Hello and welcome to onlinewealth4all.com’ s 4 legitimate ways to make money from home.

My name is Barbara and I strongly believe that the internet is a big enough space for anyone to make wealth if they get the right information,tools and resources.

The internet is the home of many businesses today, with the majority of work being done online, many people are increasingly choosing to work remotely with flexible schedules.

However, this flexibility has the downside of having many scams online, making one  wonder if there are still legitimate ways of making money from home?.

To answer that question yes  there are still many ways you can earn a legitimate living online and below I will be showing you some of the ways you can utilize to make money online  here are a few of them that you can start with.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways folks make money online and for some it can turn into their passive income once established.

This  is a strategy where you as an individual partners with a business/product owner  in order to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to their  websites to purchase their  products/ services.

There are so many businesses online will to pay you for your efforts of sending traffic and buyers to them such as eBay,Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify  etc

To be really successful at making money with affiliate marketing there is a little more to it.

Like working around your passion and promoting  products that  are related to your niche /passion .

When you are passionate about a product or – at the very least – interested in learning more about it, this will come through to your readers, engage them and better coax them to buy.

There are  various ways to do it like posting the merchant’s product links on your social media channels, starting a blog or blogs and advertising your merchant’s product links on them and email marketing (sending blast emails with the product links to potential buyers of your merchant’s products).

When the user clicks that ad / link / image and chooses to buy the product, the merchant will be alerted that you were the affiliate that led them to that purchase.

As such, you will receive a commission from the company for being responsible in driving traffic and new customers to their website that’s one legitimate way to make money from home.

If you re interested in learning new skills Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just that everything you will require to start your own business in affiliate marketing will be shown to you at this platform .

You should also note affiliate marketing does have some good side to it like no capital needed as you were starting an offline business , no products needed plus once established it will become your life time passive income .

But so does  some down sides like you don’t get to see results immediately plus you will need to work hard to see results .

2. YouTube Videos

YouTube, just like marketing, is evolving. What once used to be a platform for amateur videographers is now more than one billion active users strong.

Marketers are learning that YouTube is a powerful tool. Video is not just a passing trend, either as most marketers use video for content marketing campaigns, and Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming videos by 2019.

You’ll need to come up with great keyword content ideas, and of course, have an excellent logo designed.

Whether you’re new to YouTube video marketing or looking for ways to improve your efforts, you will benefit from tips for engaging your audience, perfecting your strategy, and using the platform as effectively as possible.

You must create engaging videos and increase your traffic, gain YouTube channel subscribers, and ultimately boost advertising revenue.

Below is a list of ways to maximize your revenue on YouTube

  • Adopt a mobile-first mindset as most YouTube audience use smartphones and tablets to watch
  • Be as relevant as possible to your audience by sharing useful content that solves your customer’s problem.
  • Choose your channel art carefully as they will be one of the first things that users notice about your brand and you know the saying “first impressions last”
  • Connect with your audience by telling a story. Not only do consumers develop more emotional connections with video thanks to the sound, motion, and visuals, but they also are more likely to engage with a video to the end
  • Consider the customer journey by thinking about how you want your customers or viewers to find you. Who are you trying to attract? What are they searching for on Google or YouTube and how can you help them?
  • Create a new audience using uploaded email lists.
  • Focus on audience retention by considering how to make the video more interesting to viewers.

3. Audio Transcription

A transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else is saying. Initially, a transcriber was a person that wrote things down in shorthand, but this art is dying out. Technology and the fact it isn’t taught anymore means, unfortunately, this art of note-taking is no-longer used.

Instead, recordings made on your laptop or tablet, for example, can then immediately be uploaded to your transcriptionist, via email or a sharing application like DropBox or Google Drive. They then download the audio, upload to their professional software player and begin to type what they hear in the speech content into a transcript.

As part of the transcriber’s role, unlike years ago where commas, full-stops and new paragraphs were dictated, in today’s advanced world, an experienced transcriber will insert the appropriate grammar for you, as a matter of course during typing.

While a professional touch typist should be able to type in the region of 75 words per minute, the industry standard states a minimum of 4–5 hours to transcribe 1 hours recorded audio or video. However, there are other factors that the client and transcriptionist need to consider regarding the audio for transcription. They are:-

  • The speed at which the participants of the audio are talkin
  • The number of participants in the audio talking (cross talking)
  • The clarity of the recording (background noise, phone interview, interference)
  • The speech clarity of the participating speakers (accents, speaking English as a second language, mumbling, no close enough to the microphone)

These are the variables that will add time to transcribing an hour’s recorded audio. It is difficult to say how much time should be allowed for these variables, so it is worth keeping in mind that a professional transcriptionist cannot type at the same rate as the average person talking, no matter how fast they are.

People generally speak 4–5 times faster than what an experienced transcriber can type. Using a freelance transcription service, like Virtuadmin for example, is the quickest and most affordable way to go.

Work is usually turned around as soon as it is received, therefore, as a freelancer offering a transcription service, you are most likely in a position to start it immediately.

4. Online Surveys

Would you like to give your opinion and get paid for it? There are dozens of market research companies recruiting new members from around the world to do online surveys for their clients.

They rely on people like you sharing opinions – from Donald Trump to the latest phone – and offer money and rewards in return.

Every site has a limited number of paid surveys each month per person. To earn serious rewards sign up to as many surveys as possible.

Taking paid surveys is an easy way to make money online by working from home. No matter who you are, or what you do, there is always a company interested in your opinion.

Your contribution helps ensure that the needs of customers, like yourself, are met. Your ideas can help countless product development projects and improve the range of great products in the future.

Don’t wait any longer, your opinion is valuable and you could stand to make good money by taking paid surveys at home.

The biggest draw of taking online surveys is that you can take these surveys whenever it’s convenient to you.

You decide when and where you take these surveys. All you need is a laptop or mobile device that can connect to the Internet. So relax and take some surveys while enjoying your favorite café or in front of the TV when the kids are asleep, it’s up to you! And best of all – you’ll get paid for it.

My Conclusion

As you can already see, there is something for everybody online. These are but a few of numerous legitimate ways to earn money online and anyone can make it with a good foundation Wealthy Affiliate .

As an online entrepreneur or self-employed individual, you will find yourself physically alone without people to interact with. This can bring a lot of stress if especially you are unfamiliar with the work you are doing and it has not yet started to pay off.

Besides, some online jobs require a little investment before you are enlisted for work. So before you choose an online job, ensure you are passionate about what it requires from you as you can easily get bored, distracted, and even give up before you reap from it.

All the best with your online income. If you have any comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below  and I will be  more than happy to  get back to you as soon as I can . Once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this post

Have you a pleasant day

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