To start an e-commerce business isn’t that difficult nowadays, Anyone can

very easily achieve this!

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It saves folks on renting a space for their businesses plus all the hustles an offline shop would require and enable them reach a larger market online.

That is why the internet has become an avenue where countless of products/ services are sold or purchased.

I do believe almost every one of us has at one point or time bought something online, by doing so someone must have gained from your purchase.

Naturally when it comes to purchasing products online, many a times folks literally rely on product reviews to get comprehensive information about the product.

They delve into different reviews to find out the quality, authenticity and compare different store prices, of that product before deciding on a purchase.

Product reviews are often instrumental to the consumer’s decision, as a result based on the reviews they read they make an informed decision to either purchase or not. Plus, reviews help Brands to improve on the quality of their goods /services.

What Does Statistics Say About E- commerce?

Statistics shows that by the year 2021,e-commerce global retail sales will rise to up $ 4.9 trillion, compared to the past years 2017 e-commerce generated $ 2.3 trillion in sales worldwide, $ 2.8 trillion in 2018 and come 2019 estimate is $3.5 trillion the numbers are still elevating.

Statistics also states that 85 % consumers rely on product reviews to make decisions on product purchases [ source oberio]

With such a high number of e-commerce global retail sales and high percentage rate of consumers pondering into product reviews.

You can only imagine how many products are out there for you to review, and how much you as a product reviewer can earn by just writing product reviews online while helping that high % of consumers to make an informed decision .

Behind those many sales are numerous Brands with various products you can leverage to write reviews for and earn handsomely.

Are you interested in becoming the next person in line to write product reviewers for online brands whilst offering your opinion to consumers ?

Then you my friend should stay put because I’m going to show you the best way of how you can get started to earn online writing product reviews.

How to get started ?

Are you wondering how to get started? Worry no more my friend because my ultimate goal is to show you different ways of how you can make money online, and in this post i will show you steps you can follow to start EARNING money writing product reviews and earn from them .

Of course there are numerous ways you can earn money online reviewing products below is a few of them

  • Answering product surveys,
  • Getting paid to test free products for top Brands/ Small businesses
  • Writing reviews on websites and get paid
  • Starting your own products review blog /website E.T.C

You just need to identify which one will work best for you. In this case I recommend getting started with your very own website, this is where you will be writing product reviews offering your opinion to consumers.

Build Your Website

You will need to have a presence on the internet where your readers/consumers will be coming to read all the reviews you will be writing from this point on.

Ideally having a website is going to be a necessity for you and not a privilege, which you’re going to need as you get started in your quest of writing reviews and turning this into a paying job so I strongly recommend you get started on building one .


Don’t let fear of being a novice in web programming/designing take over and stop you from taking a step to move forward, or not having enough funds to pay for web programmer/hosting deter you from pursuing your dream of making money online writing reviews.

Ever heard about this great platform one that offers training and has a community of supportive members who are willing to help you on your journey to success!

You don’t have to be an expert in web building /designing nor do you require to have a credit card/ payment details to get started.

If you haven’t I’m talking about Wealthy Affiliate it is beginner friendly and an excellent place for anyone starting out.

Everything is under one roof, from helping you in creating a website for free actually not one but two on their platform, to giving you support 24/7/365 and training you from the moment you join, all  this is achieved  at $ 0 to test the platform

Everything is simplified for you to get started no rocket science or the need to be an expert. With just a few mouse clicks and in less than 1 min you will have your website up and running ready for your review writing .

Affiliate Program You Can Write Reviews For

The internet has tons of affiliate programs and products for you to review

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and make money. If your have been searching the net chances are you have bumped into the most popular e-commerce store “Amazon” and maybe bought something from them.

This is earth’s largest selection online shop that is famously known for selling different & innumerable products.almost everything is sold at Amazon .

They have an affiliate program [ Amazon Associates] for anyone who wants to partner with them and sell their products on your website by inserting links in your reviews.

You will earn commissions per each successful sale coming from your website if a prospect clicks on the link and makes a purchase. Commissions start from as low as 4% to 10 % varying on different products like ,

  • 4 % on Fashion, Shoes & Jewelry, Kindles & Fire Tablets Devices
  • 5 % on Digital music & Videos.
  • 8 % on Furniture, Home, Garden
  • 10 % on Luxury Beauty

Amazon is a great place to start with your products review writing, to sign up is easy and with their wide range of products selection I’m sure you will not have any difficult finding a product of your choice to review.

Amazon store is a well-known worldwide and trusted by most people it’s total share of e-commerce sales as of 2019 is 37%.

I strongly recommend you start with it then later evolve to other programs like i said earlier the internet has numerous affiliate programs with ready products for you to review.

Choosing the products to review

Now that your website is up and running ready to make money first and far you must delve into products you’re going to review.

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It could be something your are accustomed to maybe you used it, or someone you know tried it.

This will help you in giving clarity to your readers based on your experience.

With the statistics quote  we saw earlier on in the post, you have a chance of finding as many products to review online as possible you just have to identify what the consumers are looking for.

Folks get on the internet to delve into reviews of just about anything to get the truth, it could be any of the products below plus a lot more ,

  • Baby stuff
  • Kitchen ware
  • Smart phones /phone accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Furniture
  • Dog stuff
  • Electronics
  • Computers/accessories e.t.c the list is endless .

Is It Mandatory To Test Each Product Prior To Reviewing It?

This might be a question you are asking yourself like how will I be able to purchase each and every product to test it in order to give my opinion about it.

Although it will be nice to write about your own experience in regard to the products you’re reviewing you don’t have to buy and test each product in order to write about it .

Assuming you have never purchased or tested the product this isn’t an hindering factor, you can do some research about that product, talk directly to some users who might have used it or and go through other reviews but be sure to write facts and not fabricated stories .

Elements To Consider When Writing Reviews

You should note as a product reviewer your ultimate task is to make sure, you provide very helpful, insightful and authentic information to your prospects.

You should write the good and the bad reviews either way you will be helping folks on making a deciding decisions and both ways you get paid

If you keep writing only the good reviews the consumers you’re trying to help might get suspicious, instead give them both the good and bad that way your can recommend the one you think is better .

There are literally some major elements to consider as well when writing reviews like the 4 principles “CIAO” in order to write eye-catching reviews they must be,

1. Captivating: In order to capture your reader’s interest and keep them reading through the entire review, your writing should be charming, like you were writing to a friend clarifying everything about the product not leaving out the good or bad, how the product can be helpful to them just don’t conceal anything you should offer your readers the facts of that product

2. Informative:Your reviews should be as extensive and informative as they could get, you should provide your readers with enough information that can lead to trusting you and making a decision to purchase the product, as opposed to less information which can incur loss of traffic and revenue if your readers were to mistrust and leave your site.

3. Accurate ; As you create your reviews it is very important to base your writing on facts and not fabricated stories there are many avenues you can obtain factual information if you do your research well.

The internet is a phenomenal source of information where you can learn just about anything be it a product or service you’re reviewing you can utilize,

  • The product’s websites and sales channels
  • Forums or online discussions platforms
  • In case, you used the product yourself give them facts based on your experience
  • YouTube, and other video platforms
  • Through other reviewers /bloggers and the authoritative websites in the industry
  • Direct communication with folks who have tried /used the product

You can also utilize any possible method available for you as long as you keep every thing true and accurate then you[re on the right track..

4. Opinionated: You must include your opinion in each review you write, because it does matter a lot to the consumers,they get on the internet to do their due diligence to  learn the truth of both the good and the bad Just be you and write what you feel or think about the product.

If you think it is good in any way, shape or form state that and if there are some drawbacks or downside to the product still put it out there and let your readers make an informed decision or recommend a better product.

Being opinionated makes your reviews more catchy and interesting for your readers and that my friend can be a good thing in terms of traffic and revenue.

With that being said you also have to be conscious of the intent of your readers /prospects since they come your site to find helpful and informative answers for various products .

It is your responsibility to find out what they are looking for and deliver that exact information they might be looking for like,

  • Comparisons with other products/ services
  • How the product /service works and it is down sides
  • Prices and upsells if there are any
  • Complaints of the product
  • Scams if you perceive it has one
  • Rip offs/ misleading gimmicks
  • BBB ratings
  • Success stories
  • income proof
  • Affiliate programs e.t.c

Getting Started With Your Review Writing

If you have taken a step to join wealthy Affiliate and you’re done with creating your website I greatly commend you, now you have access to WA’s Keyword research tool and Site Content platform which will play a major role in your reviews from this point on .

The next step will be to search for winning keywords and choose

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meaningful titles targeting your chosen keywords, they have to make sense for your readers in order to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing  & Yahoo.

Keep your titles captivating and they should be to your liking, ones you won’t think of changing because once your reviews rank in google it’s uncalled-for when you constantly keep changing your them.

Site content has many features that are easy and simple to use which will be helpful with the lay out of your content when writing a review.

It has

  • Pre-installed templates free images
  • Spelling and grammar checker,
  • Automated publishing button where your content is published directly to your website if it is not considered duplicate and other features that will be helpful on your journey of writing product reviews

Now that you have this tool you can create review templates with a product /service overview as a summary for your readers.

When you take a good look at other reviews you will realize they all do have an overview section at the top right of the page.

This summary is very important in case the readers choose not to go through the entire review this summary will provide them with an insight of what the product/service all about good bad the costs e.t.c

Below Is How Your Review layout Template Should Look Like






Overall Rank:{XX out of 10}


A general overview of what the product is.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1

PRO #2


The Bad:

CON #1

CON #2



who will benefit from the product

Final Opinion of PRODUCT_NAME

Description of the product goes here

My Key Take Away

To start earning from your reviews might take a while, but trust me when you keep posting rich keyword review content on your website in a uniformity manner like at least twice or more a week  it won’t be long before your hard  work pays off !

Remember to include the product’s name and keywords  in a few paragraphs of your content then search engines will recognize your site.

When your posts are indexed in search those engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo then consumers will find them which means traffic to your website. it won’t be long before money starts rolling in..

Talk about the products you’re reviewing based on your experience, or research and show the difference between the

  • Scams
  • Ripoffs
  • Complaints
  • BB Rantings
  • Genuine products,
  • Price comparisons
  • Benefits of the products to the consumers then recommend to them the best product .

And adding exceptional images is also essential plus don’t let your prospects get suspicious of you by keeping each review a good one share your opinion on the good and bad alike.

Last but not least utilize the social media platforms each  time you post content on your website, be sure to share on all the social medias you’re signed to like Twitter and Facebook if you ain’t signed up yet it’s something you should consider doing. .

Social media platforms have enormous users who might turn out to be prospects for your reviews hence driving traffic back to your website and earning commissions.

As usual, it’s your friend Barbara thanks for sticking around to this point. If you found this post helpful, have something you need to add or some questions drop them in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal


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  1. Hello, Barbara,
    This is a very informative post on the topic of writing reviews. You go into a lot of detail with steps to take, how to set up your reviews with the template, how to find the right products to reviews. Sounds like eCommerce is where the money is. After reading this post here I may consider starting to learn more about eCommerce.

    Thank you for writing this great piece to share.

    1. Hi Thomas ,

      Thank you for the read,I’m glad you found the topic of how to earn money writing reviews informative .

      As it is the goal of this site to show my readers different ways of how to make money online,this is another way one can utilize to earn online I’m glad you liked it and you might consider starting to learn more about it.

      The more reason I had to go into details of how it’s done to show you folks every aspect followed in writing reviews.

      Looking forth to hearing from you again ,if there is any thing more you need to learn about it, don’t hesitate to ask I will be more than happy to help in anyway

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