Welcome To Commission Hero Review-Can You Really Make $1000+ In A Day Or Just Another Upsell? Photo From Commossion Hero Sales Page .

Hello and welcome to another onlinewealth4all.com Commission Hero Review, where you will find out if indeed you can really generate  1000+ in a day  utilizing and applying Robby Blanchard’s techniques !

When you come across platforms such as Commission Hero that promises you to make such amounts of money in a day many a time one will not think twice to grab this life changing opportunity, who wouldn’t wanna make such huge sums of money on a daily basis !

The question is does Robby Blanchard’s product really work can you be able to make what the owner says you can, like is it legit or just another high ticket product which might not make you money after purchase just like most of Clickbank’s other upsell but low quality and scammy products?

Are wondering if you will be able to generate an income if you buy into the product, or will it be just a waste of your hard-earned money, or is he looking to take your money but not deliver on his word?

Might all the above be some of the lingering questions in your mind, buckle up because I have delved into the system hopefully at the end of this post you will be able to make an informed decision ?

You’re being on this page say a lot about you, this means you want to learn more about this platform before spending your hard-earned money on a training that may or not deliver on the promise, For that I do applaud you for doing your due diligence in this regard .

Without further ado lets take a look into Commission Hero and see if it will indeed make you 1000! daily commissions .

Otherwise, you can join my no one affiliate training platform which offers you step-by-step training in digital marketing and you will not have to rob a bank to join since it is free to test it out and it will be you to decide to upgrade or remain free member

Commission Hero Quick Summary

Commission Hero is a newly established product of Clickbank launched in 2019. It’s aimed at teaching folks like you and I ways of generating money online utilizing Facebook Ads and Clickbank account to promote the platform’s high converting products mainly in health and weight loss .

Unlike most of Clickbank’s low quality products I strongly believe this one is a bit different and in his Clickbank account screen shots you will be able to see the proof of how Robby is killing it. .

Do I recommend this product to anyone, I would strongly say yes and no because of the hyped price and all the incurring costs in Facebook Ads and  since the training is actually structured on paid ads and paying a monthly fee for the page builder software [Clickfunnels ]

However, if you can afford it the training  contains valuable and comprehensive modules which I believe if you follow and apply them you will be able to generate income for yourself whilst learning new skills .

Commission Hero OverView And Rankings

PRODUCT NAME: Commission Hero

WEBSITE URL:www.commisionhero.com

PRICE: $ 997 {one time} $ 597 {paid twice and billed 30 days apart} and comes with incurring extra cash to be spent on Facebook Ads

OWNER NAME’S: Robby Blanchard:

Overall Rank: 90 Out Of 100

Who Is Commission Hero For:: Total Newbies And Moderate in other words anyone who want to start an online business and he or she ain’t living on a pay-check -to-pay. Meaning you have to be an action taker and not a penny pincher

The Good And The BAD

The Pros

  • The product comes with extra bonuses valued at a grand total of $ 20,473 when you sign up
  • Support from all the members in the Facebook group they all help each out
  • Anyone can join Commission Hero experience doesn’t matter
  • You get step-by-step training in using Facebook Ads as newbie you may have not had a clue prior to joining the platform and these ads do enable you reach your targeted audience
  • You follow proven steps according to Robby Blanchard he is the top paid affiliate at ClickBank meaning his methods can work if you follow and apply them
  • A 12 money back success guarantee this gives you a chance to try it out if, you do not see the promised results after you can as well request for a refund after the period elapses

The Cons

  • Limitation on the promotional campaigns considering training is exclusively tied to promoting ClickBank’s products
  • You all get the same templates since it is a done-for-you set up system
  • Hyped price for the product if you are to pay one time or even twice still expensive for many people
  • Paid traffic might not work for everyone it will incur extra costs adding it to the purchase price you will be paying a high price
  • No guarantee you will make back what you spent on the product and traffic it can only happen if you follow and apply the exact techniques you learned .

Who Owns Commission Hero?

This is Robby Blanchard the CEO and creator of Commission Hero plus # 1 Top affiliate at Clickbank .Photo From Commission Hero Sales Page

Robby Blanchard is the man behind Commiission Hero, he started out as a coach and personal trainer way back in 2014 when things were not moving so well with his gym he started running ads for his gym and that is when things turned around for his business.

2015 he created his first online information product for CrossFilters and tried all the traditional techniques required like creating email lists this don’t work for him.

When he ran Facebook ADs for his information product it worked like magic making his business to go to heights.

Seeing the tremendous results he chose to promote other folks ‘s products needless to say ClickBank products using the same techniques of Facebook .

The very techniques that made Robby money promoting ClickBank products to the point of making him # the platforms #1 top affiliate is the same techniques he formed into a training modules to teach and help folks make money online following and applying his methods hence the creation of Commission Hero.

Who Was Commission Hero intended For?

Commission Hero was literally intended for anyone who want to learn new skills and elevate their knowledge in social networking advertisements whilst earning commissions online but not forgetting if you can afford to purchase the product and pay for all the necessary incurring expenses.

  • Stay at home moms
  • Self-employment seekers
  • Retired folks
  • Anyone with money to invest in the product

Worried about not having prior experience or any marketing skills in the industry, don’t be because Robby has you covered.he ain’t holding back at all everything that made him succeed online is what he applied to perfect this product prior it’s launch.

What better way to learn from the expert himself who is willing to share and teach you all his expertise of the dos and do nots of the very method that lead him to thrive in his online business, and also enabled him to become the top paid # 1 affiliate at Clickbank in the all world by utilizing Facebook Ads to achieve his goals.

You too can learn and master his methods of making money online if you follow and apply them and of course if you can afford the purchase price of the product and all the extra incurring bucks in ADS which won’t be pea nut.

The platform does have all levels of affiliates both newbies and moderate as long as you’re ready to put in the hard work and apply everything you have learned then you will be able to earn money.

What Is Commission Hero ?

This Is Clickbank’s newly launched digital 3 steps system product established earlier this year that claim and aims at teaching over 2000 folks of all levels in digital marketing, newbies and advanced alike ways of generating 1000s of $ in affiliate commissions and more without the need of owning a website, tasks of creating email lists or selling your own product.

Unlike other training platforms where you require to build your own website, build an email list, or get organic traffic the case is quite different with this product.

Commission Hero 3 step system is a.nearly done for you educational training platform you  just have to follow the 3 step system, sign up for a ClickBank account to be able to promote their high converting products utilizing Facebook ads which is Robby Blanchard ”s art of making up to $ 1000 a day or even more and he has proof .which he shows in his screen shots..

Commission Hero Product Price and what you get with it.

The One Time Payment
$ 997 OR 597 Twice

The price structure at Commission Hero is based on two payment plans to purchase this product .

First plan is to make a one time payment of $ 997 and the second plan is you make in two separate payments with a period of a month between the two payments.

Robby Blanchard does have money back guarantee of 12 months which he also guarantees you will be able to make money by the time those 12 months elapses .

If you’re still interested in joining or purchasing this product after reading my review I will recommend you go for the first plan since it is cheaper, going for the 2nd plan will just incur extra cash from you and you will have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work for you then you can request for a refund

However, if you’re a penny pincher like me then this product might not be for you though, because just buying the product will not be enough you will need to pay some extra cash for the following

  • Facebook Ads will come at cost he too first lost some money before succeed if you are living on a minimum wage then this will not work for you
  • Buying the page builder you’re supposedly recommend to use is Clickfunnels which will cost you $ 97 or $ 297 monthly

What You Get When You Buy Into Commission Hero

Once you purchase into Commission Hero System you will instantly qualify and have complete access to a total value of $ 10,485 at only 997 everything that will take you from zero to hero valued at $ 10489 but you only pay $ 997 plus extra but limited bonuses .

Below is the list of what to expect at Commission Hero

  • To enable you make money 1000s of $ you are given access to Robby Blanchard’d 3 step complete system which includes done-for-you landing pages, ads, videos
  • You’re able to access the product’s private Fb coaching group and this is where you will get answers to your queries 24/7,share about your progress in sales and share your pressing issues plus frustration if you need help. According to the owner it is the lifeblood of this platform members are will to help each out .
  • Access to 20 Ad images which according to Robby they are made him millions of $ and he can ascertain they worked for him and now they are all yours at no extra cost. You can utilize them as inspiration to create more images for your campaigns and they are considered to be the fast track to your success
  • You will get the full and so I quote Facebook Super profits training system where you are shown tactics to scale you’re business, ways to acquire more ad accounts, credit card tricks, ways to increase your sales by 25% and regulate higher commissions the list is endless
  • Complete done-for-you landing pages which Robby used personally to earn millions by utilizing Facebook ads. In other words all the hard work is taken out for you, all you do is to copy and paste then you’re on your road to success and according to Robby this is the fastest way to get there .

Bonuses To Expect When You Buy Into The Commission Hero System

Oe Of The Free Bonuses When You Buy Into The System .Photo From Their Sales

  • Live training sessions where you look over Robby’s shoulders in a walk through of his entire set up of one of his campaigns revealing to the way he sets it up. This is valued at 4997 but it’s for you at no extra cost
  • He calls this bonus A Million $ Rodelex Of Contacts it is valued at 1197 $ but it is yours at no extra cost. Here you are hooked up with the exact commission levels Robby gets from the vendors which will range from $ 75 to 100%
  • Last but not least is the Ad Account Training, if you have you used Facebook you will know they got a tendency of shutting down accounts they detect are not meeting their T&Cs;. Needless to say the core base and training of this system is to run Ads so, to keep your campaigns running and afloat he shows you how to have an abundance of ad accounts in case one or more get shut down you will still be in business running other Ads

Support At Commission Hero

The support system at Commission Hero is somewhat next to non they have a private face group where members help out each other.

You’re encouraged to rise your queries and be an active participant in the group by sharing your frustrations and stressing issues with other members for help and one-on-one support from Robby.

Is Commission Hero Worthy Your Time & Funds ?

If you’re the type that can afford to invest in this product plus cater for extra incurring costs in Facebook ads and the page builder software I truly do have a feeling Commission Hero will definitely be worthy your time and funds.

Basing on Robby’s introductory video on the sales page where he narrates his journey of how he went from a struggling personal trainer and coach to the world’s # 1 top paid affiliate at Clickbank .

Sum it up with proof of his Clickbank account screen shots where it shows he indeed made $ 1000 and $ 40000 in day then $ 240,000 in just a single week. You also get to see a few videos from his students showing proof of what they have made in a week or day.that makes me believe in this product’s authenticity .

If you ain’t a penny pincher like me who knows you might just be the next top Clickbank # 1 top affiliate worldwide by beating the master at his own game and the consolation prize is the 12-month success money back guarantee.

If it doesn’t work out you can always request for a refund which makes this a win, win situation for you, like beating two birds with one stone good thing you would have acquired new skills and knowledge and getting your full refund

Commision Hero At A Glance

WEBSITE NAME:Commission Hero

WEBSTE URL::www.commissionhero.com

OWNER’S NAMES:: Robby Blanchard

PRICE:{997 one time} $ 597{ two bits billed 30 days apart} and extra incurring costs in advertising your campaigns on Facebook


My Final Opinion Of Commission Hero

Do I think Commission Hero is legit and can you possibly make $ 1000 or more in a day in affiliate marketing ?

My answer is yes to both Robby Blanchard’ system is indeed legit and I believe you can learn some valuable, informative and comprehensive information in regard to running Face book Ads but it will come at a price of course as we saw in the post.

And yes it is very possible to generate $ 1000 + in affiliate marketing and more in day no doubt about it also as we saw Robby has proof of that in his Clickbank account plus some of his students also ascertain to generating income utilizing and applying his techniques so it is very possible.

Do I recommend it though! In my opinion this product would be worthy a try for anyone even a newbie who is just starting out in the online world without prior experience since, almost everything is a done-for-you only if you can afford it though.

However, if you’re on a limited budget I wouldn’t recommend it you start out with such a hyped system regardless of their comprehensive training .

Instead, you can try a low budget friendly platform which is free to join and test it, plus you will never worry about paying for Facebook ads, extra monthly charges for page builder apps because at this platform the entire training is based on organic traffic.

However, for a moderate entrepreneur this will be a great way to earn extra money whilst elevating your expertise in social networking and using Facebook Ads.

If you make an informed decision to buy into the system I wish you mass tons of success and if you decide otherwise you’re welcome to try my no # 1 recommendation.

Thank you for the read and sticking around till now, it is your pal Barbara as always, do you have anything to add to this review post of Commission Hero -Can you really make $ 1000 + in a day or just another hyped product ?

It can be your review of the product or questions you might need answers too, you’re more than welcome to drop your questions or comment in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a pleasant day

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