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Hi welcome and thank you for dropping by this post of 15 great affiliate programs for beginners-monetize your website,I hope you find it helpful !

As you already know one of the ways to monetize your website is through promoting other folks’s products.

Although you can create your own product if you choose to, you don’t necessarily require to have one as you can still earn without a product of your own.

Good thing the internet has numerous brands and affiliate programs you can partner with and earn a living, the only challenge here will be determining which affiliate program to sign up to .

This matters because not all affiliate programs are reliable and remember it’s your back on the line here.

Meaning you have to make sure the brand you choose to work with has product a viability and quality, a good support system for the prospects, plus they honor their terms and conditions .

You’re being on this page means you’re looking into brands/affiliate programs to partner with and monetize your website.

Below I will show you some of the best affiliate programs you can partner with to monetize your website and start earning.

1 – Amazon

Amazon Interface

Website Name :

Commission : Varies dependent on the categories from 1%, 4% to 10%

Tracking Cookie: Valid For 24 Hours

Payment Methods:Check Payments, Direct Payment, Payoneer

Affiliate Traffic :Global

To Join : Free

Amazon is among the most well-known, trusted and famous online brands that sells almost anything and everything online .

They  also have  an affiliate program in place called Amazon Associates where you can sign up as a reviewer, a blogger, curator or stylist and start promoting their  wide range of products.

Which are actually in the 100s of 1000s  from different brands and manufacturers.

You do’n’t have to worry about being a newbie in this industry because Amazon Associates is for every affiliate who wants to partner with them.

As long as you have a website, mobile app, and social networks apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. tv then you can apply.

However, you should note that your social media accounts must be well-established, with a substantial number of followers like say 500.

The content on your website should be recent as in at least 60 days with over 10 new updates of at least within  the past one-month then you might have a chance for approval .

Their drawback is you only have 90 days to make sales if you fail then your account will be canceled, good thing you can always go back and sign up again .


Website Name : AWIN Affiliate Program

Commission Rates :Varies and dependent on program/variables

Tracking Cookie : Varies and dependent on program/variables

Payment Method : BACS, international wire transfer or ACH, SEPA transfer, and Domestic payments in NOK, SEK, DKK, PLN. CHF & AUD

Affiliate Traffic : Local and International

To Join : $ 5

AWIN formerly known as Affiliate Window and zanox was a unit since march 2017.

They later merged with Affilinet and ShareASale making it AWIN group, it’s owned by Alex Springer & United Internet.

AWIN affiliate marketing platform plays a role of the trusted third party by connecting merchants to publishers from different sectors.

Such as price comparisons, blogs, social networks and communities, email marketing, display etc from all corners of the world by offering both parties account management, strategy and technology.

As an affiliate at AWIN you will have a field day choosing from their large number of merchants because they boast of over 29500 merchants globally, the list comprises well-known and household brands you can view the list in their advertiser directory.

To join AWIN you pay $ 5 for verifying your bank account details as  I quote this is to minimize the risk of unethical activities but the money will be refunded to your publisher account as soon as you get a sale.

When you sign up and get approved by the platform you will also need approval from the merchant you chose to work with since, they each have different criteria for affiliates they work with.

If you ain’t approved by a merchant you can still apply to another merchant program since you are  already approved by AWIN.

They have relevant affiliate manager to help you through the process and offer you guidance.

The commission levels here will vary dependent on individual programs /variables you will get to see the information when applying to a particular program/ merchant .

3 – CJ Affiliate

Website : CJ Publisher Page

Commission : Varies based on individual program

Cookie Duration: Varies based on individual programs

Payment Method:Direct deposit, Check or Payoneer And in 150 currencies

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

CJ Affiliate marketplace network is another well-established platform with an experience of over 20 years in handling affiliate programs for numerous merchants.

They are trusted by some  of  the world’s popular brands to do the task of handling their affiliate programs for them.

Brands such as Gopro, Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, IHG, J.Crew Priceline ,OfficeDepot e.t.c .

CJ formally started out as Commission Junction then re-branded, it’s  well recognized as a one stop shop for software products just name it they do have it and an array of other products.

In a way CJ is similar to ShareASale they bring together vendors & publishers  under one roof.

To help you in choosing from their broad range of products & vendors they do have affiliate managers to walk you through that process.

This affiliate network is  a global market place that gives chance to affiliates marketers  from all corners of  the world whilst expanding into international markets, and they boast of making payments in over 150 currencies.

With their huge global market of 930 m plus customers and an annual 13 plus clients base my guess the world will be your limit in terms of making money with CJ as long as you choose the best products and vendors to work with.

Due to their mega number of products & merchants which are in tens of 1000s the commissions do vary and so does the cookie windows but they do have some enticing commission rates.

4 -Clickbank


Website Name : Clickbank Affiliate Network

Commission : Varies dependent on products /program but can go as high as 75 %

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment Method : Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Payment, Payoneer

Affiliate Traffic : Local and some International countries 

To Join : Free

Clickbank been in the industry for 17 years is another large online marketplace trusted by many large brands.

They work hand in with product creators but also offers a platform for affiliates to earn a living. in other words they are middle men for both parties .

ClickBank is famously known for dealing in digital products such as e-books, software, videos and a wide range of other niche related products.

Signing up at Clickbank is free and ain’t time-consuming but you will have to be approved in order to become their affiliate partner.

As an affiliate you will have to choose from their array of different categories such as Arts & entertainment, business & investing, green products, health & fitness, foods, wine & cooking, home & garden e.t.c. 

They make payments in a timely manner actually it’s up to you to choose how often you want to be paid if it’s weekly they will sure make the payments.

Also they have some most competitive commission rates in the industry up to 75 % not only that you earn a commission on purchases a customer makes after clicking on your link in a cookie window of up to 60 days the credit still goes to you.

However, although they claim to stand behind their products I would recommend you tread with care whilst choosing the products to promote.

And always try the ones of top of the list as they seem to be updated regularly and being on top of list means something they are popular.

5 -Commission Factory

Website Name : Commission Factory Affiliate program

Commission % : Average between 8% and 10 %

Tracking Cookie ; Dependant on the category/program

Payment Method : PayPal, Australian Bank Deposit, International Bank Deposits

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

This one is an Australian based affiliate network, they work to bring together publishers and retailers .

From the largest of them to the smaller brands I’m very sure you will find something to promote that is relative to your niche.

Their  affiliate global network  boasts of 600 brands you can choose from as an affiliate and they have a payment structure which comprises 150 payout currencies.

Commission Factory has your back covered no matter your level of expertise in affiliate marketing, with the help and support they provide through their network representatives, whose  sole purpose is to advice, support, and give you guidance to enhance your performance and using the platform in efficiently.

They also provide you with tools and resources to help with your promotions such as links, banners,widgets , email templates videos, coupons, product feeds and a lot more,

6 -eBay

Website Name : eBay Affiliate Program{EPN}

Commission : varies dependent on categories 50% to 70%

Tracking Cookie : 24 hours

Payment Methods: Direct Payment /PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Local and International operating in 13 countries

To Join : Free

eBay is a trusted e-commerce giant online store based in the US, It’s best known for holding auction, and they  boast of 1.2 billion listings of products/services.

If you’re looking for something unique to promote then eBay has you covered.

They have an affiliate program EPN where you can sign up as an affiliate

When you’re approved then you can start choosing products to promote in you’re relative niches such as fashion, electronics, collectibles, home goods and so much more.

At eBay you will be earning 50% to 70% of eBay revenue share, and for each executed sale .

Also from a new or return buyer to eBay lets say the prospect hasn’t bought anything in the last 12 months, or more from the site but happen to click on your link and make a purchase you will earn double the commission.

Unfortunately there are some restrictions to certain countries if you find out your account has been rejected maybe PayPal isn’t available in your country. They mainly partner with threshold countries.

7 -Etsy

Website Name : Etsy Affiliate Program

Commission Earnings : 4% to 8% depending on category

Tracking Cookie: Valid For 30 Days

Payment Methods:

Affiliate Traffic : From Anywhere But Not All Qualify

To Join ; $ 5 but credited back

Etsy is another online brand that has been gaining fame over the years, It is famously known for being a one stop center for online stores.

Etsy allows folks to create shops for a listing fee, you are bound to find great and unique handmade /vintage items because this is a brand created for creators/crafters hands down.

As an affiliate if you’re in the niches to do with crafted /custom-made, vintage products and similar lines you have a chance of finding extra-ordinary stuff to promote at etsy.

But not every affiliate is qualified to partner with Etsy although all are welcome to sign up with a sign up fee of $ 5 which will  be  credited back to your account after your first sale.

They do have some house rules you got to read  before signing up, like If your site is a cashback or voucher don’t both signing up.

There is no doubt with their unique and extra ordinary categories, paired with the 30 days cookie window you will be making some good money .

Plus if a prospect happen to  buy other goods within that window period resulting from the click on your link within that  is if yours was the last they clicked on then you will qualify for that commission .


Website Name: JVZOO Affiliates

Commission Structure : Varies and is dependent on the categories/products

Tracking Cookie : Life

Payment Method :PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join: Free

JVZOO (Software As A Service) is another marketplace that offers product owners and affiliates from all around the globe a place to meet and conduct business.They also let your one link enable you become a seller, an affiliate or even both.

It is  also a giant in digital product network comprising over 200 niches and categories, to join is free and with an easy step -by-step sign up process the one link.

Once approved you will be able to access JVZOO’s market place to find and choose products to promote, and that same link will tie you to all the other products the merchant you choose to partner with ‘s sales funnel .

They may include one-time, upsells ,downsells, cross-sells e.t.c and with their two-tier affiliate commission structure there are certain products which can allow you to recruit other affiliates and  each time they make a successful sell you earn something from the sale .

As an affiliate at Jvzoo your commissions will be 100% paid directly from the merchant  who you’re promoting products /services  for to your PayPal account.

9 -MaxBounty

Website Name : Max Bounty Affiliate

Commission Structure : 5 % on referrals and other % varies dependent on individual programs

Tracking Cookie: Varies dependent on program/category

Payment Method : Check, Intercash, e-Check, ACH and wire dependent on affiliate’s country of residence

Affiliate Traffic: Global

To Join : Free

Max Bounty is another affiliate network that connects advertisers and affiliates which has been in existence since 2014.

They claim to be the world-leading performance-based CPA network that specializes in maximizing the Return On investment {ROI} for both their vendors and publishers

With their affiliate program you earn as per performance through CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI pricing models instead of the commission per sale model.

This means any simple action taken on the merchant’s website through your link it can be filling out of a form, or multi-page sign-up resulting into a purchase in other words the more involved the action the higher your chances of earnings .

Max Bounty does accept affiliates from all the corners of the world, you simply sign up in three simple steps and will be approved by the affiliate manager after reviewing your site and calling you to understand how you intend to promote the advertisers .

Approval can happen on the same day you signed up but you should also note they are a bit strict with their approval process in case your a spammer.

You will have access to an affiliate manager listed for you on the confirmation page, if you don’t want to wait till they contact you just give them a call during normal working hours

10 -PeerFly

Website Name : PeerFly Affiliates

Commission Earnings : Varies per program

Tracking Cookie : Varies per program

Payment Method : Varies per your request and location PayPal, Bitcoin Amazon Gift Card {only US}, Payoneer, Postal Check[only US], ACH {only US} and Bank Wire

Affiliate Traffic: Global

To Join: Free

PeerFly is a network platform that brings together affiliates and vendors .

Their affiliate networks is a cost-per-action affiliate network and like some other affiliate program you have access to an affiliate manager who helps you along the way .

PeerFly works with affiliates from all across the globe and experience isn’t a factor.

If you have the zeal and willingness to learn how to earn a living online then this is your go to affiliate network with over 2000 plus offers to choose from I’m very sure you will find something in your niche to promote.

11 -Rakuten

Website Name : Rakuten Global Market

Commission Earnings : Varies dependent on the Category

Tracking Cookie : Varies dependent on the Category

Payment Method : Check, Paypal

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

Rakuten is another well-established marketplace founded in 1997 and one of the oldest affiliate networks, that has made quite a name for themselves in the industry over the years .

Having been voted as # 1 in the affiliate network for eight years consecutively makes them one of the best in the industry

Rakuten’s partners with numerous recognized top brands such as Ecco,Spartan, Spartan, Macy’s, The Body Shop the list is endless and equally an array of products to choose from in different categories.

They also process payments to 202 countries /regions in 25 different currencies.

If you ask me this makes it easier for affiliates to make a connection with a larger Global Market.


Website Name : ShareASale AWIN

Commission Earnings : Varies and dependant on the category

Cookie Duration: Varies dependent on the category

Payment Methods: Checks via mail or Direct Payment

Affiliate Traffic : Literally from anywhere

To Join : Free

ShareAsale is based in the US and has been in business for 19 years, it’s another network that works to bring vendors and publishers into partnership under one platform.

And in order to reach international opportunities AWIN acquired ShareASale.

This affiliate network platform provides an array of over 3,900+ affiliate programs.

Yes you read that right they span from 40 different categories meaning you will have a field day choosing your niche related category from some most renown brands

Signing up is easy it just takes 5 steps and basically anyone can sign to become an affiliate at ShareASale, approval takes a day or two.

ShareASale does have affiliate managers to guide you through the process of choosing a program /category to promote but it is the merchant of the program you’re signing up for as an affiliate who has to approve you in order to start placing links.

Due to different categories and programs there are different cookie windows and the commission rates  % also vary dependent on the category /program which you will see inside the member’s area.

13 -Shopify

Website Name :Shopify Partner Program

Commission Earning : $ 58 to 2000

Tracking Cookie : Varies and it’s dependent on individual categories/programs

Payment Method : PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Anywhere

To Join : Free

Shopify is an e-commerce collection of online stores which started out as a one e-commerce store but later decided to let other folks open up online shops at a listing fee and now boast of over 800000 stores

The program has different ways of how you can generate revenue as their partner, you either refer clients to them utilizing development stores and earn a revenue share, or use an affiliate link to earn for each Shopify vendor who signs up .

You can also write and publish Shopify apps /themes or sell your themes /apps on a Shopify Partner revenue share

To join shopify as an affiliate is free, you also get support and other resources need to thrive in your business not only that no minimal sales requirements

They are so committed to helping their affiliates to prosper in that the commissions offered at Shopify are next to non compared to other affiliate programs.

The commission earnings for each prospects who signs up for their paid plan you get up to $ 58 and for Plus referral you earn $ 2000 that is how generous Shopify is  a high ticket affiliate network.

Everything required to help you thrive in your affiliate business is provided for you such as blogs, tools, webinars, video tutorial, and automated funnels they developed for your audience by linking to them.

14– Target

Website Name : Target Affiliate Program

Commission Earnings : Sliding scale from 3% to 8% depending on category

Tracking Cookie: Valid for 7 days

Payment Methods: Paypal

Affiliate Traffic : Global so Long as Your Country Is Accepted By Impact Radius

To Join : Free

Target is another distinguished, trusted and one of the largest offline retailer stores based in the US, with an array of products and huge number of consumer base .

Target does have an affiliate program which you as an affiliate can sign up for free to partner with them.

With their wide range of niche related products makes this a walk in the park for you to choose something to promote,.

Plus since it’s already established and trusted by many offline, it is definite you will have online prospects as well .

Target has about four categories you can choose from to promote dependent on your niche in apparel & accessories, home & outdoor living, baby gear& furniture, health & beauty and the commissions vary per each.

As you see above the commissions vary and dependent on the categories plus some categories seem to make you a higher commission .

You should note with Target Affiliate ‘s commission structure is based on the number of visitors who convert into customers the more you get paid, in that the more sales you make the higher your commission % .

They also have a Qualified Actions structure where an affiliate can earn a referral fee, you become eligible when a new account is signed up at a target.

It includes a recurring reconciliation as long as you utilize your link you will be able to receive your payouts.

15 – Walmart

Name : Walmart Affiliate Program

Commission : Varies and dependent on categories from 1% to 18% with an average of 4% on certain products

Tracking Cookie : Valid For 3 Days

Payment Methods: Bank transfer

Affiliate traffic : Local and International

To Join : Free

Walmart is yet another mega gigantic offline store that provides home and lifestyle products, with chains in different locations.

They have a variety of physical products like foods and beverages, men and women’s apparel, home furniture, electronics e.t.c and with very reliable prices compared to their counterparts .

Although it’s well-known offline they also have an affiliate program where their trusted consumer base buys from them online. That is where you come in as affiliate by signing up with to affiliate program which is global .

As an affiliate you will have an array of niche products to choose from and promote, regardless of how low their commission % is if you happen make multiple sales the earnings will sum up.

My Conclusion

As you have seen that is just the tip of an ice burg in regards to affiliate programs you can leverage to make money on your site.

There are still many more out there which I will reveal to you soon like my # no 1 recommendation  one of the best affiliate program.

If you’re like me and have been finding it a bit challenging as a newbie to get the right affiliate program to sign to, I totally understand you and I hope the list above will be somewhat helpful.

Going through different programs whilst researching  made me realize there  are indeed different and numerous affiliate programs one can utilize to monetize their websites.

Trust me when I say it was eye-opening for me as well the deeper I delved into different affiliates programs the more I discovered that with all the millions of brands and millions  of products out there.

You truly can make something out of your life by just promoting other people’s products/services and earn handsomely

A piece of advice though not every program you sign up to will approve  you, if that is the case don’t give up just go to the next.

I  had my own  share of rejection from some of them being from my part of the continent makes it a bit challenging  either Paypal is not supported in my country or something else like zip codes and the rest of them .

Thank you for sticking around to this point if this post of 15 great affiliate programs for beginners-monetize your website has been helpful to you, have some questions or want to add something to it, feel free to drop your comment in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you as soon as I possibly can .

Have a pleasant day

Your pal



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