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Hi welcome yet again to another onlinewealth4all.com product review and this time it is a Spocket Review- Find Out If Saba Mahebpour’s Dropshipping App Is  A Game Changer In The Industry.

With the world evolving each day lately almost everyone is trying their luck at different opportunities online to earn a living and dropshipping hasn’t taken a back sit.

The  good thing about dropshipping you will never have to worry about  raising capital for your business, renting space, hiring and paying salaries to employees, renting ware houses as you would have when staring an offline business .

Are you amongst the masses who are looking for work from home opportunities and dropshipping came to mind or  you’re already established  into the woocommerce business but it’s becoming frustrating for you to an extent where you need to find a solution ?

If that is the case question is how do you decide on which dropshipping company to help you with your new/existing  venture, since there are many out there but to allocate the best is another issue.

I’m  guessing the reason you’re on this page today is because you found out about Spocket  and you’re wondering if it will be worthy your time and effort .

Then I’m glad you’re here to find out more about Spocket how it works, whether it will be your best choice and most of all does it really deliver on its promises!

Read through because we are going to find out that.today then you will be able to make an informed decision whether to join or not.

Spocket  is a market place which brings together suppliers and retailers, they also claim to cut out most of the worries you would have had if you were to do this on your own such as searching for suppliers  and getting in contact with them and choosing your stock, filling your inventories and all the hustles you would go through in that regard.

Spocket Over View

PRODUCT NAME:Spocket Dropshpping MarketPlace

WEBSITE URL;www.Spocket.co

PRICE: Free to join with the basic plan, Pro plan $ 29 monthly $ 348 yearly and Empire Plans billed at $ 79 monthly or $ 948 yearly

OWNER NAMES: Saba Mahebpour

OVERALL RANK 96 out of 100

WHO IS IT FOR : Any one looking or already venturing into woocommerce/dropshipping niche

VERDIT: Legit and recommended

What Is Dropshipping Anyways And How Does It Work ?

Dropshipping in a nutshell is the selling of  products on  your Woocommerce store on the front end without holding inventory, storage, packaging or shipping out the products yourself.

How this works is the consumer /customer presses and pays for an order then it is your responsibility to press and pay the manufacturer or supplier for that order to be shipped to your custom.

The supplier/manufacture’s job is to produce, store, package and ship the products on your behalf

In other words you don’t need to have a physical store, packed with products, come up with upfront fees to purchase the products prior to getting orders, storing  packaging and shipping them, all that is catered by the supplier.

Quick Summary Of Spocket

Spocket is a dropshipping marketplace application trusted by over 20000 retailers which connects folks who are looking to startup online stores or maintaining their existing woocommerce shops to suppliers.

They have an array of products in different niches such as pet products, makeup, apparel, footwear, furniture, skincare, tech, home decor all this can be added to your store with number startup fee and the app cuts out all the huddles & hustles of running a Woocommerce business as we are going to see later on in the post.

It is a Canadian based platform launched in 2017 by an Iranian immigrant to that country who started it as a result of him going through frustrations due to how time-consuming it was for him and all the efforts in maintaining his inventories, sending money to supplies and a lot that you go through whilst maintaining e-commerce store without outside help .

Their suppliers are MAJORLY from the US and EU countries but they also have on board suppliers from all around the world meaning you will be selling high-quality products as opposed to all the substandard Chinese products. Joining is free and no  credit cards required to test it.

The Pros And Cons Of Spocket Marketplace

The Good

  • Order Tracking:Regardless of your plan free or paid you get to track your order
  • No startup Capital:You actually don’t have to worry about funds to purchase products
  • Free product Testing : You can request for the samples of products and test them that way you’re sure of what you’re selling to your clients
  • Free access to Spocket: Joining the marketplace is free for both suppliers and Retailers $ 0 then 7 days to test out the pro and empire plans
  • Its available across the globe: Anyone from all corners of the globe can sign up and utilize Spocket Market place to start earning a living
  • Top notch dropshipping software: You get to work with one of the best if not the best system in the dropshipping industry
  • An array of products: You will never worry about your store running out of stock because Spocket sees to it that the stock is always available for you
  • Numerous Product Suppliers : Spocket has numerous suppliers from the EU and USA and they keep increasing each day passing day that means there is an array of products for you to choose from and expect quality
  • No start up capital required:You actually don’t have to worry about funds to purchase products
  • No packaging and deliveries on your part:Spocket handles all that for you

The Cons

  • Not able to push products: If you’re on a basic plan it will be next to impossible to pus products to your shopify store with until you have upgraded to one of their premium memberships
  • You can’t contact suppliers: With Spocket ‘s large number of retailers it will next to impossible to get anywhere if all of them were to contact suppliers you might take a while to get any response from them instead you lodge in your queries through Spocket’s support team
  • Limited selling Channels such as Shopify ,Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel WordPress ,PInterest other than sorry it will not work
  • Customs Duty & Taxes Not Included: As customs duty and taxes vary from place to place, they are not included in Spocket prices but most of the suppliers take care of the taxes and custom duties themselves sales taxes are met, that is if they are shipping within their countries, however it is a different case if it is international customers they have to pay the duties as it is per a law of their countries. You have to let them know custom that custom duties do apply and they are responsible for that .

Who Owns Spocket And what is it all about?

Saba Mohebpour Spocket CEO

This market place came into existence in 2017 after the owner a one Saba Mahebpour an Iranian born and raised but been residing in Vancouver B. C Canada since 2012 after moving there with his family for studies.

Prior to creating this helpful and lucrative application he owned a smartphone accessories online store which he found frustrating due to that fact it was time-consuming for him plus he had to put in much effort in order to maintain his inventory and negotiating discounts with his suppliers

It was then that Saba perceived a dream of finding a platform which can simplify and cut out all the huddles/ hustles of maintaining and managing an e-commerce store.

He dreamed of a place where everything is under one roof and where folks can easily find all the necessary tools/resources to startup or maintain their existing e-commerce niche related e-commerce businesses hence the creation of Spocket and below is that list

  • An array of products and numerous suppliers
  • Reasonable and highly negotiated discounts on products
  • No risks of holding product inventories
  • Storage, packaging and shipping e.t.c

Who is Spocket Intended For?

Spocket Products


This is intended for you if you’re thinking of starting up an e-commerce/dropshiping store on selling channels where this app can be integrated they are not many though as we will see down below but this application is an opportunity you can utilize to achieve you goals.

There are number costs needed to get started such as purchasing of products, to get you rolling, all you do is just create an account fill in your store name and your other details then get started with the selection of the products you want to sell by adding them to import list .

Spocket has an array of unique and high-quality all US and EU products and equally numerous suppliers which keeps on adding each day.

You will never have to worry about running out of stock or selling unavailable products since that is Spocket’s job to see to it that your store’s inventory is taken care of shipping, storage, invoicing.

You can also order for free sample this gives you the confidence of recommending the goods you too have tried and tested to your customers.

Also, this is for you if you already have an existing store on Shopify or other allowed selling channels it could be on WordPress.

This application will be a great additional tool to your business you just have to download it on your store and combine them then start with the process of selecting products in your preferred niche.

Nb at some time you will have to upgrade though to be able to push products there .

How To apply Spocket To Your Shopify Ecommerce Store

Step 1 Incorporate Both Apps

How this works is really simple you just have to incorporate the Spocket application with your Shopify store if you already have one, but if you don’t own one yet number worries, to achieve that is very easy and at number cost to begin your trial and that should be the first thing you should think of doing to create an account.

Shopify has a 14 days free trial period to test it out before upgrading but if you’re already established then you’re able to allocate the Spocket Shopify app at the app store and click on add button to install.

Step 2 Browses Through The Market Place

The next step will be to find you a niche you want to venture into if you haven’t already plus your store name

It could be something that interests /excites or you enjoy doing this helps in the long run and to help with the business name Shopify has a business name generator and a slogan generator which you can leverage to come with a name and slogan for your business.

Just put in your niche keyword then a number of names will pop up for you to find one which will suit your style

When done with the two tasks have the name and account setup at Shopify you can now head over to Spocket and create your account .

With that out of the way it is decision time on which products you want to choose that are related to your chosen niche, utilizing google trends will be of tremendous help in finding the products with the highest traffic margins.

I will advise you to Always aim for sprouting trends as opposed to drooping trends those will be good for your store and business.

Step 3 Spot, Add To List & Push To Store

At this stage you have to spot the products you want to have on your Shopify Store at the Spocket marketplace.

Achieving this very easily with just a few clicks of a mouse, each time you choose a product click on add to import list button and your product will be saved automatically .

When done you can go through your import list one last time if there are any changes you need to do with the list you such as removing or adding other products you can do so before clicking the push to your store button.

Step 4 Time To Touch-up & Layout your Store Appearance

Welcome to the interesting stage of beautifying your store now this is where the magic of touching up and laying out of your Store’s visual appearance is required.

You will have to install a theme for your store to give it a nice visual appearance, good thing Shopify has a Theme Store where you can head to and select a design which suits your niche store. .

They have both the free themes & paid themes which you can choose from literally the choice is yours, either way you will be able to get what works for you and fits your criteria.

Step 5 Preparing to Launch Shop

Invoice Branding :Almost ready to launch for business but first off you need to do some final touch up with Spocket settings where you will head to the Branded invoicing section to make some changes on the invoices, adding your logo on the invoice as a way branding it.

Domain Name : As with any online business having your presence online is like having your own piece of real estate on the web or your own domain name which I strongly advise you to get one, It is more appealing than using sub domains .

That can be easily achieved since there are many places you can purchase them such ss Shopify , Godaddy, but my number recommendation is siterubix,com its very cheap just under 15 dollars plus hosting

Payments Setup: Since we about to launch our store meaning there must be a payment plan like which form payments will your shop be accepting, are you going to utilize the Shopify payments, PayPal, gateway, or use a third party ? All this has been configured before you can proceed with your launch.

Shipping Settings: This setting is very important why because you have to compare the shipping costs of both the international and domestic with Spocket in order to create shipping rules which will match if you don’t wanna make losses on shipping costs.

Now that we are had gone through all the major details of above steps we are as good as ready to open our store for business.

You can browse through the general settings of your store one last time and check if everything is your liking ten we are set to go easy as 1,2,3 don’t you think ?

One last thing Spocket has a Facebook group of over 10,000+ members which you can join and start sharing your shop your friends and family are number exception plus always look out for their blogs where you will learn ways to market your store.

Spocket’s Affiliate Program

Spocket does have an affiliate program which is a seems like a great way for you to earn some side income.

Signing up is free when you ‘re done you will be given a referral which you can share on social media platforms, your, blogs YouTube videos, creating online courses to help folks learn more about the app e.t.c and they also provide you with banners which can post as well

Their affiliate program consists of 3 tier levels all are recurring and do run for 15 months, unless the subscriber goes for the annual subscription, then you will be paid one-time

  • 20 % commission for a Bronze level,
  • 25 % commission for the silver level unlocked after you reach 100 conversions
  • 30 % for the Gold level, unlocked after you reached 1000 conversions

This is another way you can make money with Spocket as their affiliate partner but you can also become a retailer whilst promoting Spocket this will be another income stream for you and in addition to the regular commissions ,Spocket does offer you challenges where you can earn some cash bonuses plus other perks .

Payments are made through PayPal and Skill as per your choice.

Spocket Support System

The support system at Spocket is available 24/7 and the quickest and effective way to get help is by emailing their Customer Support where a member on their team gets back to you within the same day .

However, that ain’t the only help channel at Spocket though they also conduct live chats but these are for the paid plans Pro & Empire plus there are numerous other ways you can get help with your queries.

  • For support and product related queries head to help center and checkout the frequently asked questions
  • You need technical help email support@spocket.co or utilize live chat
  • Queries about strategic questions like how to promote your store, tips and ways to generate more income sales they enroll to their Spocket Academy Nb They also allow phone calls if the issue requires one where they schedule a time with you but it might take you a while if you want immediate answers due to high volume of requests the best way would be emailing.

How Long Does Shipping At Spocket Normally Take ?

Well Spocket boasts of the most the fastest shipping period though it all depends on different factors and it varies based on the products to product to find that information just click on each product within the search tab.

If your question was how fast can the shipping and delivery of products take below are the factors some factors you should also

  • Processing Time: It all depends on when the order was made because processing time is counted in business days /hours
  • Location of the supplier:Dependent on where the supplier is located and where the order is to be shipped of an International order of course it will take some days for the shipment to reach you.
  • Delivery service used; Also, this is another matter to consider each delivery service has it’s
  • Other factors

Spocket  Structual Plans And Prices

The Spocket application has 3 different structural plans as listed below;

!. The free Basic plan: This plan is for entrepreneurs who want to browse through the platform’s catalog it is for life but comes with limited Spocket features as listed below;

  • You access 25 unique products as opposed to the pro plan which has 250 unique products and empire l plan which has unlimited number of unique premium products to select from
  • Global pricing rules
  • Unlimited orders
  • Tracking order number
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • 24/7 email support
  • Currency exchange

2. With your Pro plan membership: If you are looking for more growth in your business then this is your go to paid plan which is billed at $ 29 monthly & $ 348 yearly.

They almost go all the way for you and below is what you will be offered more features;

  • Up to 250 unique products
  • Up to 25 premium products
  • Branded Invoicing
  • Email & Chat Support
  • Currency Exchange
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Premium Products
  • Global Pricing Rules
  • Real-Time Inventory Updates
  • Your shipment Tracking Number

3. Finally, the Empire plan: Do you wanna scale your dropshipping business ? Then this is the best paid plan for you which is billed at $ 79 monthly and $ 948 yearly gives you total access to all the features.

This is ultimate plan where nothing is held back everything is top-notch with this plan;

  • Unlimited products
  • unlimited Premium Products
  • Unlimited Order
  • 24/7 Email& Chat Support
  • Branded Invoices
  • Real-Time Inventory updates
  • Global Pricing
  • Currency Exchange
  • Order Tracking

Spocket Marketplace At A Glance………


WEBSITE URL:www.Spocket.co

OWNER NAMES: Saba Mahebpour

PRICE:Free to join with the basic plan, Pro plan $ 29 monthly $ 348 yearly and Empire Plans billed at $ 79 monthly or $ 948 yearly

OVERALL RANK;96 of 100

Verdicts: Legit

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My Take on Spocket

Spocket App Is a Game Changer In The Industry I believe this site is a must have  for folks in the dropshipping  industry.

It is outstanding and has an expansive remedy for anyone thinking to join or already in the dropshipping niche, it takes out majority of the work for you plus all the frustrating hustles and hurdles.

Although this app’s payment plans are a little expensive compared to the competition out there i must confess they have high quality premium products with suppliers strictly from US and EU you will never worry about selling substandard products from China to your customers.

It would be a go to area for me, with the basic plan you can start up but upgrading to paid plans is advisable for anyone who is in the dropshipping business.they both come with extra features as opposed to your free basic plan.

Would I recommend it to my friends and family that is a definite yes because i believe it is a legit way for any one starting out in that industry and they do deliver on their promises.

Their services are outstanding support is top-notch and it is no where near any scam site.

As you usual this is your pal Barbara thanking you for the read .

If there is anything you wish to add or have questions to ask about this post you’re more than welcome to do so, I promise to get back to as soon as I possibly can.

Have a pleasant day

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