Hello, thanks for visiting onlinewealth4all.com’s Legendary Marketer 3.0 Review After Modification -Is it a scam or legit?

Like we all know not everyone in affiliate marketing succeeds without a proper training and tools to help them scale their businesses online.

The internet has innumerable training platforms one can leverage to get started in the online digital marketing industry.

One of them is the Legendary Marketer 3.0, I will presume you have heard about it since, it’s  buzzing in the online world !

Do you envision affiliate marketing as your side hustle, or plan on trading your 9-5 job to work as an entrepreneur online, and whilst searching  for a training platform you bumped into LM?

If you’re inquisitive and uncertain about this Legendary Marketer 3.0,and  have the need to query into Legendary market 3.0 whether it’s a misleading gimmick, MLM  or an upsell company?

I should also say you’re in luck and have come to the right place.

Apparently I have dug into LM and in this review, I’ ll fill you in on the details of this platform and It will be up to you to make an informed decision about LM whether it’s legit or a scam. Without further ado Let’s get into it.

Below Is What we’re going to cover

  • A general overview of LM
  • Legendary Marketers pros & cons
  • What. Legendary Marketer’s 3.0′
  • Who was Legendary Marketer created for
  • How does Legendary Marketer work?
  • Legendary Marketers’ product overview
  • Legendary Marketers’ products & prices
  • Legendary Marketers affiliate program’s commissions
  • My summarized overview
  • My final take on Legendary Marketer

A general overview of Legendary Marketer

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Owner ;David Sharpe {a.k.a Duplicate Dave }

Website URL https://legendarymarketer.com

Price; Free to join but has other payment options

{Starting from $ 30 monthly to $ 30000 one time }

Overall Rank 90 out of 100

Who is Legendary Marketer for

Total Newbies & Experts With Some Money To Spend

Legendary Marketer’s Pros & Cons


1. Step-By-Step Training

Legendary Marketer’s step-by-step training is structured to educate folks digital marketing  skills  and not lose you, once you join the platform they assign you a coach/business plan adviser whose goal is to guide you through the entire step-by-step learning process and  to ensure you have answers to any questions that might arise in your training.

Which is a good thing for  a beginner to have someone to guide and walk you through the entire process of scaling and building your business online.

2. High Commission Payment Rates

Most of LM’s products are highly priced and the commissions are equally high the lowest being 40% and the highest 60%.

As an affiliate for LM you can literally make up to $ 1,2000 which is quite a large sum don’t you think?

With such high commissions rates, you only need to make a few sales before you start living your dream life!

3. Guaranteed 30 Day Money Back Refund

Legendary Marketer has money a back guarantee policy which only applies to subscription-based products like the Legendary Marketer’s club. $ 30.

Nb it only applies within your 30 days of subscription.

I think this is indeed a good thing it gives you a chance to test out the platform’s resources and training for a full month.

If, you feel the platform will not work for you then cancel your subscription and request for a full refund it sounds like a win, win situation don’t you think?

The Cons

1. Highly Priced Products

LM has a wide range of products and most of them are extremely expensive for an average person like me.  I don’t know about you my friend I’m only here to guide you then you will make your informed decision.

These upsells include their mastermind classes if you’re on a limited budget you might not afford some of them.

2. Paid Traffic

Are you the type that is against incurring extra costs and on a tight budget, then this will not work for you. The training focuses on paid traffic for your promotional campaigns on sites like,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

and other social media platforms. So this will require you to spend some extra bucks and if your vision is to quit your job I would recommend you wait till your business picks up.

3. Low-Income potential: Don’t quote me wrong there is a possibility to achieve $ 1000 or more in a day if you’re promoting the high ticket products, but you should also note  LM has a disclaimer projection of the annual income $ 500 to $ 2000.

There are no emancipation lessons: You are literally trained on how to promote their products, any hopes of building your own business and working for yourself is given a back sit.

If you’re looking for freedom to promote and grow your business, their training focuses on promoting LM s products

You only earn commission: The only way to earn high commissions is by promoting those high ticket products or purchasing them yourself.

Let’s presume you’re a monthly $ 30 LM club member and promoting one of the upsell products of say $ 2500 or more, you will have to sell  at least 3 of those products to qualify for commissions.

What Is the Legendary Marketer 3.0?

Legendary Marketer 3.0  is an online digital marketing program that was founded and is owned by David Sharpe a.k.a Duplicate Dave.

David Sharpe has an experience of over 9 years in digital marketing ,he went from a broke construction worker sleeping on his dad’s coach, to a business mogul in the industry who has generated up to $ 250 millions with his 3 successful established multi-million dollar companies.

Apart from running his businesses he has also coached and mentored over 500000 students from across the globe imparting them with knowledge through his courses and live events.

The legendary marketer was structured on Dave’s proven sales funnel system that seems to be working for the members. To say the least, their curriculum is indeed legit except for the many up sells that are pushed upon the members.

It’s a high ticket digital marketing program that offers training courses to folks with existing or those considering to venture into entrepreneurship to build and grow  thriving businesses online

At LM, you will learn all the necessary digital marketing skills required in building and managing a business, or how to make an existing business thrive online.

Aside from learning affiliate marketing and other skills, you also earn commissions as an affiliate for LM through promoting their products and encouraging prospects to join,

Legendary Marketer has a wide range of products you can choose to promote and earn handsomely dependent on the choices you make.

Who Was Legendary Marketer Created For?

Legendary Marketer was created for folks who want to earn a living online It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in internet marketing or a monumental entrepreneur.

Their system was designed for all levels of affiliate marketers as long as you are willing to invest some cash in advertising/paid traffic and other Up sells then this was created for you.

In case, you’re a cheap-stake like me who just can’t afford the up sells then this might not work for you.

Why because there ain’t any other way around it. If you want to succeed and thrive in your online business at LM’s playing field, investing in traffic and other up sells is something you have to consider .

Do You,

  • Want to learn digital courses, personalized virtual training, highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events then this has your name written on it and possibly earn a living doing just that
  • Longing for financial freedom and live your dream lifestyle
  • Have an existing business online but it ain’t working out for you
  • Dream of becoming a coach/selling courses online
  • Looking at becoming an influencer online and sell just about anything.

If the above list fits your criteria needless to say you’re in the right place.

However, if you fall into the category below then I suggest you don’t waste your time,

  • On a budget and not willing to part with your money
  • Thinking of getting rich fast
  • Unwilling to put in time, effort and patience

It is evident Legendary Marketers has various ultimate worthwhile training resources/ products you can choose from to make your business thrive online. Though this will entirely depend on your budget and how much you’re willing to part with due to all the upsells

Regardless of the choice you’re bound to spend some fees in advertising for your promotional campaigns {paid traffic} in order to see great results.

However, if that ain’t included in your budget, maybe you should try out this program where you are offered tools that help you get organic traffic to your website and there are no up sells.

Otherwise you should think twice before giving up you’re a day job, as this ain’t a get rich scheme it takes a while to see results If you don’t get traffic to your website.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Prior to their modification this year, you would have to buy a product in order to join, but since they made some changes they introduced a 15 days online builder challenge which gives you access to the platform and equips you with knowledge of how to  start and manage an online business.

The 15-days step-by-step guidelines are offered in video formats each day with useful tasks to complete.

Plus, you’re assigned a coach/ business plan adviser to help you through the all process of growing and managing your business and applying that knowledge. In a way, I think this good who wouldn’t like to have a personal coach/adviser?

The legendary marketer has a one level affiliate training program [Legendary Marketer Club] which teaches folks digital marketing skills that will help them in building their online businesses.

Everything concerning digital marketing is taught at LM they cover  valuable topics on

  • Facebook ads
  • Lead generation
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram
  • Facebook marketing strategies

And you can access their other resources to help you  in you’re promotional campaigns like

  • Banners
  • Ad copy
  • Landing pages
  • Video Ads
  • 45-day email copy sequence.

Aside from learning robust digital marketing courses, you also earn commissions as an affiliate for LM by promoting their products and encouraging prospects to join.

Legendary Marketer has a wide range of products you can promote and earn handsomely depending on the promotional % of the product.

Legendary Marketer Products Overview

To join Legendary Marketer is free with the 15 days online builder challenge as we saw above, but there are other optional costs for LM ‘s selection of  products which start from as low as $ 30 monthly, $ 2500 a one-time payable fee for their Blueprints, to the highest rated product at $ 30000.I will list a few of them for you below

Legendary Marketers club: This training program will educate you all the necessary digital marketing skills you need on how to build and grow your business or how to make the existing business thrive online

Legendary Marketers club is  the Netflix of LM’s training in digital marketing and it is the only monthly subscription program.

The program is filled with educational resources that will impact you with knowledge and a foundation you need to grow and manage your  online business.

As a member of this club, you will have access to quite a no of training resources that will help you start, grow and scale your online business.

The training designed in a way that will help it’s members to develop their skills in business at only $ 30 a month they will be able to access the following

  • The journey to 250000 YouTube Subscribers
  • Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man
  • Learn and get real-time feedback each week on live Q & A  webinars From 6 & 7 figure marketer

The Traffic Rolodex Bundle: This a one-time payment product that will help you scale your business to the next level using paid traffic on social media platforms

You will have help from some the LM top experts in advertising walking you through the process and showing how to dominate on these platforms

This bundle consists of 8 different individual courses that train you the mechanics of advertising on social media sites below you won’t be left alone you.





•Google Display Network

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint: This training teaches you to promote other folks’ products through an affiliate program and It is revenue sharing based.

In this Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, you’ll be taught ways of how to get set-up in your digital marketing business, and how to dig into the thousands of products online that are there for you to choose the winners to promote and make your sales.

Digital products business blueprint: This teaches you the ropes of utilizing your expertise, or interest into an audio, video, and written format from planning your curriculum to delivering it to your prospects

All you require is a PC, the zeal and a passion to work hard plus, sometimes on hands to get started.

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint: If your intention is to become a coach /consultant then look no further I believe this product works well for you that’s if you ain’t a cheapskate.

What you get with this product is to fast and far most identify your passion.expertise and then utilize it to create offers and clarify your pitch. You also get to learn service delivery and scaling your business for profit.

Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints; A one-time fee product if you’re ain’t the shy type and hosting, or facilitating a live event is your cup of tea then you’re in luck because this was created with you in mind.

The training will teach you the art of becoming a talented influencer, show you the ropes of how to plan, host, profit and save on costs.

Legendary Leader Mastermind: It trains you to become a leader and dominate in the marketplace while expanding your brand, scaling and product messaging ways that will enhance the growth of your business.

You also get the opportunity of receiving interviews from the top experts /advanced leaders from different industries imparting you with their knowledge and tips. Which will help your growth in the business?

It’s a foundation product filled with marketing and business strategies for creating and managing a digital marketing business as a member you will have access to a master class that teaches leadership principles,

The Live In-Person Events

The Legendary Marketer Mastermind: This.a 3 days live in-person mastermind event class which imparts its members with state-of-the-art knowledge in topics like traffic, how to strategies in lead generations, plus conversions all taught by experts in the online world.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind: Another live in-person mastermind event that covers a wide range of topics from health, wisdom, hack, performance strategies, growth tips in your business to ways of how to grow and protect your wealth

Legendary Marketer Products And Prices

To succeed online you have to get the right training and help to take your business to the next level. In many cases, it does require some help from professionals which at one place I know it’s free to start, then later pay per your wish otherwise as a total newbie it tends to be very hard moving forward with no guidance and prior knowledge in the cyberspace business

Therefore, you have to choose a program that will train you to become a master at the game. Question is does it really have to be the high ticket? I will leave that for you to make a wise but also informed decision.

Below are the prices of Legendary Marketers and they’re optional. It is up to you to make the decisions to buy and promote them.

  • Legendary Marketer 15-days step-by-step Business Builder Challenge Which. Free To Join
  • Legendary Marketer Club at $ 30 per month
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle $ 247 [one time]
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time ]
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint $ 2500:[ one time]
  • Invisible Influencer $ 997 [one time ]
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time]
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time]
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass $ 2500 [one time]
  • Legendary Master leader Masterclass $ 2500 [ one time]
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind $ 8000 [one time]
  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $ 12000 [ one time]

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Commissions

Legendary Marketer has a very high rated commission % for it. Affiliates which are categorized into two The Basic affiliate which. Free to join and Pro affiliate will cost you $ 30 a month I guess it. worth it since you will be earning high commissions.

The Basic affiliate receives a commission rate of 10-30 % depending on the products you’re promoting

whilst a Pro affiliate receives 40-60 %. Below I will show you how much to expect depending on each product

Legendary Marketers Club; $ 18 for pro vs $ 9 for basic

Traffic Rolodex – $ 98.80 for pro vs 24.70 basic

Affiliate Business Blueprint – $ 1000 pro vs 250 basic

Digital Business Blueprint -$ 1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint # 1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Events & masterminds Business Blueprint- $1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $ 3200 pro vs $ 800 basic

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $ 4800 pro vs $ 480 basic

Do I Think You Will Make Money With LM

I will not sugar coat anything since even LM has a disclaimer in place which states that the annual average income one can make. between $ 500 to $ 2000 so who I’m to give you false hope but this is just a projection.

Though truth be  told there are successful stories of people I know within the platform, that are making commissions and also if you browse through other reviews you will see the proof yourself. of how folks promoting LM show proof of their achievements  in their screenshots.

Regardless of that I also think success at LM is  achieved mainly by those willing to invest in paid traffic and remember the training focuses on paid traffic, therefore if you’re unwilling to invest in  your promotional campaigns then it might not be easy for you my friend.

Since it is all dependent on which products you will buy and promote as well I doubt if the $ 30 monthly membership will fetch you as much as someone promoting  the up sells products would earn.

Regardless of LM ‘s products being expensive, their recompasation programs can enable you to make the money back dependent on which products you promote.

If you feel this ain’t for you and want to try another option where there no up sells I would recommend you check  out this other  opportunity that has been proven to work for many.

To join is Completely free and by far this is my favorite platform, you don’t have to pay for traffic here. In short, you won’t have to worry about it unless you desire that. There are tools in place to help you with getting traffic organically.

My Summarized Overview

Name; Legendary Marketer

Sales Page URL;https://legendarymarketer.com

Owner: David Sharpe a.k.a Duplicate Dave

Price: Free to join but has other payment options

{Starting from $ 30 monthly to $ 30000 one time }

My Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100 %

Who Was it Created For:: Newbies & Monumental Entrepreneurs
Who Have The Means


My Final Take On Legendary Marketers

Since LM made certain changes earlier this year anyone can join without first buying into their products as it were the case prior to the revamp.

Basically this has made it easier for folks to test it out the free 15 days step-by-step business builder challenge before choosing to stick around or not.

Their curriculum has lots of training resources and tools like live events training, videos training, live webinars, and the cherry on top of the cake is a coach/ business planner adviser that is assigned to each member, and if you’re money bags then you will have the big man himself Duplicate Dave as your personal coach if you can afford to part with $ 30000.

Do I think LM  is a Scam or an MLM company ?  No I don’t think so, further from it, I just think there are so many upsells pushed on their members which makes it a no go area for me.

I just can’t afford to spend money I don’t even have. If, your anything like me and feel you can’t afford LM’s upsells you should try out this  free to get rolling opportunity

If you have any comments or something more you need to share feel free to drop them in the comment area below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Once again it is  your pal, Barbara, thanks for reading Legendary Marketer 3.0 review

Have you a nice day

Your friend


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  1. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for this interesting share on Legendary Marketer. Like you, I do not have that kind of money floating around and the upsells really concern me. I didn’t know that Dave Sharpe is also known as duplicate Dave – do you know why that is?
    Thank you for sharing an opportunity that is not so high priced with all of the upsells, that is much more up my alley. Looks like the perfect way for someone to get started online!

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