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Hi and welcome to yet another insight post of 13 ways to generate passive income-your road to financial freedom .

Who wouldn’t like making money even whilst in their sleep?

When one hears passive income he/she might think it’s the easiest way to make money but that ain’t the case here,

Some passive income ideas require investing with start-up capital whilst others will need your effort, hard work and the most treasured asset in your life which is time .

You see many folks online and offline who have succeeded in this passive income stream and if you were to ask them how they accomplished that success they will tell you it’s dedication and hard work that led to their accomplishments .

I will tell you one thing for sure if you are established in this type of income stream nothing will compare to it, the freedom that comes with it, plus being able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work and efforts.

If I were to choose between active and passive income I will definitely opt for passive, it always hard work in the beginning plus some ideas will incur lots of money upward but forward you will be smiling with all the in pouring cash flow.

There are many diverse ways you can create passive income streams online/offline, it’s a great way to generate an income for you and your family or for your retirement .

What Is Passive Income In A Nutshell?

in a nutshell passive income or residue income stream is where you generate and continue to get paid numerous times even whilst not putting in more work, you do the work once but continue to reap the benefits .

Instead of working actively like having a day job here you do the work once and get paid continuously although sometimes you may need to keep nurturing your business which depends on the method you’re using .

This kind of business can basically give you the freedom to travel and still earn even if you not around your business.

With this type of income stream you will either have to invest some money or time and effort either way you can earn from both of them. .

Below I will reveal a few of them on my list of 13 ways to generate passive income-your road to financial Freedom for you.

If you want to get your feet wet in one or more of them it will be up you to choose which will befit your criteria. Who knows one day you might come back to thank me.

Here are some Ideas which Don’t Require Large Start-Up Capital To Get Started

# 1-Affiliate Marketing

If you’re just starting out in the online business world looking at ways to create

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passive income or residue income one of the.very easiest way to start is in affiliate marketing.

With this idea you don’t require products of your own, but can still earn a living promoting other folk’s products /services by inserting  links into your blog content.

The basic needs with affiliate  marketing will be having a presence online in other words building a website or utilizing social media platforms you’re a part of such as,

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You tube

In other words you become a sales person for brands you choose to partner with, whenever a prospect clicks on your link it will lead them to the merchant/vendor’s website and when they make a purchase you will be earning a commission from that sale .

The good thing about affiliate marketing you don’t need prior experience, worry about stuff like hiring employees, funds to pay rent things you would in an offline business etc.

You just need is to identify your passion, create a business around it then look for brands and products that are relative to your niche to promote.

All you require in affiliate marketing is to invest mainly your time, effort and hard work and lots of patience.

Earning your first $ 1 might take a while remember this is not a get-rich scheme so you will have to exercise patience, but once you’re established this is a legit and great way to earn residue income online,

The work is done once but the benefits. are recurring for so many years to come.

Who Is This Idea For ?

Affiliate marketing is for almost for everybody looking for a side hustle or long term sustainable business online .

  • Unemployed folks
  • Stay at home mom/ dad
  • Retired folks
  • Students to pay off student loans
  • Laid off from work

Practically anybody can establish him/herself in this business as long as they don’t harbor the get-rich-quick mindset, have the zeal and patience to see this business through plus ready to put in some hard work.


  • You require no prior experience in this field you can learn the ropes and ways to manage or grow this business if you get the right training and earn whilst in training
  • You don’t need much capital to get started
  • No worries of shop rent, hiring employees, and looking for customers everything required when staring an offline business
  • There is no limit to products/brands to promote as long as they are relative to your niche in other words you are not tied to just one brand /product etc.


  • takes a while to see results remember this ain’t a get-rich-quick way of making money.
  • High competition
  • Based on my experience some affiliate programs who act as middle men for brands /services make it hard for affiliates from Non Threshold Countries mainly Africa.


Google Adsense display AD embedded in my content

AD displays/banner ads is another way for you to generate passive income, it’s an online advertising format which can be likened to bill boards.

They are literally logo, text or animated images designed by different companies who hire marketing agencies such as google adsense at fee to advertise for them.

This is where you come in my friend if you own a blog/website, social media platforms with a number of followers you just have to sign up to advertising companies who act as middle men between advertisers and publishers by offering them your space for the ads and get paid in return.

Folks with businesses large or small who want their products/services shown to the world, choose to utilize this method to drive traffic [CONSUMERS] to their products/services hence hiring advertisers who in turn hire you for that space and pay you

When you get approved then you can be able to use your space on the website to display ads

Like affiliate links you can also earn displaying ADs on your website or social media platforms.

When your readers/prospects click on the ads and happen to purchase a product then your are responsible for that sell hence the commission

Who Is this Idea For ?

Again this is for anyone who wants to generate revenue in passive income stream as long as you have

  • A website
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • You tube channel

As mentioned above with content, followers, then you’re a perfect candidate no expertise required here either just placing the ads and wait for prospects to make the purchases.


  • Generating income from your website /social media platform
  • The ads contribute to the quality of your website/social media platform s


  • If you just starting out with new website it might take a while to make
  • Visitors are put off by some unattractive ads hence making you lose traffic
  • Some ads take up bigger spaces on your website in place of your content
  • Minimum commission %

#3-Creating An Online Course/Courses

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Creating an online course is a legit and exceptional way of earning residue income and putting out your knowledge online for people who are looking to acquire skills in your field .

There are many folks on the internet looking for one thing or another to learn online, and you could be the answer to helping out these large number of people.

If you have an idea you think will be helpful and can transform other peoples lives then you can prove you’re certainty by becoming the solution to their transformation.

You do this by creating digital content educational courses which can be delivered in video, text, pdf files, live or recorded webinars and audio formats, remember to base your course/training on your passion, experience and expertise it could be anything in the list below and more

  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Guitar playing
  • Marketing
  • Proof reading
  • Design
  • Personal development
  • life coaching
  • Speed reading the list is endless

With this type of residue income you will continue to get paid for the work you created now and for so many years to come, you just have to keep updating your courses.

Whenever a customer purchases your product you system will give them access to the course then you will continue to reap the benefits for your hard work.

Who Is Eligible For This Idea ?

Unlike affiliate marketing where you don’t require any expertise to move forward.

Creating an online course for the purpose of educating other folks in different models of your field requires you to be well-informed and passionate about your topic/course.

Put out for others a course you’re an expert in with proven and tested methods will impact and compel your prospects to trust you .

This not only proves your authenticity but it will also generate you more income verses putting out a topic you have no interest in and less expertise it will come through to your customers.

Whatever you’re course/topic is all about I recommend you do your due diligence to research well and follow some steps in delivering the perfect product.


  • Your are creating a brand
  • Taking in 100 % of the earnings
  • When established your online course/coaching can generate you a lot in passive income


  • it’s time-consuming hard work in the early stages of your course creation
  • You will need to invest in the software /technology materials which is costly
  • Your course might not be as popular as thought hence not getting back what you invested
  • Incurring costs in marketing course

# 4. Writing e-Books

Creating your own electronic books and selling them online is another great way to generate i passive income.

When your book is all set and done you don’t need to hire a publisher in other words you upload your e-book online and start earning % in royalties from each purchased copy .

You can leverage sites like Amazon, click bank and many others to sell your e-books you and receive payments from them monthly for the sold copies.

To achieve from this method your have to do your own share of marketing to enable you reach huge audience and a high number in sales .

Who Is Eligible For This Idea?

Literally anyone with a passion or hobby can earn from this idea, from stay at home moms/dads to teachers, travelers, retired folks, chefs, students e.t.c.

Utilize your interest and start writing  helpful e-books in topics you’re familiar with and passionate about such as

  • Music
  • Recipe book
  • Weight loss
  • Golf
  • Health
  • Skincare
  • Children’s books
  • Money management the list is endless

Many people are in desperate need of learning new skills so your passion and knowledge can be turned into an e-book as long as you keep it original, and different from the other e-books out there in your niche .

Let your e-book stand out from the rest of them but informative and educative with real valve for your prospects /readers.


  • You have all the rights to your book
  • Earning continuously from your handwork{passive income ]
  • You will be able to reach a multitude of readers


  • Piracy
  • It takes handwork and time to write, research, formatting and promoting your e-book
  • You might meet some competition in your field hence causing you some challenges in sales

#5- Selling Your Photos Online

Have you ever wondered how having a passion /hobby in photography can indeed become an income generating business !

Photo by Brielle Macdonald from unsplash

If you’re the type that enjoys taking photos just for fun, do you ever wonder how this passion of yours can generate you passive income whilst having fun doing what you love !

What if,Ii told you there is a way you can earn from this passion of yours?

Yes my friend, you can make money taking photos if, you leverage sites like Shuttlestock one of the largest global market place where buyers and users of photos /images go to purchase or use images uploaded on this site by folks like you or I who want to generate an income .

This site has been in existence since 2003 and has helped photographers to earn passive income.

To date they have paid over 500 millions to folks like you who take photos and upload them on their site .

Who  Is Eligible For Such An Idea ?

Actually folks like you and I can set up an account with shuttlestock and start uploading their photos /images as long as you have the required equipment / gadgets to help you take pictures then you good to go.

The way it works when a prospect or customer downloads your images you a % in royalties money.

It can be a monthly subscriber or a one time customer who chooses your images in particular, when they do you earn some high % in royalties and the will be different though


  • Becoming your own boss though this won’t come easy, you will have to continuously upload images to your portfolio. The larger the portfolio the earnings you get.
  • You will be earning passive income after loading your images you ain’t required to be present but still earn while away
  • You earn from your passions/hobby


  • Low prices from your hard work, for instance if it is a monthly subscriber you image will fetch in less money and you have to reach a certain volume in sells to get an increment however, if a customer wanted to license your images then you will earn a little more from a subscriber.
  • Your images have to be technically perfect to be accepted
  • There is a high competition at micro-stock website so must bring out your A game to thrive. Armed with a large volume portfolio paired with technically perfect photos /images you will have a chance at making many sells .

# 6- Rent Your Car For AD Campaigns 

Would you like to earn a monthly wage between $ 80 to 450 for just driving your car, you might choose to pick up passengers or go solo.

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I guess now you’re wondering how is this possible Barbara ?

Well it is very possible and you can earn from it by renting space on your car, there are companies such as Wrapify, Myfreecar or Carvertise who pay you to wrap your car with different campaign adverts.

These campaigns might run for as long as 6 months and all you do is to simply drive around like a moving billboard .

Who is Eligible For Such An Idea ?

This is been created for anyone who wants to earn extra cash, if you  to own a car of models newer than 2008,have an iPhone /Android,and without any mishaps in your license or driving

The payments will be dependent on the portions of your car that will be wrapped the whole car, a panel or partial of it and also where and how much or long you drive plus staying in traffic it.


  • You will be earning an income
  • You decide how much you want your car wrapped partial, panel or full wrap
  • Can still ride with other passengers


  • The campaigns last from one to six months not a permanent job
  • Payments are based on how much and long you drive

#7- Renting Your Home Or A Space/Room In Your Home

Renting out your home or space/room in your home is another great way to earn passive income by becoming an Airbnb host and guess want you charge your prospects daily rate .

Photo be Andrew Neel from Unsplash

If you own a home with spare rooms/space or the type that travels a lot and don’t want to hire house sitters what better way to earn whilst on vacation !

I know trusting strangers might seem a bit hard for you but when you’re signed up to Airbnb they will match you with the prospects and they have a system that enables you to check out the clients.

Who is Eligible for Such An Idea?

For anyone who has a spare room, or going away on a vacation and no one to house sit your home, want make the best out of your space and make some money in return.

As long as your room/space or home is fully furnished baring in mind it’s mostly travelers who are looking for places like that to save on the hotel fees and wanting to live in a home environment .

They like places where they are offered a bed and breakfast but can also be able to prepare their own meals.

If you have such a setting in your home or space then you will have a chance of earning some cash in residue income .

Are  you a traveler type, well you can always hire a maid or cleaning services to that for you.


  • Generating some extra
  • Meeting new people and making friendships
  • You set the daily rates and earn full fold
  • You set all the rules
  • Decide when and how long you want to rent your space ,
  • Airbnb has an insurance of over 1 m $ in case of disasters


  • Risk of damaging your properties accidents do happen to most of us, good thing if you’re signed with Airbnb you will be compensated for the damages
  • Might incur some costs in taxes this is dependent on where you’re located

# 8- Selling Your Products On Etsy

If you’re the type whose passion/interest is in crafts or handmade products why not set up your own store on Etsy can be a lucrative way to start earning from your hard work.

Photo from Pixels

Etsy is a well-known and hands down mega site for handmade products that helps to connect buyers looking for unique and specific products to folks creating them, by letting you set up online stores at a listing fee to sell your crafts/handmade products and a small commission from your sells .

Stuff such as Jewry, accessories, clothes, wood work the list is endless as long as it’s handmade, this you go to site create a store and start making money.

Who Is This For Anyways ?

This is for crafters and lovers of handmade products who are working hard at creating handmade products but getting to sell them offline is quite a challenge. by signing up to the site you can leverage Etsy’s organic traffic to reach a multitude of craft, handmade and/vintage product buyers .

If you’re dealing in stuff such as,

  • Jewelry
  • Accessories
  • Clothes
  • Home decor
  • Childrens toys
  • Games
  • Wood works
  • Crafts supplies the list is endless as long as it’s handmade this you go to site and you can start making money

Setting up a store at Etsy will enable you reach a larger market of handmade/craft lovers who are willing to pay for your work.

You can also create your own e-commerce website and start selling your crafts or even write an e-book about your work .


  • You will be making money selling your products
  • Able to reach a larger market, Etsy boasts of over 35 million active buyers
  • Etsy provides you with strategies, tips and SEO optimization to help your store growth


  • High competition there are over two million plus sellers on Etsy
  • Takes a while to see results
  • Paying listing fees $ 0.25 per an item and commissions 5 % per each sale which covers shipping /gift wrapping also charges of processing customer payments through credit cards or PayPal

# 9- Building Your Own E-Commerce Site

Creating your own e-commerce drop shipping site is another awesome and appealing way to generate some passive income even whilst in your sleep .

Shopify login page where you can sign for 14 days free trial

E-commerce drop shipping has diversified in this era and it is one of the ways many folks are making money online and the numbers are still rising .

With this form of passive income stream there are no requirements of physically owning the products, or having them in stock.

In other words owning, storing, stocking, shipping or handling the inventory is up to the third party which is the wholesaler or manufacturer you buy the products from after a successful sale .

When ever a prospect or consumer purchase a product from you as a merchant your system will purchase the inventory from the manufacturers your are dealing with and they will ship the products directly to the consumer

Who Is The Perfect Fit For An e-commerce Site/Store

If you’re looking at long term ways of making money online I guess this is for you ‘

Literally anyone can open up an e-commerce store on sites like Shopify or just build your own site and have control over anything to do with the store

It doesn’t require much to get started actually free and in just a few you will have your store up and running live to the whole world


  • Doesn’t require a lump sum of money in start-up fees
  • You generate a passive Income by collecting profits and can run your business anywhere
  • You don’t pay for ware houses, packing & shipping
  • Handle inventories, return or inbound shipments
  • You can sell just about anything as long as you have the supplier for it


  • High competition with the prices it  is a very easy and lucrative way to make money online and many folks are trying it out
  • Sometimes mistakes are made such as poor shipments, under-quality packaging of the goods, and at times some products may be missing or dId not get packed hence putting your name on the line
  • No control over the products quality

These Ideas Will Require Some Start-Up Capital

# 10- Peer-to-Peer Lending

Zopa website interface

Peer-to-peer money lending is another way folks make money by lending to those who are looking to borrow, it’s also called P2P lending .

Peer-2-peer lending or social lending started way back in 2005 in the UK with Zopa and 2006 with prosper market in the US over the years the number of competitors has increased and this entity has continued to evolve .

These peer-2-peer lending markets places connect borrowers to investors like you, in other words you as an investor /lender have to open up an account with the site of your choice and deposit money to be loaned out to borrowers.

Sites like lending club matches you with borrowers as an investor you purchase notes amounting to fractions of loans to enable you earn competitive returns.

They will screens the borrowers for you,facilitate the loans plus service the loans you have less work done

This will be beneficial for you since you will be earning an interest from the loans put out

Who Is Such An Idea For Anyways ?

Peer-2-peer lending is good for anyone who wants to invest their money and earn returns without putting in much work

You can invest in different types of loans such as credit card refinancing/ debit consolidation,home improvement, home purchases, car financing, vacations, medical financing and so much more


  • With p2p lending you can earn high returns /interest on than you would do on certain businesses without even putting in much work
  • You literally make the decisions on whom to lend your money to

Spreading your invested money in different types of loans helps in way if one of them were to default then you won’t be making losses on the all lump sum .


  • The interest you earn from your P2P investments will be taxed,you will have to file tax returns annually.
  • Your money is at risk since p2p loans are un-secure loans.
  • Default rates

# 11- Buy a Vending Machine Business

Photo by Alex from Pixels

Vending machines are a great way to earn passive income, if you have some start-up capital to buy and install some features plus depositing them in the right locations such as schools or universities, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, apartment complexes etc

With the right location, right products vending machines will not require much involvement from you except for stocking them since they come with special features which makes it easier on you.

Who is suitable for this kind of side hustle ?

Anybody can start vending machines business like mentioned earlier if you have some start-up fees to pay for

  • Multiple machines
  • Pay for placement expert
  • Install some special features such as credit card reader, touch or voice capabilities, large bill and
  • Stocking them then this is good for you.

You don’t necessary need to hire staff for vending machines but sometimes it might be a bit overwhelming if you have many and in different placements I recommend you hire some help to you in restocking


  • Can sell just about anything with your vending machines from coffee, cold drinks, health snacks, accessories etc
  • You’re your own boss
  • You make money even whist in your sleep if the machine is placed in a high traffic area such as airports
  • No need to interact with customers
  • Very easy run you just come to pick your money and restocking etc


  • Vandalism and theft even with cameras around some times it is not enough security
  • Requires some substantial amount in start-up fees
  • If you have many of them making rounds to restock and picking up your money

# 12- Invest in Real Estate CrowdFunding Campaigns

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina from Unsplash

As we all know real estate is a great way to make residue income if you have the funds to buy properties .

It can be rentals where earn you monthly income or buying and flipping properties which will also require you to have a significant sum of money or partner with someone and share profits after the sell .

Good thing nowadays you can be part of the real crowdfunding where folks like you and I are allowed to invest in real estate without worrying about managing properties or coming up with large sums of money to purchase one.

What Is Real Estate Crowdfunding Campaigns And Who Is It Created For?

Real Estate Crowdfunding campaign is the process where the financing of capital is acquired from a large pool of folks who are looking to invest in real estate properties without having to spend much money.

Photo from Pixels

These campaigns are accessed through social media platforms like Facebook and crowdfunding sites such as

  • Patch land
  • Lendinghome
  • City Funders
  • Aquire Real Estate
  • Fundrise
  • Groundfloor etc

If you have some funds to invest then your eligible to join any of the above sites don’t matter if you re a man or woman and the good thing is you dn’t get to invest much to own your own piece of real estate that will require less work from you .

This form of approach enables a larger number of entrepreneurs /inventors who wouldn’t be able to fund a property on their own to come together and contribute to a single loan and later in the share profits.


You have access to an array of real estate projects to chose from, it can be in your area or in another part of the world

  • You potentially earn sizable returns in passive income
  • Owning a size-able piece of real estate without breaking a bank
  • You have the opportunity to decide on which real estate projects to invest in or not


  • Not able to control or manage the property, many times this is left to the developer and if you’re the type who wants to get your feet wet then you will not like it.
  • In case of any emergence it will be impossible to cash out before the sell of the property you invested
  • It might take a while to reach your pay day

# 13- Invest In Bond Or CD Laddering

There are many ways you can make money in the passive income stream and  finally on my list today is to invest in Bonds or CD Laddering this way your money will keep generating you interest .

First off what is Bond or CD Laddering ? In a nutshell this is where you take out a lump sum of money divide it in equal potions then buy Bonds or Certificates of Deposits for different time frames it can be between 1 year each or even more .

You can choose to invest between 1- 2-3-4-5- 6 years and each one of them will mature at a different time frame. .

When the maturity date comes up, you don’t cash out instead you reinvest into the upper years, by the time your last one of them matures you would have made some good profit .

Who Is Eligible For Such An Idea?

Bonds /CD Laddering investment is good for folks with chunks of money sitting redundant in their bank ‘s saving accounts whilst earning them some little interest.

Instead of earning some peanut change in interest why not choose to invest your money in Bonds and CD Laddering for a period of years, you will be generating some decent passive income .

In case, you have money you ain’t using or don’t hope to invest in anything what better to generate some profits from it by buying bonds this way your money will continue to work for you.


  • Your money will be working for you
  • You get paid a high interest for locking your money up in bonds than you would with saving accounts
  • Fixed rates once the rates have been fixed for the particular term you will rest assured to get that rate till the maturity date


  • Not having access to your money till the maturity date
  • Restricted liquidity when you need to cash out before the maturity date you will have to face a penalty in fees of between 3-6 months interest.
  • Inflation when rates diminish it affects your interest

My Conclusion

There you have it my friend, as you have seen it’s a big world out there and quite a lot you can do online and offline to create some passive income for you and your family to start living a very comfortable life you have been dreaming about .

I have only listed a few of the great ways you can leverage to earn yourself some money I may include more on a later date.

Although some of them don’t require much capital to get started , needless to say  they will require you to work tirelessly, invest time and exercise some patience however, in the end you will be able to live your dream life .

For the ones that need capital to get rolling it all depends on how much you’re will to spend.

However, you can always choose to join this platform where you will learn  splendid ways of making money online .

I hope you found this post helpful, if there is any questions or something more you need to know or add to this post don’t hesitate to drop you comment or question in the comment area below.

It is your pal Barbara, until next time thanks for sticking around and reading  through to this point talk soon

Have pleasant

Your friend


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