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Hi, welcome and thanks for dropping by to yet another onlinewealth4all.com Viral Market Review- Is It Legit Or A data Harvesting Scam You Should Avoid

This time we are going to delve deep into  Viral Market, a site which claims to help you earn up to $ 300 per day or even more when you sign up  and start referring others plus completing other tasks .

With the internet serving as a source of information for  just about anything these days, you will find  that they are many forms of make money online  opportunities.

There are of course legit sites but  equally as  many sites that have chosen this medium to dupe, scam and do all sorts  of  things  such as scamming you of your hard-earned money or harvesting your data {information } e.t.c

If you’re the type that keep looking for quick bucks or shinny objects online, jumping from one opportunity to the next you will literally fall prey to these scam sites and regret later I actually wouldn’t blame you it has happened to many of us

However, what you should know and stay clear of is not all those sites that claim to pay you to sign up because there is no such a thing as free money talk less of $ 25 to sign up.Just so know not every glittering opportunity is legit.

Needless to say though there are legitimate ways to make money online  and I have never heard  of any offering you free money to sign up..

Before I end this post  I will gladly tell you more about my number  one recommendation if you want to make a decent, legit  and long term passive income this one has been proven and tested to work for many before you and I do believe you too can make it if you choose to join and start earning..

Back to today’s topic if you’re anything like me normally the first thing I do when I log into a site is to find information about them, like about the owner, what the site does and how long they have been in existence.

Through their about me/us page and if they have  FAQ this does help in terms of learning about a site plus I checkout reviews before I enter any of my personal information like you’re doing right now


I did learn from experience that most of the time if a site has less  information about them It’s a red flag I don’t take lightly that’s when I start questioning if it is indeed authentic or a scam,

If you have no hidden agenda why not let your audience learn more about who you are,but to my amusement  this site has an about us with not much information though nothing about who owns it,and I have come across sites like viral market where not enough is mentioned and in most cases the site is a scam.

There are many more other sites like this one I will  be listing down some for you later in the post  below to help you stay clear if them.

Now that you’re here doing your due diligence with about this site which I strongly commend you, without further ado lets see if indeed Viral Market will enable you earn the $ !50 in a day or more and if indeed they are here to help you leverage social media platforms to make money and make your time count or if they have some hidden agendas.

Viral Market general overview



Website: Viralmarket.co

PRICE: Free you get paid $ 25 to sign up

OWNERS NAMES: Owner Unknown

Overall Rank 0 OF 100

Legit or Scam: 100 % Scam


Quick Summary About Viral Market


In a nutshell Viral market is a site that claims to have been in existence since 2015,they are supposedly here to help you utilize the time you spend on social media platforms wisely and profit from it by making some money inviting others to signup which will make you an Influencer.

According to  them you can make up to $ 150 in a day or more by just referring others and completing tasks such as surveys, downloading and testing game apps,sharing your link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Snapshot and uploading YouTube testimony videos to earn $ 50


The Good And The Bad


THE Good


Not much is good on this site except for signing up for free at least your money is not taken



  • You will never get paid
  • They harvest your data and circulate it
  • Wasted time completing tasks from their task wall which I doubt you will ever receive a penny as payment for your hard work and wasted time.
  • Everything about this site is completely false and fake
  • Not enough information about the owner or the site it’s self

Who IS Viral Market Intended for ?


I believe it was founded with an intent of attracting all those folks on social media platforms looking to make easy and quick bucks online whilst the fact still remain you will never receive a penny from them.and it’s a way of harvesting personal data.

All your  efforts of  working hard to get referrals, the clicks which are valued at $ 2 per each, completing up to 15 tasks from their task wall such as surveys playing and downloading, games etc will never mount to anything.

I know a couple of folks who signed up to the site and supposedly earned some cash based to what was awarded to them for the completed tasks and referring others.

However,they  couldn’t cash out since  they were required to have 15 referrals, but had 7 referrals at a time,15 completed tasks and some clicks one day one of them logged in to check if the number of referrals had increased since he had shared the link on different.platforms but to his surprise the all money which was awarded to him before something like $ 500 plus was no more all gone except for the $ 25 awarded to him when he had signed up.

The other person was not able to cash out as well  even after completing all the tasks, and getting the allowed number of 15 referrals before the cash out on claims of fraudulent clicks and referrals the money was seized.

So my friend if you’re looking for ways to make money online and I MEAN A LEGIT WAY my guess this opportunity will never take you anywhere or enable you achieve your set goals.

Needles to say you will never get paid at end of the day they will claim your  referrals and the clicks where fraudulent hence the seizing of the money you assumedly  worked hard to acquire plus all the time you wasted on their site will be in vain .


What Is Viral Market And Who Owns It?


Viral market is a site that claims to be the no 1 influencer site and was supposedly built to help change the  lives of folks who are often using social media platforms to monetize their time. on Viral Markter

Literally your  major role is to become an influencer, you achieve that by creating an account and earn instant cash $ 25, share your link on social media platforms when some one clicks on it you earn $ 2  each click and get referrals which qualifies you for an extra $ 10 per a referral.

According to Viral market’s  about us page their parent company is Zendex which is assumedly  best known for creating online marketing solutions since 2005 and Viral market is part of the family.

They claim to have been around since 2015 going to 5 years now but no one knows who the owner is, nothing talks about him or her rather when you sign up you are assigned a special someone who you contact via Skype.

They also boast of having over 500,000 plus members and 200,000 of them are actively earning money on this site plus according to them they have so far paid over $ 60 Millions to their members to date.

Hmmm now my you may be wondering how rich  generous this site is !  Well  YOU AIN’T ALONE I do get it that sharing is caring but this indeed does smell like a scam site to me and one. i recommend you to stay very far from it .

Just imagine handing over $ 25 to all those members and then $10 per a referral plus extra $ 2 for each click,if they were truely doing that  for sure they would have gone  bankrupt by now .Ask yourself Like  how much are they making from the Ads and  surveys  plus the other tasks in order to dash out free money  just like that it is very hard for me to phantom!

According to them the money they use in paying the members is generated from Ads spend revenue and sponsorship products, so through you and the  referrals you recommend, you guys are sending traffic to their site hence an increment in their AD revenue.and exposure to the sponsors’s products.

If you ever used  paid Ads or been to sites where one is paid to view ads ,complete surveys and download plus taste apps it will take sometime to accumulate $ 25, you will have to trade hours if not days to get just that one payment trust me Legit reward offering sites they don’t make it that easy and simple for you nor pay you those huge sums of money

So now you understand why you should stay away from this Viral Market It aint worthy your time and efforts, If you have been to reward offering sites you would surely know that it is impossible for advertisers to pay those guys the sum they claim to be collecting  take their share and then pay you $ 25.

Just know that this is a total scam site and the owners  do not  intend to pay you for you[re hard work hence coming up with the story of how they can detect fake referrals and fake clicks

How Does This Scam Site Work?

It is supposedly simple to make money with Viral market first to join you must sign up and create a free account no credit cards required, when done you will verify your  email and then on to the members’ area where you will find your referral link to post and promote on social media platforms.


According to them your earning will depend on how much time, work and effort you invest, they have tasks which you can complete and supposedly earn money for each such as;

  • Sending text messages will earn you money and making a call to a certain someone and let it run till a person on the other end picks and you start chatting with you. i do not know who you will chat with nor about the topic but be sure to spend some airtime during the call since it has run till the call ends then you qualify for the pay


  • Posting your referral Link on Facebook, Snapshot, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatSApp for 24 hours and earn $ 50 bear in mind though Facebook or Instagram will never let you post such BS opportunities.they will block it immediately.
  • Creating Youtube testimonial videos  about Viral market and what you have earned at that time of posting  you earn $ 50, to my surprise they are not many videos out there plus most are in languages you won’t understand
  • Completing Surveys and Earn $ 25 if indeed that was the case that completing a simple survey you get that much everyone  would be doing that who doesn’t want easy money.? But the fact is companies can not pay that much for a survey I have tried a hand at surveys on different sites but non has ever paid more than a $ 1 so i think they are playing  you and using you to complete the tasks for them at $ 0 .


  • Download Game Apps and play to a certain level to earn $ 10 which I believe is time-consuming plus your data is spent since you will have to view some Ads whilst at  and I doubt though if app owners will pay them enough money to give you the $ 10  cut and retain their own cut.
  • Refer friends and earn $ 10 and by simply clicking on your link that also makes you rich by $ 2 per a click , as with all the other tasks also  for referrals and the clicks they will surely show you that you have earned the money for both and  it will surely accumulate of course but in order to withdraw it you are required to have 15 referrals,15 completed tasks which I believe takes time to complete plus consuming your data to download and  play games to a certain level before you get rewarded with the money


Sites Similar To Viral Market

You Ought To Avoid


These sites almost have the same methods of how you can generate money, online utilizing social media platforms and earn the same $ 25 for signing, $ 2 per each click $ 50 for YouTube testimonial video,$ 50 for posting on social media,$ 10 per referral plus completing tasks and get paid.

Surprisingly they almost came into existence in same year 2015 and originate from Zindex PLUS  the people who claim to have made money THROUGH  the sites are the same on each site.

One wonders if the same person or persons are behind these scammy sites plus when you dig deeper the domain names were registered this year and they are barely 5 months old

They also all warn you ahead of time how they can detect fake referrals & fake clicks and once they do you don’t get paid below is a list of a few of them;

  • Influencer Cash
  • Referral pay
  • Viral Dollar
  • KashTree
  • Notion pay
  • Clout pay


Viral Market At A Glance


PRODUCT NAME: Viral Market

WEBSITE NAME: viralmarket.co

Owner Names: Owner Unknown


PRICE: Free To join you are awarded $ 25,.$ 2 for each click on your link, plus 10 per referral



My Final Take On Viral Market


I will advise you to stay clear of this site if you haven’t yet signed up already, don’t enter YOUR  personal date because their major target is to harvest your data and  use you  for their selfish gain without payment to test  sponsored  products and complete tasks for them.

My belief is they are affiliates for these sponsor companies and what better way to get all the tasks done than recruiting money hungry folks  to do the work  for them on a false promises without investing a dime,

To accomplish their goal you’re made to believe their lies of making those ridiculous amounts of money in a day but in reality  that is a way to entice you into doing the hard work for them and help them make some money, the more people that sign up and recruit others the more they make at the end of the day as affiliates.

This site is a total scam and can’t be trusted, don’t believe all the testimonies you see because it is all fake.almost the same people  are on all the scammy  platforms they have  been posted on each one them


Looking For A Legit And Authentic Way To Make Money Online


Are you interested in working as your own boss and not laboring for viral market  or one of the platforms I LISTED ABOVE with no hope of  ever getting paid but you toil with high hopes plus it takes away your best asset which is  time paired with effort ?

If your aspiration is to earn money online legitimately then I have a number one recommendation for you which is quite reliable in making passive income in commissions as an affiliate marketer.

However, this opportunity ain’t a get-rich-quick scheme rather you will have to invest some time, effort and perseverance for a while before you can see any results or reap some results but once you master it and start making money it will be recurring and  at the end you will be laughing your  way to the bank.

As an affiliate marketer your  job is to help out folks looking for stuff online by offering them information of what they are looking for.and in return you can sell them products coinciding with your  niche.

You don’t have to own any products in order to make sales because the internet is packed with millions of products  waiting for you to sell  and make money.All yo have to do is signing to affiliate programs where merchants are in desperate need of making sales and who better than you to help send traffic to their websites.whist helping your audience.

Don’t worry about being a novice because this opportunity is newbie friendly and there are many platforms that can help to learn and master the industry like my number recommendation, every tool and resources required to get started is under one roof, from building authentic own website at $ 0 to hosting training and a community of helpful and friendly folks who are ready to come to authentic aid anytime you need help.


If you’re interested just hit the link above and get started on your  journey of building a legit online business where you will be your own boss and not working for others like Viral Market whose sole purpose is to use others for their gain and selfish motives, they are just taking advantage of naive online opportunity seekers.

Thank you for reading this viral market review hopefully you will make an informed decision and not fall prey to this scam site and it’s fake promises.

Have you tried it  or been victim and wish to add to this review or do you have some questions about the recommended opportunity ?

Feel free to leave your review or questions  in the comment area below and I surely get back to you as soon as possible


Your Pal




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