Hi,welcome to onlinewealth4all.com’s 5K Formula System review-Does Matthew Neer’s Sales Funnel Really Work Or Just Another Scam!

If you have been part of affiliate marketing industry or did some research about it, you definitely know it takes hard work, time, much effort and patience to build a legitimate online business from scratch in order to make some reasonable amount of money as there ain’t any magic pills in this industry ! .


For any newbie who is just delving into affiliate marketing he /she wouldn’t know how this industry works and they might easily fall for any misleading gimmicks of the get-rich-quick schemes i’m basing this on my very own experience !

I was new to affiliate marketing with no experience what so ever  when I was looking into work from home opportunities ,I happened to bump into the 5k formula system but as the saying goes not every thing that shines is gold i can now ascertain  to that. ..

However, Matthew Neer professes  he can make an a whooping  $ 5000 instantly with his  done-for-you sales funnel system and you too can make  that much by following and applying his methods utilizing  his 100% free autopilot system ..

Now this was indeed enticing but seemed a bit unimaginable & unrealistic to me

Making $ 5000 instant cash it seemed quite valorous but i went ahead and bought into the system anyways expecting to make 5000 $ in just a week or less but i dnt even make $ 1 in a month ,and they have the worst support system ever.

Assuming you’re the type that gets attracted to shinny objects like  i was with 5k formula  or fast ways to earn money online I wouldn’t blame you if you ended up falling prey to a product like this I did and had to find out the hard way .

Who wouldn’t want earn easy and instantly cash  though and  without putting in much  of an effort I’m afraid it is a wrong mindset .

The question is does it really work or just another scam and have other folks succeed at this platform ? Well some members have testmonies and screen shoots to prove that but guess what it is the same members for his other products all over again 

You’re being on this page says a lot about you, I believe you’re unconvinced about Mathew Neer’s 5K Formula System and you’re here doing your due diligence before making an informed decision of  whether it will indeed earn you instant cash as promised !

I do understand your concerns and commend you for that, when it sounds and looks too good to be true then maybe it’s something worthy delving into.

I just wish I did my due diligence to find out first hand before getting my feet wet and wasting my time on unworthy product !

Now that you’re here buckle up my friend because I’m probing into this platform to find out whether it will be worthy one’s money, time and effort .

Whilst  doing so there is another opportunity I can recommend you too, not only will you be the boss and in control of your website plus a domain name tied to you, but it is also not a scam and very worthy of every penny and time you will invest in.

To test this platform is free no credit card/ payment information required either.

A General Overview And Ranking Of 5K Formula

Name: 5 K Formula System

Website: https://5kformula.com

Price : $ 39.99 and other upsells

Owners: Matthew Neer

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Who is 5K Formula for: Advanced and Beginners

Quick Summary Of $ 5k Formula System

5K Formula is a revamped affiliate system you leverage to make money  and  except  for the sales page you can only access the member area after buying the product as their  affiliate and member .

It’s engineered on Matthew Neer’s done-for-you sales funnels &  pages which he lets you use by putting your name on them then promote them as your own to prospects and start making instant  cash , when sales are made for you  they will send your commissions via PayPal.

Glancing at his sales page he starts by talking about himself and his top secret of making money which he is ready to share with the all world.

You are welcomed by a video that shows you how he  goes to the bank to withdraw some cash summing to 5 k and then goes ahead to show you how he lives an extravagant life as a result of bagging in cash using this autopilot system. and showing you the 5 k he pi

According to him you will have access to his secret to success when you sign up with click bank which ain’t free to join you will have to part with $ 39.99 only then will  you be able to leverage his 100 % free autopilot and start making money .

Your job is to send traffic to his high converting funnels which spills out cash like crazy. He claims this system has been tested and is proven to be working since it is what he uses to earn instant cash.

$ 5K Formula ‘s Pros And Cons

The Good

  • 30 Days money back guarantee I did request for a refund 
  • Done-for-you sales funnel which for me seems like a hindrance for your growth in digital marketing
  • No hosting fees required it’s their site hence no incurring fees from you
  • No domain fees required either why because you will use Matthew’s domain name

The Bad

  • Not enough support even as the email is there for you to reach the support team it will be very hard to get a reply from them  talk less  of any help. Matthew’s skype account  is  also listed if you want to reach out to him for help that too will not be very much of help I base this on my experience again I got a few answered messages the rest were always ignored


  • You can be locked out  of their system at any time if you raise endless queries 


  • Not being able to control your own business/website because everything is done for you


  • Unable decide on anything not even the products to promote they are chosen for you as well


  • Incurring extra bucks for the autopilot


  • Upsells that will sum up in paid traffic paid monthly , webinars, squeeze page paid once ,a faster server paid once ,Campaign DFY and many more the list is endless 


  • You will never be able to learn anything since you ain’t in control and everything is handle for you .

What Is 5k Formula System And who Owns It?


The system is owned and was primarily created by Matthew Neer in 2015  three years ago, but it was revamped this year in Jan and is now retailed on click bank for $ 39.99.

Prior to that the same system was promoted on several other sites.

He also created other systems  Wealth Ascension, List Leverage system and Viral Money Methods which are also closely similar to the 5K formula ‘s DFY.

What this system does is to teach it’s members ways of how to make money online imitating Mathews Neer’s sales Funnels and how to use them.

You just  have to plug your name onto his sales funnels then start promoting them to prospects as your own.

K Formula system is [DFY] done-for-you system which according to Mathew Neer is the new instant commission system, that makes him $ 5k on 100% free autopilot  in just 7 days.

He professes  you will have the privilege of using the exact sales funnels and pages which have been converting  for him that is true you get one squeeze page then pay to unlock the other 10 , apparently they will equally convert for you too if you have the luck i guess .

One may wonder if this system really works ? I just can’t affirm this for you since it did not make me the said amounts in just a few days , nor can I recommend it to anyone and like i stated earlier not everything that glitters  is gold you just have to make your informative decision ..

However, there is  no doubt sales funnels indeed do convert and it’s an exceptional way you can leverage to lure prospects into buying your products and earn handsomely.

Although Mathew  makes it seem like a very difficult task which requires rocket science, but the thing is anyone can create one if they have the knowledge or hire a programmer to create to create one .

You can  also learn and master the art of piecing together a sales funnel if you get the right training which he will not teach you either but it  isn’t a top secret many advanced online entrepreneurs are using that exact method .

When you do get one in place you can be able to track and enhance the offers you provide to your prospects, you also get to increase your list of prospects who might turn into consumers later.

This way  you can still make money working as your own boss and not under someone to scale his system as he has a goal for $ 1 m  this year with your help of course. You will be helping him  get richer whilst you my friend may or may not get rich  as I did not so i guess it is a game of chance .

With that being said if you’re looking for a business to call your own, then this won’t be the case.

The chance of having control over your business is next to none here and so is making any decisions since all decisions are made for you and everything handled on your behalf not only that he can decide to lock you out of his system by changing your signing up pass word if you ask many questions.

Who Was 5K Formula System Created For ?

This platform was supposedly created for anyone looking for ways to earn money online advanced and newbies alike if you’re able to copy and paste plus have some Computer knowledge then this is for you

And according to Matthew “if you tried to make money online but had no success then you’re i the right place, he will show you the fastest path you can make your first  $ 5 K online in 7 days “

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to join this system , all you have to do is follow the quick start guide on the drop menu

  • Create an account with 5k formula including you details


  •  Upload your code the Clickbank  username insert it into the 5k URL


  •  Funnel link setting up your squeeze page and adding your link to it


  •  Click tracking you will have to sign up to click magic test for two weeks then start paying monthly helpful tool though worthy your money  


  • Traffic Stream which you have to pay to be a member on a monthly basis


  • How it works the entire process is shown to you from top to bottom in video series 

In my opinion an advanced affiliate marketer would know better than to fall for any misleading gimmick.

If you have been in this industry or worked as an affiliate marketer you already know it’s a journey to build this business from scratch.

It requires patience, persistence and perseverance apparently there are no magic buttons to push open the flow in of cash .

We all know it takes some time to see results with affiliate marketing but in Mathew’s program he makes it seem so easy, you can see results instantly and without doing so much but just imitating his auto pilot sales funnel.

For a newbie this will seem somewhat enticing of course, and I wouldn’t  blame you if you were to  jump to an opportunity  like this of making your first 5k instantly under 7 days,  who wouldn’t like that  I did ?

When you watch his flashy video of money, cars, and all the trips plus the promises Matthew makes you can easily fall prey to his make 5k instantly formula system.

On his sales page though you will come across a click bank disclaimer where it ”states any claims made or examples given are proved to accurate, however, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether to purchase”

If they that partner with him have that type of disclaimer what does this prove to you! 

Would I recommend 5k Formula system to my family and friends?

My answer is no, but I have a better opportunity for you, where you will have a chance to learn, evolve and be the owner of your business plus have your name tied to your business and not the owners.

How Does 5K Formula Work?

As  I pointed out earlier in the post this platform is solely structured on Mathew Neer’s all done-for-you sales funnel system.

Which you have access to after becoming a 5K Formula system member by plugging your details into his system and then leave the rest up to him from doing the selling for you and then send you the commissions.

From the point you sign up you will be working directly with Matthew ‘s autopilot system which is inclusive of tools and materials you require moving forward

What To Except With The DFY Sales Funnel

  • The product : You will be earning !00% commissions on all the products in their sales funnel as if you owned them.
  • Upsells: You will be earning 50 % commissions on each product in their aggressive upsells funnel.
  • Selling system:Here pages, sales funnel plus offers for maximum possible conversion are analyzed to ensure you earn money for all the clicks you send
  • The Marketing Material: Every tool you need to market the products is You will have access to high CTR email swipes, banners, ads,  ppc keywords, classified ads, and so much more.
  • The done-for-you-setup; You will not have to worry about technical experience since all you need to work with is setup for you as soon as you become a member. In short, you will have access to every tool you need to kick start yours and Mathew’s business
  • Plugin & Profit: Literally everything will be made simple for you ,just access you unique link to help in tracking your commissions

You just have to sit back not doing so much as anything then leverage his sales funnel to start making money and the cherry on top of the cake is you actually don’t require to have any,

  • Technical experience if you’re not a novice in sending emails plus able to copy and paste that is just about it
  • Website of your own since you will be using his sales page
  • Domain name you will be using his domain name for free by just putting your name on it.
  • Hosting fees since it’s there domain name they will do the hosting as well.
  • Set up anything, everything is put in place for you just attach your commission link to your account and that is it

When you’re done with your account setup you will utilize according to Matthew his scientific cash flow extraction system by accessing the following on the to menu ,

  • The 5K Formula system
  • A five quick step guide
  • Click by click video training
  • Powerful traffic generating strategies
  • The high converting Sales Funnel
  • The done-for-you setup{DFY} all valued at $ 997 but now at a give away price of $ 39.99 if you act now since the page can disappear anytime according to Mr Matthew Neer..

The Methodical  $ 5K Access Price and Upsells

To access this product isn’t free you will have to cough out $ 39.99 to become a member, but that will not be all.

If you want to see results and not a penny-pincher like me then there are other incurring expenses you will have as well

  • Paid traffic : Although you can use free traffic, in order to have tons of traffic driven to the funnels you will have to pay $ 19.95 monthly for a profit pumping traffic stream which guarantees you 100 clicks. Question is will it really deliver and make you instant cash ? Who Knows ?
  • Fastest Servers: Do you want to be included on 5k’s fastest server this will incur $ 14.95
  • Sqeeze Page : Need a squeeze page no sweating just cough out $ 47
  • License Rights : If you want to earn 100 % commissions then having license rights will guarantee you total access to the entire product at $ 497

When you sum up every thing you will be spending some dime on this product, but does it really guarantee you will be making it back and more, I just can’t confirm this for you.

You maybe lured into the system thinking your $ 39.99 will be all you require to buy the product then start earning instant cash, but as you saw above there are other upsells and paying for traffic monthly will be a vital aspect you will require to make money on a monthly basis.

Whilst on the sales page some 5k members claim to earn it big within the system  that might not be the case for you what i realized  it must be a game of chance 

Do I doubt you will be able to earn  the much Mathew claims to be making or even his members who testify to making huge sums?

I just don’t think you can If you aren’t ready for the upsells because their is an array of them awaiting you !

However, I will recommend you to my # 1 platform where to join is free and you can remain a free member for as long as you want .

The only drawback is you will be limited to some of the platform’s features whilst on a free membership but  if you choose to go premium you will be unlocking everything offered in this platform .

There is nothing like upsells , every thing is summed up into one package Which includes proper training actually hours of video ,text ,live webinars oh and not forgetting support from an entire community of over 1.5 m members, which includes the owners.

And guess what you will have 2 free websites plus hosting as free member and a premium 50 websites , whether your are a monthly premium, or yearly you will never worry about extra incurring costs .

Support At 5k Formula System

Support at 5K Formula is offered by his friendly support staff at the technical level and to customers if you have questions or concerns with the product or billing they will be there to answer them.

As I quote “they pride themselves on a rapid response time” you just have to send emails to support@5KFormula.com for help

Nb: as a member you won’t be dealing directly with your customers, as it is with everything at this platform they will be answering those questions / concerns on your behalf .

Is 5K Formula System A Scam?

Definitely not a scam but I wouldn’t recommend it to people, I do believe you can make some money with their system but it’s no guarantee either.

Maybe if you’re an advanced digital marketer and not new to online business you might have a clue of how these funnels work.

However, if you’re a total newbie in digital marketing I would hesitate to recommend this system to you.

Reason being you will never be able to evolve or learn anything, plus for someone starting out you don’t need to spend lots of money on a product that may or may not yield results .

On his sales page Matthew promises to work with you as a member and profit together, but bottom line is, this will never be your business!

It is his name on these sales funnels / sales pages, domain name plus not having control on anything might get a bit irritating, even in the real world or your offline business.

When you’re running a business whether online or offline you need to feel the sense of being in charge, informed and in total control of things that is the way you learn and master the business vs not being able to control anything.

If you want to join a legit platform where you can easily learn how to create your very own sales funnel and learn how to build and manage an online business with a website to your name go here to get rolling.

Formula System At A Glance

Name: 5K Formula System

Website: https://5kformula.com

Owner: Matthew Neer

Price: $ 39.99 plus upsells

Overall Ranking : 60 out 100

Who Is 5K Formula For : Advanced & Newbies

Verdict : Legit

My Take Away On This Platform

Sure thing  sales funnels do indeed convert as we saw above and you may or may not be able to make money with this system i can’t guarantee you  that based on what I experienced .

Personally I do believe in the traditional way of working as an affiliate marketer.

Where you will require  to have your own website, a domain name plus  be in total control of your online business, choose which products to promote and decide on everything that concerns your business vs all the DFY.

In my opinion if you want to become your own boss working online for a long term business that will make you money..

The best way will be to have your presence online, and having a website can evidently and efficiently help to exhibit your services and contacts to the world plus enable you gain trust with your prospects.

As opposed to joining a system where you’re literally not the boss of your business, unable to control anything, decide on which products to promote, offer support to your customers and a lot more .

And if you’re a beginner with no experience at all, but have a dream of creating a blog /website in whatever niche of your choice to help others.

Needless to say this will never happen with Matthew’ s 5K Formula system since you don’t blog, use marketing strategies nor SEO.

With their DFY system it will be next to impossible to master the traditional way of affiliate marketing .

Don’t quote me wrong though, I’m not saying it’s impossible to make the amount he professes you will make with his sales funnel.

As an  affiliate marketer it is very possible but not instantly, it’s something one has to work hard for,  invest time and exercise some patience to start earning.

Thank you for sticking around to this point and reading through this review of 5K formula system-does It really work or just another scam? I hope you found what you were look for.

It is your friend Barbara yet again always willing to help you start your journey working online around your passion.

Is there something you would like to add to this review, feel free to do so and has it been helpful in terms of making a decision to move forward ?

If that is the case please leave your  comment or question in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you I promise.

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal



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