Hi, welcome to this post of how to build a website in 30 seconds at no cost. Do you want to have a web-presence, and are you looking for help in that regard?

It could be for your WooCommerce shop, a local business, a niche related website/ blog or even turn this to a business building website for clients.

I know building a website might seem a bit scary mainly if, you have no experience in that regard, but you shouldn’t let this worry you since, it can be easily achieved without much effort and I’m very sure you will have a thrill creating one !

Do you want to build a website in 30 seconds for free and experience this for yourself ? If so, that is awesome stick around and I will show you how super easy & simple it is to have your presence on the internet.

Building A Website Made So Simple, like learning to ride Bike

Nowadays AnyOne can build a fully revenue generating website within no time and at no cost at all, you don’t have to hire a web programmer/ designer or required to be knowledgeable in web programming. In fact it has been made so simple just like learning to ride a bike !

Having your presence online is similar to SomeOne who owns a real Estate Property offline, only in this case it will a property online.

Not only are you’re going to be building a website as a foundation for your business. You’re also building a brand that will lead in gaining you trust online through the help, you will be offering to others with your written content whilst promoting products/services, or if it’s an online shop by selling your products to generate an income.

Regardless of the type of website you want to build, with just a few mouse clicks you will have a beautiful website up and running and live to the all world in just 30 seconds.

What You Need To Build A Website

Having your presence online shouldn’t be difficult if you, get the right framework and a place to help you store the website for you.

First off you will need to choose,

1. A Website builder: This is the framework you need in building your website. There  are varieties of those out there like Wix,WordPress, Constant contact, Site I23,Weebly e.t.c.

But today I’m only here to talk about WordPress because it’s what I would strongly recommend to anyone.

You might be wondering why is wordpress my # 1 recommendation? Well my friend, WordPress is a very robust, flexible, and diverse framework yet simple to use.

It does come with many features like nice looking Themes, Plugins, Content Management System (CMS)  a classic editor to help you with your content creation  this will be useful moving forward.and so much more .

This framework is famously used by major companies like Neflex ,Foursquare, Comcast e.t..c thats why I strongly recommend it.

2 A Hosting Platform a place that will be keeping your website for you, it’s like storage room for your website and manages every thing to do with your website.

Again there are several other platforms you can delve into like Pagely ,Wp Engine, Pressable e.t.c but I have my # 1 recommendation for you and that is SiteRubix.com at Wealthy Affiliates .

SiteRubix is specialized in providing secure robust and super fast speed for your website not only that, it is exceptionally optimized for wordpress websites,with a guarantee of a very dependable backed up website

There are other powerful features within siterubix that are both for a starter member and a premium member

  • SiteManager (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteContent (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteBuilder (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteDomains (Starter & Premium)

The good news is no requirements for payment information or credit card to get started.

Would you like me to help you build a website? If your answer is yes click here to get started

Let’s Build Your WordPress Website

To get started you need to follow 4 fundamental but simple steps

# .1 Choosing a type of website

To get started you actually have two options either sign up at Wealthy Affiliates, or go straight to SiteRubix.com to build your website. Either way you become a member of WA by just filling in your names, email address and you’re good to go.

Moving forward you will have to choose the type/kind of a website,

  • The free website:With this you have a limit of two free websites built and hosted on SiteRubix.com at no cost at all
  • Domain: Wealthy Affiliate has a state of art platform called SiteDomains this where you register your very own Domain which is like owning your own piece of real estate online like my ” onlinewealth4all.com”

However, in this case we’re going to start off with a free website on SiteRubix.com which is completely 0 to get rolling 

Nb as a premium member at WA you will be able to register a domain of your own if you want to own one You register through the SiteDomain

# 2. Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing a Domain name for your website, depends on your interest/hobby as a person, and in consideration of your niche. It will become your brand & URL moving forward, so it’s only fair you choose accordingly.

Let’s say your interest is in MMO {Making Money Online} then use something in the lines of,

  • onlinewealth4all.com
  • waystomakemoneyonline.com
  • earnrevenueonline.com

if your interest is health you choose a name that coordinates with that interest like healthysnacks.com ,liveahealthlife.com e.t.c.

You can also use your own name as a domain name e.g barbaradesigns.com, barbaraonlineshop.com if its woocommerce online store.

Once you have chosen the domain name, type it into the required field and find it’s available. if you find out its been already taken you continue with the search till you get one that is available & will work for you.

Nb don’t leave spaces in a domain name e.g. “onlinewealth4all.com”
and you can never change a domain name.

# 3. Choosing A Title For Your Website

Your website title should be similar to the domain name, but in case you want to change it you can do that.the only difference here your website title must be spaced like “Online Wealth 4 All” and has to be grammatically correct

.# 4. Choosing A Design for your website:

With your free website you have access to over 12 hand-picked high quality themes to choose from. Themes do differ and they are created for different topics so depending on your interest you will have to choose one that is adaptable and compatible with your niche/interest .

Let’s assume your interest is in football, it wouldn’t make sense if you chose a theme that works well for restaurants

Nb: when choosing a theme first read the theme’s details. I remember when I was building my first website on SiteRubix I had no idea which theme to choose. I went for what looked good in my eyes which I later discovered wasn’t working perfectly with my niche.

Click Here To Watch The video Illustration Of How To Build A Website

My Final Take 

To build a website at WA  has been  made easier and fun for anyone looking to achieve that . You don’t have to be an expert in that field to build one neither do you require to hire a web programmer .

SiteRubix platform has your website covered from backing it up to a superb site speed,no worries for hackers  or spammers everything is taken care of for you.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this post if  you have any questions, comments, or want to add something to this article. Feel free to leave you comments in the comment area below, i will surely get back to you as soon as i possibly can .

Have a nice day

Your Pal


3 thoughts on “Build A Website In 30 seconds For free-Have Your Presence-Online

  1. Thanks for the tutorial and walk through Barbara. Is WordPress also free? Are there any limitations to using SiteRubix?

    The video was also very helpful, thanks!


  2. Hi! Great read and very detailed! I did not know much about building a website until I read your post! I will be back to learn more! Question, with the abundance of website builders on the net, what is the #1 takeaway from you to join WA?

    1. Hi Elviz

      Thank you for visiting my website and I’m glad you enjoyed the read, It gives me pleasure to be able to help my readers.

      The more reason I created this website to be able inspire, motivate and encourage other folks like me out there, who wish to create and manage a business/businesses online, but don’t an idea of how to move forward .

      Indeed there is an abundance of website builders out there and to give you just one # takeaway from joining Wealthy Affiliate will be an under statement.

      Reason being this platform has countless takeaways,from the training you will gain when you join, a supportive community of over 1.5 m members , website building made easier just for you in less than 30 seconds you will have site up and running by following the step-by-step guide to achieve that, to a 24/7/365 backed up site and site support system which responds as soon as they get your question the list is endless.

      Please refer to my Wealthy Affiliate Review for more insight once again thank you for the visit,read and comment.I look forth to seeing you soon Elvis


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