Hello and welcome to yet another review, this time it is Affilorama  training program, going through onlinewealth4all.com’s validation filters.

When you surf the internet in the quest of finding the right affiliate training program to trust, chances are you will come across many that claim to be the real deal.

Unfortunately not all of them are what they claim to be, in most cases, they are either legit or scams.

If you have reservations and feel the need to ascertain which is legit or a scam, you have to delve into the countless platforms to find one you can trust since they all claim to be the best in the industry.

Do you know a thing about affiliate marketing, or fancy to learn how to become one?

Which I believe you do since you’re here. I’m assuming you’re must have heard about  Affiliroma  training platform, and you’re here to delve into whether it is legit or a scam.

Well, it has been in existence for 13 years now, offering training courses to aspiring entrepreneurs/affiliate marketers.

Do you wonder whether it will be worthy giving it a try ? if at all my assumptions are true, then you my friend have come to the right place.

Oh, and i would like to point out that i get commissions for every purchase made through the links in the post at no additional costs from you. My # 1 recommendation.

As I promised I’m here with a purpose and that is to help you find the truth so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Below is what I’m covering in this review post

  • A quick summary of  affilorama   review
  • General overview & ranking of affilorama
  • Affilorama ‘s pros & cons
  • What is  Affilorama   & who does it benefit?
  • Who owns Affilorama  ?
  • Support at Affilorama
  • Affilorama  memberships & how they are valuable ?
  • Is Affilorama  worthy a try?
  • Affilorama  at a glance
  • My honest opinion

Quick Summary Of  Affilorama Review

Affilorama is among the few legit online coaching and tutoring platform, that I can recommend for a beginner to test it out for free,

Do I think it is the best there is in the industry, not at all but it is legit and does offer comprehensive training & other useful resources, which  will help you gain momentum in starting and growing your business online.

To access it is completely free, you enroll at $ 0 no credit card payments, or information required.

Your free membership will give you access to the step-by-step training courses which covers a lot of topics in affiliate marketing that will help you gain ground in your marketing skills.

No denying that there are some drawbacks in the training, like some their backdated methods, use of PLR content and the very many upsells, but I would still recommend it to anyone starting out in affiliate marketing.

Because most of the training is superb and excellent for a beginner, and since it is free that’s’ a no brainer, you got nothing to lose to test it out.

All I can say to assure you is there is indeed some high-quality helpful & useful  information  to help you get started and monetize your business but still # My 1 recommendation

A General Overview & Ranking Of Affilorama

NAME: Affilorama  Affiliate program

WEBSITE URL:www.affilorama.com

PRICE; Free to join, $ 1.for 30 days, $ 67monthly

Other Prices: Pathway 2 passive $ 37, AffiloBlueprint  $ 197, AffiloJetpack  $ 997, e.t.c

OWNER Mark Ling
& Co-founder Simon Spade

Overall Rank; 85 OF 100

Who is Affilorama  For? Newbie, moderate & advanced.

Affilorama’s  Pro & Cons

The Good

  • Completely Free to Join which allows you to test the platform to see if it will work for you.
  • $ 1 for a full month to test the Affilorama  premium membership, which gives you access to all the tools & resources that usually cost $ 67 monthly.
  • A forum within the community where you interact and get help with your questions
  • The training is good for someone starting out, you access great information at $ 0 Free membership.
  • To upgrade to premium is optional
  • A 60-day money back guarantee
  • Access to Affillo  Tools as a free member
  • Free lessons, videos, articles.
    That will help in monetizing your business

The Bad

  • Different product upsells when you sum them up to the monthly charge & the product you opt for  will incur more expenses.
  • There are some drawbacks in their training, which might be risky to use, like backlinking  it is quite outdated and the use of PLR content

What is Affilorama  & Who Does It Benefit?

In a nutshell, Affilorama is an honest & legit educational /training platform structured to train folks ways of making money online utilizing their websites as affiliate marketers.

It has been around for 13 years and is designed with beginners, moderate or advanced entrepreneurs/affiliate marketers in mind.

The site provides free enrollment for anyone aspiring to learn and grow business online in affiliate marketing.

Their system is structured to empower & offer complete and  collectional training information, that covers all the ropes of starting and growing your own profitable business in affiliate marketing.

However, there is also a downside to  Affillorama , which I will get into later on in the post

Apart from all the training, you will get with your free membership, they also offer additional & extensive premium paid products, some of which are already done for your products, and other useful materials you can leverage in managing and marketing your business

Whilst, some of their courses are backdated plus all the other drawbacks, you will still have a lot to benefit from their free candid step-by-step training courses.

If you’re in pursuit of becoming an affiliate marketer, a newbie, intermediary, or advanced but need to acquire more knowledge in affiliate marketing.

I believe this platform will be beneficial for you, the free membership comes with many resources and tools that will help in your quest of building a thriving business online.

You don’t have to be an expert or experienced you can learn something from this platform it was created for all those looking to make their lives better working online, and it doesn’t matter if you’re

  • Work at home Mom
  • College drop out
  • A complete tech-novice
  • Retired
  • Laid off from work
  • Unemployed Looking to venture into something new online
  • Or just looking to escape the corporate grind

Who Owns Affilorama  -The Creator Of This Platform

Affilorama  was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling, an extrusive affiliate marketer with experience if over 10 years in the affiliate marketing industry and his Co-founder/CEO Simon Slade.

Mark Ling

Prior to creating this platform Mark, who was an affiliate marketer, product owner of  Jamorama   & Rocket Piano, also used to train his friends and family members the ropes of making money online in affiliate marketing.

He perceived an idea of magnetizing his 8 years of expertise into creating Affilorama’s  step-by-step video training lessons

Turning this into a paying job, hence the creation of  Affilorama.  Since, 2006 when this platform came into existence it has attracted a number of members which has continued rise up to 300,000 to date worldwide.

And according to Mark, their main goal is to diminish the capability barriers for striving affiliates, by empowering them to start and grow successful businesses online and see immediate results.

I am optimistic that all this is achieved by buying into the upsells. I agree the free training is there & has candid training tools and materials but you will also need the premium products to make this a fulfilling & thriving business since each product serves a different purpose.

Affilorama  Memberships & How Valuable Are They?

Affilorama  consists of two membership the Free & Premium,

1. Free Membership: This was structured for total beginners, moderate and advanced affiliate marketer in mind it gives you access to a number of candid and resourceful training which is helpful for anyone starting out.

You get hours of video formatted lessons, text material, interviews with folks that are already thriving and making it in the industry, all that and much more is offered at $ 0

  • Affiliate marketing quick-start guide; This shows you the basics of how to start and thrive in the affiliate marketing plus  ways of avoiding problems that might arise in your business as an affiliate marketer
  • 32 Pages of Downloadable road map to success: Takes away the worries of being confused or overwhelmed and give you the visualization of steps to follow next
  • Hours Of Video lessons: These are easy step-by-step video lessons that will give you insight on how to monetize your business block by block

Regardless of all the training, you get as a free member, that isn’t enough for you to thrive, at some point and time you might need to buy into the upsells to get the best there is for your business.

The 100 % free enrollment will also give you access to many courses that include, e-books, written formatted articles, PDFs and many other models. which  will benefit you in the foundation of your business.

The list below is what to expect with your free membership

•Introduction to market research

•Content creation


•Marketing tools

  • SEO
  • PCC
  • Affiliate Outsourcing

2. Affilorama’s  Methodical Premium Membership is structured to help you start from as low as $ 1 dollar for one month to test it out and thereafter $ 67monthly.

You will have access to a very diversified and advanced affiliate marketing training system that provides you with premium content, premium software tools, and the new affilo tools suite.

Below is what you get with the $ 1 for one month and later the billing is $ 67 monthly

  • Stealth Affiliate Marketing Training & Tactics
  • Premium Affiliate Vault With Hours Of Cutting Edge Videos
  • Interviews With Underground Affiliate Millionaires
  • Over The Shoulder’ Affiliate Blog Bootcamp  Videos
  • 15 Premium ‘Market Dominating’ Software Tools
  • 30 High Quality ‘Done For You’ Articles Each Month
  • Support At Affilorama  Affiliate 356 24/7
  • Web Hosting For Up To 15 Domains

Support At Affilorama Affiliate

Support at Affilorama  is offered through different forums where you can lodge your questions for answers whenever you feel stuck and the support center through emailing & telephoning

And a premium member you will get support within the premium private forum which is accessible to premium members only and the staff at Affilorama  is at reach for you as well.

Unlike somewhere I know where help is offered by the all community including the owners, here Mark will be less involved since he is a very busy man.

Affilorama  Products, & Prices

Affilorama  has different optional premium products aside from their methodical monthly premium membership. Which comprise of more advanced tools and training materials in video formats & text tutorial that exceed lessons covered in the free version to other main products plus tools

Affilorama  Premium membership $ ! & $ 67 The methodical premium membership that covers different dervise  modules in affiliate marketing like,

  • CPA Marketing
  • Site Flipping
  • PPC Secrets
  • Social Media Tactics
  • Advanced Backlinking  Secrets
  • Building an Adsense  Empire  e.t.c

Affilorama’s  other premium products & tools

  • Path2Passive
  • Affilo  Tools
  • AffiloBlueprint 
  • AffiloJetpack

1. Affilorama’s  Pathway to Passive $ 37

For both newbies and advanced it teaches you how to distinguish profitable niches from unprofitable, finding superlative products to promote, and the competitiveness in that particular niche, plus it helps in appealing content creation strategy,  for affiliate sales which boosts traffic and increases sales and so much more

2. Affilo  Theme -$ 97

If you want to create a profitable & beautiful website with squeeze pages, high converting opt-ins, and SEO friendly layouts then this is your one stop shop for that and so much more

3 .Affilo  Tools Is Affilorama’s  premium suite of online tools that give you insight on what’s happening on your site and how to manage and track it is growth in search engines & social media platforms

To upgrade to the AffiloTools,  you’ll have to pick a price plan that suits your needs. See screenshot.

Affilo Tools is available for all memberships and that includes the free members, but the premium upgrade has far way better features and options. If you want the best service and it is almost similar to google analytics which is absolutely free to subscribe

4. AffiloBluprint  $ 1 & $ 197

To test it for 14 days $ 1 & $197 Is a one time 3 part steps-by-step training which is structured for both beginners & moderates who tried out before but failed you will be shown what to do make this work.

AffiloBlueprint  covers topics on how to build a profitable website, finding profitable niches, and finding the best products to promote. It is said to be Mark Ling’s proven step-by-step guide that is risk-free. You will also have access to

  • A step-by-step guide of 90 videos training
  • A private membership forum
  • As a bonus Affilo  Theme website builder
  • Create content that sells

5. AffiloJetpack $ 997

This product comes with a number of resources 80 % of the work is done for you from 5 out of 18 website niches chosen for you because of their potential to over 90 high attribution newsletters per a niche with the organized cycle for a whole year follow up

Is Affilorama Worthy A Try?

Yes, I would say start with the free membership you will get a lot of valuable information in training materials & tools to get you started in your quest of making money online as an affiliate marketer.

Their premium membership products and tools also do impart you with a certain amount of knowledge and understanding which will be useful in growing & managing your business.

If it wasn’t for a few draws backs in their premium membership training which might be risky for your business in case you used them, talk less of the upsells then I would strongly recommend the premium membership but there is my no # 1 recommendation

Let’s cover some  of the platfroms’s  downsides

1. Backlinking:

This one of the downside of Affilorama,  it used to work for affiliates way back before the launch of Penguin & panda in 2011 since, then this method is no longer in use and if you dare to follow that method it might cost you rankings in search engines like Google which in the major league and where most of the traffic to your website will derive from

2.PLR:[ Private Label Rights]
Another one of Affilorama’s  drawbacks, which gives you access to 30 high quality already written articles each month with full rights to use on your site as you see fit
With that being said if, the entire community were to use the same PLR content, this means many of them will have similar ideas which will get them in trouble with search engines hence loss of rankings for their site

3. Many Upsells: Affilorama

Does have quite a number of upsells and for those starting out this might prove to be a bit of a challenge

Even if you go with their methodical premium membership, you still need to buy into the other upsells at least one or two of them because they all cover different topics.

If you’re anything like me and on a tight budget this can really become a hindrance for you, but there is an alternative where you won’t have to go through the worries & hustles of forking out extra bucks for different upsells. Wealthy Affiliate platform

Affilorama At A Glance

NAME; Affilorama  Affiliate Program

WEBSITE URL www.affilorama.com

OWNER: Mark Ling & Co-Founder Simon Spade

PRICE; Free to join, 4 1 $ 67

OVERALL RANKING: 85 out of 100


My Honest Opinion

Honestly, I do feel that Affilorama  is a really great place to start as a free member and total newbie, moderate or experienced because most of their free training is candid and will teach you ways of how to start and grow your business.

Will I advise a total newbie or anyone to start with the premium membership? I would maybe with the $ 1  for  the one month trial it is worth a try to see how stuff works, but if you’re just beginning and on a tight budget it will not be wise to spend what you don’t have.

You should also look out on their backdated methods  like backlinking , the use of  PRL, it might not be good for your business plus the very many upsells.

Unless you’re well off and have some cash to spend then maybe this can work for you otherwise there is another opportunity I can recommend you too with no upsells, outdated training, or PRL content.

Thank you for reading this review post, as usual, it is your pal Barbara here, feel free to share or leave your comments below in the comment section and I will surely get back to as soon as I possibly can

Your royal friend


2 thoughts on “My Affilorama Affiliate Review 2019-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

  1. Thank you for a great review

    I love online affiliate programs and I can see affilorama is legit but the only thing I despise is the upsells, I have learnt to walk away from upselling programs

    Definitely Wealthy affiliate is cost effective.

    1. Hello Thabo,

      It’s my pleasure to put out an informative review ,it helps my readers to make an informed decision, thanks too for stopping by and reading through the review glad you liked it .

      And like you I don’t entertain upsells, truth be told Wealthy Affiliate is indeed cost efficient plus what you acquire in training is worthy every penny invested

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