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Hello, and welcome to’s how to sell your crafts online my name is Barbara the founder of this site.

Making handmade crafts isn’t something new to me, I have tried my hands on a few of them over the years, though I didn’t consider it as a supplementary income generating business.

I tried different categories from beaded jewelry, bottle beading to rugs, door mats, back packs, bags, sandals and clothes for both men and women in African prints,  coach cushions etc.

I just fancy trying out new things as a form of relaxation, by putting my creative mind to use.

Prior to looking into work-from-home-jobs I genuinely didn’t have any idea of how to sell handmade items online, except for offline but ever since I joined this bandwagon of working from home.

I discovered that you can practically sell just about anything online, including handmade crafts, and earn a decent living working from the comfort of your own home.

Do you have a creative mind like mine, and envisioning this as your side hustle, or even a full time job, but  have trouble selling your finished items offline.

Stress no more my friend because your pal here will show you different ways of how to sell your handmade items online and start earning decently by turning your hobby into a profitable thriving business.

Is It Possible To Sell Crafts Online?

We live in the world where people do love unique handmade crafts my self included. I have bought a couple of crafted sandals and also own some other crafted stuff around my house, which I bought from an online store.

I actually discovered that many folks like you and I who are passionate about crafts have set up stores online selling different handmade stuff and they’re earning handsomely.

You too my friend can turn your passion for handmade crafts into a paying

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job by setting up your own shop/store online. Are you wondering if its possible to sell your crafts online, and don’t know where,or how to start ?

Oh yes you can skin this cat in more than just one way and  I will give you some pointers on how you can achieve this maybe you will appreciate me later.

The internet has a number of websites where you can open up a store or shop to sell your handmade stuff at no cost at all to start.

Whilst others will charge you, a small listing fee plus commission off your sold items not only that, there are other options like creating your own website, but I will get into that later on in the post first I want to show you some websites you can leverage to sell your crafts

Where To Sell Your Handmade Crafts Online?

As mentioned earlier the internet has many popular sites you can utilize to sell your crafts, they let you set up stores at no cost whilst others will charge you, but the fee will be minimal compared to what you will make in profits.

Don’t let this deter your vision of  setting up your store /shop  my friend its a very small fraction and other crafters are paying it. Below is a list of some websites where you set up shops and start earning from your hobby.

1. Aftcra

Aftcra is all about handmade  crafts online market place where you can sell your handmade crafts if your based in the US. its only limited to American citizens.

Their mission is to support local artists by giving them a place they can connect with crafts admirers from all across the globe.

Listing your craft products is free but you are charged 7% on your total sales once a transaction occurs.

2 Atfire

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Artfire is another US based marketplace where you can sell your craft supplies, handmade items and vintage stuff.

They charge a commission on your sales and you pay a monthly fee for the shop but as you list more items it will be less.

3. eBay

You can sell just about anything on eBay and handmade items are no exceptional.

Its absolutely free to set up your store and  they charge two main types of selling fees on an insertion fee when you create a listing, and a final value fee when your item is bought. The amount charged depends on the listed  items

4. Etsy


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is one of the most known and best marketplace online where you can set up a free store/shop for your handmade crafts.

Its is all about handmade items and vintage treasures hands down

The website has 3 optional monthly subscriptions and a listing fee of $ 0.2 for your items plus a transaction fee of 5 % and a payment fee plus they offer you tips and support

5. Facebook Market Place

Now days almost everyone has a face book account therefore having a store on Facebook marketplace will be very beneficial for you to capitalize on that larger audience.

If you envision selling  your handmade items online locally you can utilize this platform by listing your handmade crafts on Facebook Marketplace.

Its quite easy to create a store on Facebook marketplace you just use the Facebook app to join and its free .

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You only have to upload photos of your items, put the price tags, contact details, and description then wait for prospects to contact you.

You can also utilize your Facebook wall page and share your listings with your Facebook friends or in other groups.

6 Dawanda

Dawanda is a worldwide marketplace created for crafters and artisans from all around the globe.

To create your store is free but listing fees for your handmade goodies do apply.

7 Folksy

If you’re a resident in the UK and a crater Folksy is a site that was created just for you. Its one of the best marketplaces online you can sell your handmade items and craft supplies.

They have a pay as you go per listing,or you can pay the folksy plus account which will save you money and unlimited free listing.

8 GCL Craft Mall

To open a store at GCL Craft Mall you have to be 18 and above, for minors the parents or legal guardians have to help in supervising the store.

On this site you can list a variety of handmade crafts and there is no set up fee, commissions, or contracts you just have to choose from the 3 store levels.

  • Basic Store you list up to 300 items at just $ 4.50 per a month
  • Basic plus you list up to 1000 items at just $ 7.50 per a month
  • Pro store you list up to 3000 items at just $ 12.00 per a month

9 Handmade Artists Shop

Handmade Artists shop was created to empower artists of all kinds and

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their creations. You can practically sell just about anything on this site as long as it is handmade, from ladies bags/purses, jewelry, shawls, wood works etc.

To set up a store at HAF shop you have to be a paid subscriber. The site has 2 subscription plans and you can list as many as you want with no expiry  date.

  • $ 5 a month
  • $ 50 a year this saves you $ 10

10 Misi

This is another UK online marketplace where you can sell your handmade items, the website works hand in hand with crafters /designers of different categories to help them build and expand their businesses.

To create a store at misi is free but they charge a small fee for listings and a commission on the sold items.

Other Ways You Can Leverage To Sell Your Handmade  Items Online

You may be wondering if that was all, but I can assure you it isn’t the case at all. I only listed a few when you browse the internet you are bound to find more websites that might work for you.

Like i mentioned earlier there are definitely many other ways you can skin this cat.

In this other opportunity  there are no middle men, commissions for each sale, or listing fees it will just be you in charge of this entire business and an audience you can utilize as prospects to buy your hand made items

I strongly believe the best way you to make money online is by becoming your own boss and i feel there is no harm in trying this opportunity out since its free to join.

It will be entirely up to leave if it doesn’t work out you have nothing to lose after all .

You will be quite amazed at all  the many things you can embed within this option,that will lead to getting exposure for your handmade craft items.

I can only give you an insight on how this folds out but you will be doing all the work, with my help of course and a community of over 1.5 million members willing to lend a hand.

The only catch is you have to be willing to put in the effort and time in order to see results. Below is what you can do with your online store/shop

  • You can create eBooks about your craft works and sell them on Amazon
  • Create tutorials of your works and share your expertise with others.
  • Open a  Pinterest  account which will be helpful driving traffic to your blogs
  • Write blogs about your crafts/handmade products and earn money doing it.
  • Upload your handmade crafts on you tube another audience you engage to drive traffic to your online shop

Let  Your Shop Have A  Presence Online

As an artisan its only fair to create your own brand online in form of a website or online store for your craft works. I strongly recommend you create an address /home for your unique handmade craft items.

Imagine being in total control of your own brand without competing with crafters  listed on other websites, paying listing fees, or commissions on each sale you make?

I commend you for being on this page and reading this far,the fact you’re on this page is no mere coincidence, I believe you’re trying to figure out ways of utilize the internet to sell your crafts and I will give you an insight on how you can achieve that at no cost at all.

You need not worry about being a novice in regards to creating your website. My main purpose here is to help you through this simple and easy step of creating your own website.

Which in just a few minutes will make you a proud owner of an up and running website, plus live to the all world.

Steps To Make This A Beautiful Live Store

 Setting Up A Website

And now it all boils down to creating your first website, therefore lets get rolling and make this happen, just be brave and take this step for your vision and dream to become a reality.

This website will serve as a platform where you will interact with your prospects about your handmade craft  goodies and build trust helping  them through your  blogs, e books whilst selling your goodies.

I know you might have some nagging voices within you right now, wondering if this is really achievable , who will host my website, and at what cost?

My assurance to you is that everything will be taken care of, for you at no cost at all to get started.

Ever heard of or Wealthy Affiliate platform ? If not this is where your dreams and vision of owning an awesome website are made easier in just a few minutes,you are able to have your own website set up and running ready to sell your handmade craft items, isn’t that amazing ?

Just envision your website appearance, the theme you want to choose for your store front, then get started with achieving just that.

So without further ado start building your very first website. You can either go to directly to or Wealthy

Now take that step forward, no need to think hard about this, it requires no rocket science and you don’t have to be a web designer to get a fully functional website live for the all world.

By taking this step not only, are you creating a website but you’re also gaining access to a community of experts that will help and support you on the journey of elevating your handmade craft business to another level.

 Giving Your Handmade Crafts Business Exposure  

Now that your website is up and running all that is left for you to do is let

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the world learn about your online crafts business otherwise you will never achieve your goals.

For your business to thrive online you have to put in time and effort by this I mean giving your website the best that you can.

To start earning money with your newly created online shop you need to get visitors and the only way to achieve this is through writing helpful content or blogging about your passion,in this case its your handmade crafts and interacting with your prospects.

Good thing is the internet has over 4 billions plus users and among those you can get prospects to buy your goodies Therefore if,you have already set up your website, you will automatically gain access to Wealthy Affiliate  community.

This is where you will learn  robust ways of getting traffic to your website and its absolutely free to get started with the training just like with building your online store all free no credit card information/ payment required.

Making Your Store Authoritative Online

As soon as you sign up with wealthy Affiliate you will realize that you ain’t alone on this journey.

This might be your business but you will have support and help from a community of over 1.5 million members that are all willing to help in making your handmade crafts business lucrative .

Myself included I promise to help you in any way i can and if I don’t have the answers to your questions I will go out of my way to find you them.

When you are new in an area you don’t have expertise you definitely need some one to have your back and that’s what this community is all about.

Just imagine being in a space with experts who have already succeeded and not only, are they welcoming but also willing to share their knowledge, help, and support you where it is needed.

All you have to do is ask and you will get a response immediately. Help in this community is 24/7/365 since members are from all across the globe.

You will also have access to the most unmatched versatile training and tools you need to manage and grow your online store into an authoritative website while selling your goodies and acquiring knowledge at the same time that is if your overly  eager to learn.

Do You Still Have Some Questions Of How To Sell Crafts Online ?

If you need to learn more about how to sell your crafts or any other products online please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment area below.

My main goal here is to help you and it would give me total satisfaction if  I could help a friend get started on a journey of creating their very own thriving business online .

Just promise me you will reach out if you need anything drop me a comment I will be more than happy to get back to as soon as I possibly can.

Once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this post I’m looking forth to working with you in making your creative mind count

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal


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  1. Hi Barbara,

    The content made VERY interesting reading, and I can see you have put tremendous effort and research into creating such a fantastic website

    What I do NOT understand is : HOW DOES IT CREATE AN INCOME FOR YOU ? ?
    John Spenser

    1. Hi John ,

      Thanks for the read and your comment I really appreciate it . I’m sorry about the delayed reply I hope you forgive me ! Your question about how does it create an income for me??

      I earn income by promoting other people’s goods. This is achieved by putting links in my content ,When a visitor like you clicks on that link, and buys a product I’m promoting I will be making a commission from that sell at no extra cost from you.

      Let me hope I have answered your question. If, there is anything else you need to learn about this post, or the other posts feel free to drop them in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you.

      Your Pal


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