 live help and support
•Weekly live webinars which are recorded and saved. In case you missed the live broadcast, you can always go back and watch them
•A spam-free community of like-minded members that are always willing to help if you ask or get stuck
•Personal Support and coaching from the owners Kyle and Carson
•Fully integrated domain management
•Affiliate Programs


7 countries have no access to free starter membership.
•High competition .
•Take times to achieve results, success is a journey

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About, and Who is it For ?

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular platform and community that specializes in training complete newbies and advanced entrepreneurs alike.

You don’t require prior knowledge or experience in affiliate marketing  everything you need to grow and manage your business will be shown to you.

Diversified  ways of how to create, develop, and sustain a fulfilling and successful business online .

It is designed to help ordinary people like you and I who want to start legitimate businesses online while working from home or anywhere  .

All you require is a desktop or mobile device with internet connection to access the platform.

WA also has a Referral Affiliate Program that is  favorable and generous within the affiliate industry with up to 50% commissions for a premium member, or 25% for a starter member you actually earn while learning .

Are You;

  1. Tired of working minimum wage jobs?
  2. An Entrepreneur looking at work from home jobs?
  3. Retired and looking for something to occupy your time while learning new skills?
  4. Stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra income?
  5. Tired of  living a pay-check-to-pay-check
  6. Unemployed and looking for financial freedom?
  7. A college /university student who wants to make money to pay tuition
  8. Business and e-commerce owners who are looking to make more sales?
  9. Laid off from work?

Here is a chance to make something out of a life

4 Required Steps

Every one of us has a passion or hobby that you can utilize to  make money online while helping others.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to transform your ideas/ hobbies into profitable, successful and fulfilling online stories.

You build websites around your idea/interest as niches and make money promoting products related to your niche as an entrepreneur/ affiliate marketer.

So when a person buys a product you’re promoting,, you also earn commission.

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Do Not Sign Up For WA If;

  1. You’re looking at quick ways to make money (money doesn’t come over night )
  2. Hate writing (you must create content for your website)
  3. Do not like taking part in online communities and networking (at WA you’re always encouraged to interact and ask questions which will benefit you along the way)
  4. You’re not willing to complete a profile (you easily get help with a complete profile than with an incomplete one )

WA has simple and liberal terms, It’s a community of over 1. 5 million members from 193 countries but, due to  a high volume of fraud from certain countries they are restricted and cannot access the free membership but can join as premium members.

Below  is the list of those countries

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. Kenya
  4. India
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Vietnam

NB: Nigeria is totally blocked from both free and premium membership

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate – The Brains Behind This Great Platform?

Wealthy Affiliate  was co-founded  by two Canadian masterminds in 2005, Kyle Loundon and Carson Lim, both of whom had made it in the online world and had experience in making money online.

Kyle $ Carson with their families

WA initially started with one member as a keyword list website that provided people a place with a list of high quality Pay Per Click ( PPC) campaigns and ad groups.

However, it turned out a success and people loved the service. Today thousands upon thousands have been helped to reach their financial goals with the elite training and tools WA offers .

WA has continued to evolve over the years and gained authority in the online affiliate marketing world.

Today it is one of the best there is in the affiliate industry with over 1.5 Million members from all around the world and the number continues to grow  on a daily basis.

Kyle and Carson are also owners of

  • StreetArticles.com – Street Articles Publishing House,
  • Jaaxy.com – A Keyword Research, and
  • Website Analysis – a data mining software

Wealthy Affiliate Training – A True Education

Training at WA is for all levels of entrepreneurship, advanced and novices alike.

You’re equipped with proven and tested training skills  on how to start and manage a successful business online which has worked for many.

The training is very simple to follow, useful, and covers all the basics. You’re taken through two step-by-step courses which have a comment/discussion area.

In case, you misunderstood something and ask a question you get a response from the experts in the community or the owners Kyle and Carson who are relatively available everyday .

You’re literally taught how to start and grow an affiliate marketing business and it’s very important to complete the tasks as required of you.

The Two Step-By-Step Courses are;

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification is a 5-phase course consisting of 10 lessons each, walking you through the process of creating and growing a business in any niche that you want by building a website around a passion.

  • cation

    Online Entrepreneur Certification

    Online Entrepreneur getting started – Phase 1
  • Building your own traffic producing website – Phase 2
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Making money – Phase 3
  • Online Entrepreneur Mastering Social Engagement – Phase 4
  • The Business of Content Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Phase 5

A Free starter member has access to  level 1 which consists of 10 lessons. You will basically learn new skills on how to grow a business in affiliate marketing.


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2. Affiliate BootCamp Training – 7-Phase Course consisting of 10 lessons each, walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to promoting WA

  • Getting You Business Rolling – Phase 1

    Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Content Keywords and Conversation – Phase 2
  • Giving You Site Social Value – Phase 3
  • Get visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media – Phase 4
  • Knowing You Audiences and Catapulting You Referrals – Phase 5
  • Bing, Yahoo and The Power Of PPC – Phase 6
  • How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns – Phase 7

Each lesson includes:

  • Text and image instructions
  • Video tutorials to follow
  • Tasks to complete for each lesson (it is wise to put acquired knowledge to use right away to help you learn faster and progress along the way)
  • A check off each task at the progress bar for every lesson you have gone through.

Whether you’re a newbie or advanced marketer with experience in affiliate marketing, there are 1000s of core training resources awaiting you

WA Also Offers Various Other Great Ways of Training

  1. The interactive weekly live webinars with Q & A section; another

    Jay Neil Live Webinar Coach


    format of training hosted by an affiliate marketer, Jay Neil. Who has experience of over 15 years in the marketing industry.He shares different relevant topics each week about internet marketing which are mind blowing and cater for all levels, beginners /advanced. These live broadcasts are published as replays to enable those who missed the live broadcasts or if you need to go through them again. As a premium member, you  literally have access to over 300 plus hours of training on absolutely every topic you can imagine.

   2.   Premium Members; are privileged to conduct their own training in the membership area and earn money from it. These trainings are beneficial to other community members.

    3.  13 Organized Evolving Classrooms with detailed topics; another module of training with subsets you freely leverage, as a starter member you have access to 3 and a premium has access to all. It covers topics from

  • Local marketing
  • E commerce
  • Facebook ad
  • SEO ad sense
  • Pay per a click
  • Email marketing
  • Drop shipping  e. t. c
You learn a lot from these classrooms and in case  you don’t find what you’re looking for, just post it and someone in the community will respond to you. Everyone is willing to help you on a journey to success.

Site Builder At WA Made Easier As 1 2 3

A website is a must have  as it is  the foundation of your business where all  traffic will  come to. It is a brand you build to gain trust in the industry to promote products and services.

Fortunately this can be easily and effectively achieved with the most advanced yet simple to use website builder platform at WA.

It takes  just  a few seconds to have a fully operating, profit ready WordPress website up and running.

The good news is anyone can build a website. I will show you how it can easily be done with the WA world-class tools.

You Have Two Options To Chose From

  • Free website {In this case we are using a Free  Website}
  • Your own domain

There are four steps in building a website


STEP 1. Choose the Kind Of Website

STEP 2. Choose a Domain Name

When typing your domain name you will bee informed whether it’s available  or not. If your first choice ain’t available, simply continue with the  search  till you find one  that is available and will work for you.

NB: you cannot leave  spaces in a domain name e.g. “onlinewealth4all.com”.

STEP 3 Choose a Name for your Website.

Note the name of a website should match your  domain name and be grammatically correct and spaced e.g.” Online Wealth For All”

STEP 4 Choose a Design/Theme

 As a starter member, you have access to 12 hand-picked  pre-installed quality themes while a premium member has access to over 3000 plus themes to choose from.

See how easy it is to build a website at  WA! Anyone can do it! You need not be a web-designer/program to do it. Join me and experience this for yourself

====>Click Here To Build You Website

Hosting At Wealthy Affiliate

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is highly optimized for WordPress and it comes with a membership.

It does not matter if you’re a starter or premium member. There are no additional costs.

And it is guaranteed that you will always have a reliable backed up website with a super fast speed.

  • A starter member you create 2 free websites on Siterubix.com domain
  • A premium member you create 25 free websites on siterubix.com and 25 websites on your own domain

You will never be stressed building a website because WA has the best WordPress hosting in the industry which works hand in hand with SiteRubix and SiteDomain, making  site building an easy process .

Some Features That Come With WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress optimization servers
  • The most secure hosting ever
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7/365 website monitoring
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • You can purchase your own Domain name at WA Site Do

A State Of Art Subset Keyword Research Platform { The Infamous Jaaxy}

Jaaxy is the keyword tool you leverage to learn what is most searched for

Jaaxy Subsets

on Google. You need to know what people are searching in order to rank highly on Google.

Jaaxy will show you the most searched keyword and the times it has been searched in a month.

You will learn how competitive this particular keyword is in other sites and how many people have searched for it. Using Jaaxy helps you get the best keywords that will bring traffic to a website.

Support Within Wealthy Affiliate Is Next To Non

Wealthy Affiliate Community

  1. The support system at WA is next to non with over 1.5m like-minded people newbies /experts and all have the same goal as you and  that is to make money. As a newbie you can leverage the help of experts and get immediate response not only do they share their expertise and knowledge  but they are supportive  and always encourage you to be positive. Someone will always  have your back no chance of ever getting stuck
2. Live chat is another platform you leverage 24/7/365 doesn’t matter what time even in night you will get instant help & support within the community. There is always someone to help since members’ are from different time zones all across the world This way you get to interact & network; with movers and shakers in the industry while you get answers to your questions.
3 . Personal 1 on 1 coaching from anyone you like and sending private messages to discuss training or other projects with other community members’ including the owners.

4. Technical Support Team at a technical level regarding issues that concern your website you got nothing to worry about because the technical support team has you covered, its very efficient and responds immediately

5. 13 classrooms where you post questions and members in the community respond to you with possible solutions/answers .

You also find answers as you read through the comment area i have many times very educative and informative.

6 .Website feedback/Comment platforms; another way you get help from the community by receiving feedback on your website and offering the same to other members’ website

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

At Wealthy Affiliate you find a huge number of affiliates who have made it in the industry, and of course those that failed.

As we all know success is a journey, It takes sometime to see results like 3 to 6 months. Some people give up easily after a few months, if they don’t achieve their goals forgetting that this not a get rich  quick program.

Those who  are patient enough  and don’t give up do achieve success but it does not happen overnight.

They worked hard and invested their time. It takes determination ,consistency and  dedication to build a successful business online.

If you want to learn more check other reviews and see how people have made it in this industry through Wealthy Affiliate  the stats don’t lie.

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships and Prices

WA has 2 membership options: Starter Membership $ 0 Free to join and Premium Membership. $ 49 monthly or $ 359 yearly

The amount of training you get with a Free Starter WA account is mind-blowing. That is why I recommend to start as a free starter member and test the platform.

It is what I  did and I would also recommend to my friends and family, no credit cards or payment information  required because there  are no up sells here. This free account comes with many features and benefits.

It is a great start if you really want to learn how to become successful working as an online entrepreneur /affiliate marketer.

I am sure if you got this kind training elsewhere, it would cost you in $100.

To get started, you choose a username and password and in just a few clicks you’re done.

FREE Starter Membership Sign UP Here

The Free Starter member account will come with these futures and benefits at $ 0 cost

  1. 10 Online Entrepreneur certifications out of 50
  2. 10 Affiliate Bootcamp courses out of 70
  3. 2 websites hosted on siterubix out of 50
  4. 30 Free searches per month with Jaaxy
  5. 3 Training Classrooms out of 13
  6. 7 days of live chat 24/7 asking questions and getting immediate response from the community
  7. Highly Secured Website Hosting
  8. You can remain a free member as long as you want
  9. 1 on 1 Support from me and the community for those 7 days
  10. A personal wealthy Affiliate Blog

You will realize that what WA offers with a Free Starter Account is quite unique.

Make this your  moment and reap the benefits of making money as an affiliate by creating your free account.

As you have made the right choice of signing up, the next thing will be completing  your profile.

Begin by:

  1. Uploading a profile picture. If you do not want to use a picture, there are default images you can use.
  2. Add a Short Description of yourself. It can be short or long as you wish.

Completing a profile makes it 5 times easier for you to be reached and get helped. It is not a must, but I recommend that you do it.

A Premium  Member account comes with these features and benefits. Sign Up Here

Premium membership opens unlimited access to absolutely everything needed to build and grow an online business.

It unlocks a wide range of features within the community at just $ 49 monthly or $ 359

What To Expect With Premium Membership {if you upgrade within the first 7 days its just $ 19 for the 1st month} JOIN HERE

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – 5 all phase
  2. BootCamp  training  7  phases
  3. Live chats 24/7/365
  4. Private Messaging
  5. Personal Affiliate Blog
  6. Website Backup
  7. Unlimited Keyword search Tool
  8. Access To Weekly Live Webinars
  9. 24/7/365 Website Support
  10. Website Analyzing
  11. Website Comment Platform
  12. Earn while you learn
  13. 25 free websites
  14. Option to purchase your own domain names for you websites
  15. One-on-one unlimited coaching
  16. 13 Classrooms
  17. Affiliate programs

This seems like a real deal to me  with all the features and benefits that come with a premium membership.

Not many training programs offer this kind of deal.

You gain more than you pay for. I am a yearly premium member because its cheaper I save up $ 299

Below is a comparison chart  of what you get with both memberships  Starter vs Premium

Comparison Of What To Expect With Both Memberships

Is Wealth Affiliate Worth Every Penny?

Yes I can say WA is worthy every penny, what you get as in knowledge and passive income when money starts rolling in is much more than what you part with just a few  $ 100s 

If  you choose to  go yearly it will only cost you  $1 or below  per day at $ 359 saving you $ 229  and unlocking unlimited access to  every thing WA  offers to a premium member.

Not many training programs charge that less with everything included in your membership, just imagine the amount of money you would part with at  college  or university  for the same knowledge you get at WA it will be in $ 1000s.

Summarized Overview

Name;  Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL;


Owners; Kyle & Carson

My Overall Ranking; 98 out of 100%


My Take And A Special Bonus Up For Grabs 

As many folks are choosing to earn a living online  so are the very many training opportunities one can leverage to learn skills of how to make money online .

Who better to help you start than Wealthy Affiliate, not only is it legitimate, but the best platform there is. The  training is beginner friendly it  has been proven to work for many.

The advantages are more than the disadvantages, you get more than you pay for.

Based on my experience with this platform there is no limit to how much one can learn and eventually what you will be earning If you’re patient enough to see the results .

I will be exaggerating if I say you will make money overnight because it ain’t the case. 

I highly recommend you join with a Free Starter account  and check  things out. I m very sure you will be blown away with the amount of knowledge and training you will access

You  qualify for the 59% discount  off the usual $ 49 monthly charge for premium membership if you choose to upgrade  within the first 7 days of your  free starter membership.

 At only $ 19 for the 1st month you will unlock every feature and benefit offered to  premium members unlimited access to everything.

 If you have any comments/questions feel free to drop them in the comment section below I will surely get back as soon as I can, once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this WA review

Have you a pleasant day

Your Friend


6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit Or A scam?

  1. Wow! This is such an in-depth review of how to become a successful wealthy affiliate. It is really helpful and loops in everyone of working age from all-over the globe. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Stella,

    Thanks for the read ,so glad the information is helpful to you ..Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place to be If you want to learn and manage a successful business online .As the saying goes that knowledge is power, WA imparts you with power to achieve a fullfilling and successful business online.

  3. Lots of great information here!

    To anyone reading this… Wealthy Affiliate is a real deal. I’ve been a member already for around 4 years and it has literally changed my life. No exaggeration.

    I started as a complete beginner and didn’t even know what affiliate markeitng means. But nowadays I make a nice income online that has enabled me to travel around the world and achieve the lifestyle that I dreamed of.

    In addition, I’ve first-hand seen numerous other lives changing when they went through the WA training and took action

    1. Hi ROOPE,

      Thank you for the read and sharing of your concise journey at Wealthy Affiliate here, very much appreciated. Your success story is one of the very many testimonies at WA ,and a confirmation that WA is the real deal that turns a total beginner to a success story. If it worked for Roope, I can strongly say you and I are no exceptional .

  4. Awesome!!!…One thing one has to notice is that most of the success stories are NOT making money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They are promoting an array of other products and services. Wealthy Affiliate teaches one how to promote nearly any product or service in nearly any industry.

    1. Hello Geoffrey thanks for the read, it’s indeed very true that not all successful stories online are as a result of promoting Wealthy Affiliates.
      I would also want to clarify that it’s by choice to promote WA, no one is forced to promote it.
      We are encouraged to always chose a niche that we are passionate about and promote products related to our niche/niches.I:m so glad you noted this Geoffrey hope to see you soon inside the community

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