Are you still struggling to  find keywords that Rank well in search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing ?

If your answer is yes then I have a solution for you my friend just try out this reliable and very efficient Keyword tool below to perform your keyword researches.


If you want to keep getting  those high ranking keywords  in Google you need to find keywords with low competition & high traffic.

This can only be achieved by utilizing special keyword tools and the  one that I can highly recommend to you is a keyword  research tool called Jaaxy.


You can have access to this  AWESOME keyword  research tool for a free test drive of 30 searches with your free membership account   at $ 0  by either signing up at Wealthy Affiliate, Siterubix or go straight to Jaaxy to create your free account.


Jaaxy application is a must have tool for every marketer, with it ‘s accurate data once you happen to master your way around the tool which is quite simple to achieve  you will never fail to find those low hanging keywords which will rank well in search engines hence the increment in traffic to your site.

It is newbie friendly and  simply easy to use you can never fail to understand it.

Jaaxy is a vital and helpful keyword tool you can leverage to learn what is most searched for in google and other search engines.

It shows you accurate information you need to know like, what people are looking for, how many times specific keywords are searched in a month and the actual number of people that are searching

You learn the competitiveness of different keywords in other site, and keywords that will drive traffic to your website

What Are The Most Important Metrics you should focus on when performing your researches for high quality keywords

Check out the list below;


  • AVG: This indicates the average number of traffic searches a particular keyword is searched in a month. I do recommend to always settle for the ones with the most searched AVG.
  • TRAFFIC: This shows you an estimated number of visitors to expect if you rank for that particular key word as we know if you don’t rank then number traffic and without visitors you will never make the money
  • QSR: [Quoted Search Results] This is where you find out the number of competing pages in regards to your researched keyword like how many websites have ranked for the same key word .


  • KQI: [Keyword Quality index ] : Now with this metric gives you information about the quality of your chosen keyword in terms of PPC, SEO etc
  • SEO:[Search Engine Optimization] : This metric indicates for you how easy or difficult it will be to rank for that particular keyword in search engines. In other words you find out whether a key word is good for SEO ranking or not.


Create you free account  and  get started with finding your key words .See you on the inside wish you the best enjoy and if tere is anything more you wish to learn about this amazing keyword application feel free to leave your questions in the comment area below.

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