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Hi, I welcome you yet again to another onlinewealth4all.com review, this time it’s Jvzoo Academy I’m delving into.

The main goal of this site is is to save you from the stress of going through countless pages to come to the truth.

That is why I took it upon myself to dig into the Jvzoo Academy whether it is an outstanding platform or another scam !

As it is a trend lately almost every one is looking into work from home jobs, the good thing is you can find just about any information on the internet .

Which includes training programs that will teach you ways of generating income online working from the comfort of your own home .

If you’re the type that is looking into online training platforms to join and you happened to stumbled upon Jvzoo Academy. I commend you for doing you’re due diligence to find out if the academy will be worthy a try.

Finding the best training platform / academy is somewhat a great way to getting started in the online world knowing you’re on the right track with some proven and tested methods of making money

Although I’m writing about Jvzoo Academy the internet has numerous training platforms that you can leverage on your journey of working from home and one of my most trusted and # 1 recommendation.and without further ado lets get started with our review

My Jvzoo Review-Over View



PRICE: $ 27 and other upsells



VERDIT: legit

WHO IS JVZOO FOR ? For all both moderate & advanced

Quick Summary Of Jvzoo Academy

Established in 2017,Sam Bakker’s Jvzoo academy is an online training platform based in New Zealand.

It is a global system that offers a step-by-step training courses in video formats/text to anyone who wants to learn ropes of making money online as an affiliate marketer.

You can access the platform at no cost at all to try it out on a free account but there are other upsell products to consider.

The Good And The BAD

THE Good

  • You rest assured knowing it is backed up by a major brand like Jvzoo
  • Free to get started
  • Great for beginners
  • 30 days Money back guarantee


1,. Numerous upsells

2. It might take you some time to see results

Who Is The Creator Of The Infamous Jvzoo Academy ?

Sam Bakker is the creator of this product/course, well-known as an online digital  marketing expert, motivation speaker and coach whose goal is to help online business owners to thrive in there businesses.

Sam Bakker The Creator of Jvzoo Academy

Sam Bakker has been in the online world for a while and claims to help folks like you and I to thrive in the online businesses, by showing you ways of how to make money online and mistakes you should avoid if you want to achieve success in your online business as a beginner.

Born in New Zealand Christchurch in 1988, Sam started his journey on the internet way back early in his youth .

Prior to the launch Jvzoo academy Sam.did not achieve success immediately,he too had his own share of mistakes and failure as it is with most beginners online

But by the age of 24 he had his turning point when he joined Jvzoo and became one of their top paid affiliate marketer and a seven figure earner .

He mastered the art of making money making online and with his proven and tested methods he created a training platform for folks who want to learn ropes of generating online income.

What Is Jvzoo Academy Anyways?

Jvzoo  Academy is a very extensive platform created with  a mind of helping out folks to scale and grow their business in affiliate marketing following proven and tested methods .

If you’re on this page I figure you must have bumped into Jvzoo this is a marketplace where publishers and merchant sign up to sell their stuff online in short Jvzoo is their middle man .

Anything to do with software or digital products is available on this platform and they are the endorsers of Jvzoo Academy.

If you want to learn how to create and launch product or become their affiliate then this platform has you covered .

When the owners of Jvzoo a US based company saw how successful Sam thrived, him being one of their top affiliate marketers they approached him to share his knowledge by creating this system to enable their affiliates become great at what they are doing and hence the creation of Jvzoo .

It is the very 1st and only online training system ever endorsed by Jvzoo .

Their step-by-step training models are delivered via videos, text, and downloadable pdf guides formats. Not only that you will also access Sam’s proven and specific methods /sheet

Who Is Jvzoo Academy For?

Are you starting out in the online world of affiliate marketing, been their for a while but not making any progress, or moderate with some expertise but need to be more informed in the industry ?

If your answer is yes and being great in the affiliate marketing is goal then according to Sam you will learn everything there is to learn in this industry if you join his extensive Jvzoo Academy,

Do you want to know my opinion though? Well i think the training here is basically great and any newbie with no experience will greatly benefit from Sam’s academy but also those that are looking into elevating their skills can give it a try

Jvzoo Academy Training

Jvzoo Sign Up Page For The Free Video Series

Training at Jvzoo Academy is literally structured as multi-leveled system and to join as a free member you sign up by filling in the fields required.

Only after signing up will you be able to access the 3 part free video series where Sam talks about the basic key components of staring a business on their platform.and if you want more you can then go a head and purchase the other courses

The training at this academy is literally focused on making you a great affiliate to sell their products and launch your own products with their four core models you will be set to get rolling .

The four different Models Of training

The fundamentals

Business Foundation

selling your own products

Promoting Jvzoo products as an affiliate

The Optional Courses

1.Jvzoo Academy’s The Strategy

This is literally Jvzoo Academy’s foundation training model which offers basics required for both vendors and affiliates

The training is delivered in forms of videos, information downloads, templates and other tools and resources you need in scaling and running your online business .

According to Sam you will be offered tried and proven concise training with this course, which will give you self-assurance to apply the same methods.

The good thing is almost all the tasks offered to you in this model can be applied by anyone you as a vendor or affiliate, it can you be you or a hired hand.

They are delivered in explicit steps guiding you through actions you to take per each step of your journey

2.Jvzoo Academy’S Mastery

This is a very concise and diverse Jvzoo academy training model which was literally created for newbies in digital marketing but also suitable for advanced digital marketers who want to learn and elevate their knowledge in both the launch product and affiliate training to enable them .

When you purchase this product you will automatically gain access to the platform’s page builder software tool, which is a vital element required by anyone who want to manage and scale their online business.

This page builder software tool enables you to build your website, promotional pages, sales pages, opt-in pages, webinar registration pages and there is so much you can make use of this tool.plus all your pages will be hosted by the academy at no extra cost

The course lessons are delivered to you in transcripts, video, text formats, which are packed in four sub models namely

  • Business setup
  • Creating your own product
  • Launching your product
  • Affiliate Marketing

3. Jvzoo Academy ‘s 60 MasterClass

If you want create, grow and scale you business in digital product creation and become a vendor or even do both then this product was created with you in mind .

With this product course lessons are supposedly delivered in sizable bits of 1-2 hours daily for a period of 3 or 2 months.

What will be required of you as a vendor or affiliate marketer is to identify a niche and start creating your giveaway product, around that niche, then launch it.and build an email list of subscribers and prospects.as an affiliate.

What this training leads to is for you to master and acquire enough knowledge and tactics to elevate in your identified niche as a vendor or even an affiliate.

4. Jvzoo Academy ‘s Live Coaching From The Man Himself $ 197

If you’re the type that feels in order to learn and grow your business you need to be in direct contact with the instructor or educator then you’re in luck because these products gives you that privilege.

In all totality the course will run for 6 weeks with you having live coaching from the main man himself Sam Bakker.

Any or all the questions you harbour will be answered by Sam in the private 1-on-1 live sessions conducted via the Skype group.

Support At Jvzoo Academy

Jvzoo Academy ‘s support system boasts of one the best support system in the industry.

If you want to learn something about customers, affiliates and Vjs or other things there is a Jvzoo knowledge base of their website where you find articles to help you by clicking knowledge base support button find more about your queries.

In case the dn’t find articles that a helpful you can also create a support ticket where you submit your requests and there is an FAQs which also answers some questions about the platform where most of the questions are answered.

And if that does n’t help either you can send an email to support@sambakker.zendesk for anything to do with technical, purchase order etc.

Price Structures At Jvzoo Academy Including Upsells

To join is free but don’t be fooled because what you get with the free account is a mere few videos they only let you sign up in order to suck you in and push their products on you.

Below is the list and what is included in the packages and the costs of Jvzoo Academy’s products.Some are one time whist others are monthly subscriptions .

1.Jvzoo Academy The Strategy $ 27 One Time You Will Have Access To The Following

  • Sam’s $ 4,000,000,00 selling blue print
  • The Evergreen Commissions Blueprint
  • High quality interviews with top expert affiliates
  • Smart Progress Tracking Software 2
  • High Interviews with advanced top sellers
  • Product spotlight Access
  • High webinar training with the Academy’s man of the hour Sam himself
  • 24/7 available access to the platform

The Upsells

2. Here Is What You Get With Your Jvzoo Academy{$ 67 }Monthly Mastery Course

  • The Mastery System step 1
  • Building your Growth Platform step 2
  • The Evergreen Commissions Mastery Step 3
  • Selling Formula Mastery step 4
  • Every step will include over-the-The Shoulder videos And Cheat Sheets
  • You will have access to the academy’s page builder, automated page creation software, next generation and also the software upgrades & updates
  • Personal VIP training showing of setting up your own website
  • A lifetime premium hosting for all your sites on the academy
  • 24/7 access to priority support
  • monthly Q&A webinars
  • Q&A private networking
  • Smart Progress Tracking Software
  • 20 Plus Strategy interviews with top expert marketers at Jvzoo
  • Fresh content & income strategies which are realized regularly

3. The 60 day Masterclass $ 97 One Time And How It Works

  • In this 60 day Master Class basically the whole Jvzoo program will be portioned into sizable chunks to enable you complete small tasks on a daily basis to help you scale and manage your business


  • Every day they offer you a custom action plan required to move forward, packed with training steps in a quick video and manageable action guide


  • To avoid over loading you with lots of information and tasks they provide you with small bits of information at a time on a daily basis for 60 days to help you accomplish your goals without any difficult


  • Every day, you will be provided with a new lesson and a notification will be sent in your member area and an email will be sent to your inbox to whenever they release a new lesson .


  • The program was simplified for you just in case you took a break and happen to get back you will be able to carry on from where you stopped

Is Jvzoo Academy An Outstanding Legit Platform Or A Scam?

I can strongly say Jvzoo is indeed outstanding and a legit training platform and not a scam, with Jvzoo endorsement makes this one of the authentic training platforms we have around. .

Their training models are based on proven and tested methods which I think if you follow and apply them you will be able to thrive in your business.

Since the man himself has made it and he is the platform’s most earner I see no harm in trying it as an advanced or newbie to elevate your knowledge in selling your products.

For affiliates of all levels i would rather recommend that you try out my # 1 platform where you will see no upsells pushed on to you .

The platform is legit 100% and you can join at no charge at all to get rolling and started.

Jvzoo Academy At A Glance

NAME; Jvzoo Academy.

WEBSTE URL;www.academy.jvzoo.com


PRICE:$ 27 and other Upsells

OVERALL RANK: 80 out of 100


My Final Opinion Of Jvzoo Academy

In my opinion Jvzoo Academy ‘s training is quite comprehensive and can help one elevate in the fields of affiliate marketing and creating plus launching their own digital products, that is if you’re willing to purchase the upsells of course.

If you have experienced failure in your online business or just starting out this platform will help you learn the basics of starting and growing your business.

My only worry is as you’re starting out do you have the funds to buy the upsell products!

Needless to say what Sam teaches is based on his proven and tested methods of his success.

My guess is if you apply the same method you too might be able to succeed and excel in your online business.

I can’t guarantee you success though  because also Sam says in a statistics report it is no guarantee.

Regardless  If you want to learn how to scale and grow an online business at $ 0 to get started and rolling no upsells pushed upon you then my # no 1 recommendation will teach you everything there is to know in the digital online business .

it’s your pal Barbara thank you for the read I hope the post was of some help drop me a comment if you need to learn more about affiliate marketing or the platform i recommended ,

Any queries or questions are welcome feel free to leave them in the comment are below and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Your pal,





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