#15 Great Affiliate Programs For Beginners-Monetize Your Website .

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As you already know one of the ways to monetize your website is through promoting other folks’s products.

Although you can create your own product if you choose to, you don’t necessarily require to have one as you can still earn without a product of your own.

Good thing the internet has numerous brands and affiliate programs you can partner with and earn a living, the only challenge here will be determining which affiliate program to sign up to .

This matters because not all affiliate programs are reliable and remember it’s your back on the line here.

Meaning you have to make sure the brand you choose to work with has product a viability and quality, a good support system for the prospects, plus they honor their terms and conditions .

You’re being on this page means you’re looking into brands/affiliate programs to partner with and monetize your website.

Below I will show you some best affiliate programs you can partner with and start earning

1 – Amazon

Amazon Interface

Website Name : https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

Commission : Varies dependent on the categories from 1%, 4% to 10%

Tracking Cookie: Valid For 24 Hours

Payment Methods:Check Payments, Direct Payment, Payoneer

Affiliate Traffic :Global

To Join : Free

Amazon is among the most well-known, trusted and famous online brands that sells almost anything and everything online .

They  also have  an affiliate program in place called Amazon Associates where you can sign up as a reviewer, a blogger, curator or stylist and start promoting their  wide range of products.

Which are actually in the 100s of 1000s  from different brands and manufacturers.

You do’n’t have to worry about being a newbie in this industry because Amazon Associates is for every affiliate who wants to partner with them.

As long as you have a website, mobile app, and social networks apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. tv then you can apply.

However, you should note that your social media accounts must be well-established, with a substantial number of followers like say 500.

The content on your website should be recent as in at least 60 days with over 10 new updates of at least within  the past one-month then you might have a chance for approval .

Their drawback is you only have 90 days to make sales if you fail then your account will be canceled, good thing you can always go back and sign up again .


Website Name : AWIN Affiliate Program

Commission Rates :Varies and dependent on program/variables

Tracking Cookie : Varies and dependent on program/variables

Payment Method : BACS, international wire transfer or ACH, SEPA transfer, and Domestic payments in NOK, SEK, DKK, PLN. CHF & AUD

Affiliate Traffic : Local and International

To Join : $ 5

AWIN formerly known as Affiliate Window and zanox was a unit since march 2017.

They later merged with Affilinet and ShareASale making it AWIN group, it’s owned by Alex Springer & United Internet.

AWIN affiliate marketing platform plays a role of the trusted third party by connecting merchants to publishers from different sectors.

Such as price comparisons, blogs, social networks and communities, email marketing, display etc from all corners of the world by offering both parties account management, strategy and technology.

As an affiliate at AWIN you will have a field day choosing from their large number of merchants because they boast of over 29500 merchants globally, the list comprises well-known and household brands you can view the list in their advertiser directory.

To join AWIN you pay $ 5 for verifying your bank account details as  I quote this is to minimize the risk of unethical activities but the money will be refunded to your publisher account as soon as you get a sale.

When you sign up and get approved by the platform you will also need approval from the merchant you chose to work with since, they each have different criteria for affiliates they work with.

If you ain’t approved by a merchant you can still apply to another merchant program since you are  already approved by AWIN.

They have relevant affiliate manager to help you through the process and offer you guidance.

The commission levels here will vary dependent on individual programs /variables you will get to see the information when applying to a particular program/ merchant .

3 – CJ Affiliate

Website : CJ Publisher Page

Commission : Varies based on individual program

Cookie Duration: Varies based on individual programs

Payment Method:Direct deposit, Check or Payoneer And in 150 currencies

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

CJ Affiliate marketplace network is another well-established platform with an experience of over 20 years in handling affiliate programs for numerous merchants.

They are trusted by some  of  the world’s popular brands to do the task of handling their affiliate programs for them.

Brands such as Gopro, Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, IHG, J.Crew Priceline ,OfficeDepot e.t.c .

CJ formally started out as Commission Junction then re-branded, it’s  well recognized as a one stop shop for software products just name it they do have it and an array of other products.

In a way CJ is similar to ShareASale they bring together vendors & publishers  under one roof.

To help you in choosing from their broad range of products & vendors they do have affiliate managers to walk you through that process.

This affiliate network is  a global market place that gives chance to affiliates marketers  from all corners of  the world whilst expanding into international markets, and they boast of making payments in over 150 currencies.

With their huge global market of 930 m plus customers and an annual 13 plus clients base my guess the world will be your limit in terms of making money with CJ as long as you choose the best products and vendors to work with.

Due to their mega number of products & merchants which are in tens of 1000s the commissions do vary and so does the cookie windows but they do have some enticing commission rates.

4 -Clickbank


Website Name : Clickbank Affiliate Network

Commission : Varies dependent on products /program but can go as high as 75 %

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment Method : Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Payment, Payoneer

Affiliate Traffic : Local and some International countries 

To Join : Free

Clickbank been in the industry for 17 years is another large online marketplace trusted by many large brands.

They work hand in with product creators but also offers a platform for affiliates to earn a living. in other words they are middle men for both parties .

ClickBank is famously known for dealing in digital products such as e-books, software, videos and a wide range of other niche related products.

Signing up at Clickbank is free and ain’t time-consuming but you will have to be approved in order to become their affiliate partner.

As an affiliate you will have to choose from their array of different categories such as Arts & entertainment, business & investing, green products, health & fitness, foods, wine & cooking, home & garden e.t.c. 

They make payments in a timely manner actually it’s up to you to choose how often you want to be paid if it’s weekly they will sure make the payments.

Also they have some most competitive commission rates in the industry up to 75 % not only that you earn a commission on purchases a customer makes after clicking on your link in a cookie window of up to 60 days the credit still goes to you.

However, although they claim to stand behind their products I would recommend you tread with care whilst choosing the products to promote.

And always try the ones of top of the list as they seem to be updated regularly and being on top of list means something they are popular.

5 -Commission Factory

Website Name : Commission Factory Affiliate program

Commission % : Average between 8% and 10 %

Tracking Cookie ; Dependant on the category/program

Payment Method : PayPal, Australian Bank Deposit, International Bank Deposits

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

This one is an Australian based affiliate network, they work to bring together publishers and retailers .

From the largest of them to the smaller brands I’m very sure you will find something to promote that is relative to your niche.

Their  affiliate global network  boasts of 600 brands you can choose from as an affiliate and they have a payment structure which comprises 150 payout currencies.

Commission Factory has your back covered no matter your level of expertise in affiliate marketing, with the help and support they provide through their network representatives, whose  sole purpose is to advice, support, and give you guidance to enhance your performance and using the platform in efficiently.

They also provide you with tools and resources to help with your promotions such as links, banners,widgets , email templates videos, coupons, product feeds and a lot more,

6 -eBay

Website Name : eBay Affiliate Program{EPN}

Commission : varies dependent on categories 50% to 70%

Tracking Cookie : 24 hours

Payment Methods: Direct Payment /PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Local and International operating in 13 countries

To Join : Free

eBay is a trusted e-commerce giant online store based in the US, It’s best known for holding auction, and they  boast of 1.2 billion listings of products/services.

If you’re looking for something unique to promote then eBay has you covered.

They have an affiliate program EPN where you can sign up as an affiliate

When you’re approved then you can start choosing products to promote in you’re relative niches such as fashion, electronics, collectibles, home goods and so much more.

At eBay you will be earning 50% to 70% of eBay revenue share, and for each executed sale .

Also from a new or return buyer to eBay lets say the prospect hasn’t bought anything in the last 12 months, or more from the site but happen to click on your link and make a purchase you will earn double the commission.

Unfortunately there are some restrictions to certain countries if you find out your account has been rejected maybe PayPal isn’t available in your country. They mainly partner with threshold countries.

7 -Etsy

Website Name : Etsy Affiliate Program

Commission Earnings : 4% to 8% depending on category

Tracking Cookie: Valid For 30 Days

Payment Methods:

Affiliate Traffic : From Anywhere But Not All Qualify

To Join ; $ 5 but credited back

Etsy is another online brand that has been gaining fame over the years, It is famously known for being a one stop center for online stores.

Etsy allows folks to create shops for a listing fee, you are bound to find great and unique handmade /vintage items because this is a brand created for creators/crafters hands down.

As an affiliate if you’re in the niches to do with crafted /custom-made, vintage products and similar lines you have a chance of finding extra-ordinary stuff to promote at etsy.

But not every affiliate is qualified to partner with Etsy although all are welcome to sign up with a sign up fee of $ 5 which will  be  credited back to your account after your first sale.

They do have some house rules you got to read  before signing up, like If your site is a cashback or voucher don’t both signing up.

There is no doubt with their unique and extra ordinary categories, paired with the 30 days cookie window you will be making some good money .

Plus if a prospect happen to  buy other goods within that window period resulting from the click on your link within that  is if yours was the last they clicked on then you will qualify for that commission .


Website Name: JVZOO Affiliates

Commission Structure : Varies and is dependent on the categories/products

Tracking Cookie : Life

Payment Method :PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join: Free

JVZOO (Software As A Service) is another marketplace that offers product owners and affiliates from all around the globe a place to meet and conduct business.They also let your one link enable you become a seller, an affiliate or even both.

It is  also a giant in digital product network comprising over 200 niches and categories, to join is free and with an easy step -by-step sign up process the one link.

Once approved you will be able to access JVZOO’s market place to find and choose products to promote, and that same link will tie you to all the other products the merchant you choose to partner with ‘s sales funnel .

They may include one-time, upsells ,downsells, cross-sells e.t.c and with their two-tier affiliate commission structure there are certain products which can allow you to recruit other affiliates and  each time they make a successful sell you earn something from the sale .

As an affiliate at Jvzoo your commissions will be 100% paid directly from the merchant  who you’re promoting products /services  for to your PayPal account.

9 -MaxBounty

Website Name : Max Bounty Affiliate

Commission Structure : 5 % on referrals and other % varies dependent on individual programs

Tracking Cookie: Varies dependent on program/category

Payment Method : Check, Intercash, e-Check, ACH and wire dependent on affiliate’s country of residence

Affiliate Traffic: Global

To Join : Free

Max Bounty is another affiliate network that connects advertisers and affiliates which has been in existence since 2014.

They claim to be the world-leading performance-based CPA network that specializes in maximizing the Return On investment {ROI} for both their vendors and publishers

With their affiliate program you earn as per performance through CPA, CPS, CPL and CPI pricing models instead of the commission per sale model.

This means any simple action taken on the merchant’s website through your link it can be filling out of a form, or multi-page sign-up resulting into a purchase in other words the more involved the action the higher your chances of earnings .

Max Bounty does accept affiliates from all the corners of the world, you simply sign up in three simple steps and will be approved by the affiliate manager after reviewing your site and calling you to understand how you intend to promote the advertisers .

Approval can happen on the same day you signed up but you should also note they are a bit strict with their approval process in case your a spammer.

You will have access to an affiliate manager listed for you on the confirmation page, if you don’t want to wait till they contact you just give them a call during normal working hours

10 -PeerFly

Website Name : PeerFly Affiliates

Commission Earnings : Varies per program

Tracking Cookie : Varies per program

Payment Method : Varies per your request and location PayPal, Bitcoin Amazon Gift Card {only US}, Payoneer, Postal Check[only US], ACH {only US} and Bank Wire

Affiliate Traffic: Global

To Join: Free

PeerFly is a network platform that brings together affiliates and vendors .

Their affiliate networks is a cost-per-action affiliate network and like some other affiliate program you have access to an affiliate manager who helps you along the way .

PeerFly works with affiliates from all across the globe and experience isn’t a factor.

If you have the zeal and willingness to learn how to earn a living online then this is your go to affiliate network with over 2000 plus offers to choose from I’m very sure you will find something in your niche to promote.

11 -Rakuten

Website Name : Rakuten Global Market

Commission Earnings : Varies dependent on the Category

Tracking Cookie : Varies dependent on the Category

Payment Method : Check, Paypal

Affiliate Traffic : Global

To Join : Free

Rakuten is another well-established marketplace founded in 1997 and one of the oldest affiliate networks, that has made quite a name for themselves in the industry over the years .

Having been voted as # 1 in the affiliate network for eight years consecutively makes them one of the best in the industry

Rakuten’s partners with numerous recognized top brands such as Ecco,Spartan, Spartan, Macy’s, The Body Shop the list is endless and equally an array of products to choose from in different categories.

They also process payments to 202 countries /regions in 25 different currencies.

If you ask me this makes it easier for affiliates to make a connection with a larger Global Market.


Website Name : ShareASale AWIN

Commission Earnings : Varies and dependant on the category

Cookie Duration: Varies dependent on the category

Payment Methods: Checks via mail or Direct Payment

Affiliate Traffic : Literally from anywhere

To Join : Free

ShareAsale is based in the US and has been in business for 19 years, it’s another network that works to bring vendors and publishers into partnership under one platform.

And in order to reach international opportunities AWIN acquired ShareASale.

This affiliate network platform provides an array of over 3,900+ affiliate programs.

Yes you read that right they span from 40 different categories meaning you will have a field day choosing your niche related category from some most renown brands

Signing up is easy it just takes 5 steps and basically anyone can sign to become an affiliate at ShareASale, approval takes a day or two.

ShareASale does have affiliate managers to guide you through the process of choosing a program /category to promote but it is the merchant of the program you’re signing up for as an affiliate who has to approve you in order to start placing links.

Due to different categories and programs there are different cookie windows and the commission rates  % also vary dependent on the category /program which you will see inside the member’s area.

13 -Shopify

Website Name :Shopify Partner Program

Commission Earning : $ 58 to 2000

Tracking Cookie : Varies and it’s dependent on individual categories/programs

Payment Method : PayPal

Affiliate Traffic : Anywhere

To Join : Free

Shopify is an e-commerce collection of online stores which started out as a one e-commerce store but later decided to let other folks open up online shops at a listing fee and now boast of over 800000 stores

The program has different ways of how you can generate revenue as their partner, you either refer clients to them utilizing development stores and earn a revenue share, or use an affiliate link to earn for each Shopify vendor who signs up .

You can also write and publish Shopify apps /themes or sell your themes /apps on a Shopify Partner revenue share

To join shopify as an affiliate is free, you also get support and other resources need to thrive in your business not only that no minimal sales requirements

They are so committed to helping their affiliates to prosper in that the commissions offered at Shopify are next to non compared to other affiliate programs.

The commission earnings for each prospects who signs up for their paid plan you get up to $ 58 and for Plus referral you earn $ 2000 that is how generous Shopify is  a high ticket affiliate network.

Everything required to help you thrive in your affiliate business is provided for you such as blogs, tools, webinars, video tutorial, and automated funnels they developed for your audience by linking to them.

14– Target

Website Name : Target Affiliate Program

Commission Earnings : Sliding scale from 3% to 8% depending on category

Tracking Cookie: Valid for 7 days

Payment Methods: Paypal

Affiliate Traffic : Global so Long as Your Country Is Accepted By Impact Radius

To Join : Free

Target is another distinguished, trusted and one of the largest offline retailer stores based in the US, with an array of products and huge number of consumer base .

Target does have an affiliate program which you as an affiliate can sign up for free to partner with them.

With their wide range of niche related products makes this a walk in the park for you to choose something to promote,.

Plus since it’s already established and trusted by many offline, it is definite you will have online prospects as well .

Target has about four categories you can choose from to promote dependent on your niche in apparel & accessories, home & outdoor living, baby gear& furniture, health & beauty and the commissions vary per each.

As you see above the commissions vary and dependent on the categories plus some categories seem to make you a higher commission .

You should note with Target Affiliate ‘s commission structure is based on the number of visitors who convert into customers the more you get paid, in that the more sales you make the higher your commission % .

They also have a Qualified Actions structure where an affiliate can earn a referral fee, you become eligible when a new account is signed up at a target.

It includes a recurring reconciliation as long as you utilize your link you will be able to receive your payouts.

15 – Walmart

Name : Walmart Affiliate Program

Commission : Varies and dependent on categories from 1% to 18% with an average of 4% on certain products

Tracking Cookie : Valid For 3 Days

Payment Methods: Bank transfer

Affiliate traffic : Local and International

To Join : Free

Walmart is yet another mega gigantic offline store that provides home and lifestyle products, with chains in different locations.

They have a variety of physical products like foods and beverages, men and women’s apparel, home furniture, electronics e.t.c and with very reliable prices compared to their counterparts .

Although it’s well-known offline they also have an affiliate program where their trusted consumer base buys from them online. That is where you come in as affiliate by signing up with to affiliate program which is global .

As an affiliate you will have an array of niche products to choose from and promote, regardless of how low their commission % is if you happen make multiple sales the earnings will sum up.

My Conclusion

As you have seen that is just the tip of an ice burg in regards to affiliate programs, there are still many more out there which I will reveal to you  soon like my # no 1 recommendation  one of the best affiliate program.

If you’re like me and have been finding it a bit challenging as a newbie to get the right affiliate program to sign to, I totally understand you and I hope the list above will be somewhat helpful.

Going through different programs whilst researching  made me realize there  are indeed different and numerous affiliate programs one can utilize to monetize their websites.

Trust me when I say it was eye-opening for me as well the deeper I delved into different affiliates programs the more I discovered that with all the millions of brands and millions  of products out there.

You truly can make something out of your life by just promoting other people’s products/services and earn handsomely

A piece of advice though not every program you sign up to will approve  you, if that is the case don’t give up just go to the next.

I  had my own  share of rejection from some them being from my part of the continent makes it a bit challenging  either paypal is not supported in my country or something else like zip codes and the rest of them .

Thank you for sticking around to this point if this post of 15 great affiliate programs for beginners has been helpful to you, have some questions or want to add something to it feel free to drop your  comment in the comment   area below and I will surely get back to you as soon as I possibly can .

Have a pleasant day

Your pal



$5K Formula system Review-Does Mathew Neer’s Sales Funnel Work Or Just Another Scam!

Hi,welcome to onlinewealth4all.com’s 5K Formula System review-Does Matthew Neer’s Sales Funnel Really Work Or Just Another Scam!

If you have been part of affiliate marketing industry or did some research about it, you definitely know it takes hard work, time, much effort and patience to build a legitimate online business from scratch in order to make some reasonable amount of money as there ain’t any magic pills .


For a newbie who is just delving into affiliate marketing he /she wouldn’t know how this industry works and they might easily fall for any misleading gimmicks of the get-rich-quick schemes!


 However with Matthew Neer ‘s done-for-you sales funnel system which is based on the name of the product 5k, he professes you too can make a whooping sum of $ 5000 instantly  by using his 100% free autopilot.

Now this is indeed enticing but seems a bit unimaginable & unrealistic to me, making $ 5000 instant cash it seems quite valorous!

Assuming you’re were looking into fast ways to earn money online I wouldn’t blame you if you ended up falling prey to a product like this. 

Who wouldn’t want earn easy money and instantly for that matter without putting in much effort.

The question is does it really work or just another scam ?

You’re being on this page says a lot about you, I believe you’re unconvinced about Mathew Neer’s 5K Formula System and you’re here doing your due diligence before making an informed decision of  whether it will indeed earn you instant cash as promised !

I do understand your concerns and commend you for that, when it sounds and looks too good to be true then maybe it’s something worthy delving into !

Buckle up my friend because I’m probing into this platform to find out whether it will be worthy one’s money, time and effort .

Whilst  doing so there is another opportunity I can recommend you too, not only will you be the boss and in control of your website plus a domain name tied to you, but it is also not a scam and very worthy of every penny and time you will invest in.

To test this platform is free no credit card/ payment information required either.

A General Overview And Ranking Of 5K Formula

Name: 5 K Formula System

Website: https://5kformula.com

Price : $ 39.99 and other upsells

Owners: Matthew Neer

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Who is 5K Formula for: Advanced and Beginners

Quick Summary Of $ 5k Formula


5K Formula is a revamped affiliate system you leverage to make money as an affiliate and member.

It’s engineered on Matthew Neer’s done-for-you sales funnels &  pages which he lets you use by putting your name on them then promote them as your own to prospects and start making instant  cash , when sales are made for you  they will send your commissions via PayPal.

Glancing at his sales page he starts by talking about himself and his top secret of making money which he is ready to share with the all world.

You are welcomed by a video that shows you how he lives an extravagant life as a result of bagging in cash using this autopilot system.

According to him you will have access to his secret to success when you sign up with click bank which ain’t free to join you will have to part with $ 39.99 only then will  you be able to leverage his 100 % free autopilot and start making money .

Your job is to send traffic to his high converting funnels which spills out cash like crazy. He claims this system has been tested and is proven to be working since it is what he uses to earn instant cash.

$ 5K Formula ‘s Pros And Cons

The Good

  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Done-for-you sales funnel which for me seems like a hindrance for your growth in digital marketing
  • No hosting fees required it’s their site hence no incurring fees from you
  • No domain fees required either why because you will use Matthew’s domain name

The Bad

  • Not being able to control your own business/website because everything is done for you
  • Unable decide on anything not even the products to promote they are chosen for you as well
  • Incurring extra bucks for the autopilot
  • Upsells that will sum up in paid traffic, webinars, squeeze page and a faster server
  • You will never be able to learn anything since you ain’t in control and everything is handle for you .

What Is 5k Formula System And who Owns It?


The system is owned and was primarily created by Matthew Neer in 2015  three years ago, but it was revamped this year in Jan and is now retailed on click bank for $ 39.99.

Prior to that the same system was promoted on several other sites.

He also created other systems  Wealth Ascension, List Leverage system and Viral Money Methods which are also closely similar to the 5K formula ‘s DFY.

What this system does is to teach it’s members ways of how to make money online imitating Mathews Neer’s sales Funnels and how to use them.

You just  have to plug your name onto his sales funnels then start promoting them to prospects as your own.

K Formula system is [DFY] done-for-you system which according to Mathew Neer is the new instant commission system, that makes him $ 5k on 100% free autopilot  in just 7 days.

He professes  you will have the privilege of using the exact sales funnels and pages which have been converting  for him, apparently they will equally convert for you too.

One may wonder if this system really works ? I just can’t affirm this for you, nor can I recommend it to anyone and as the saying goes not everything that glitters  is gold.

However, there is  no doubt sales funnels indeed do convert and it’s an exceptional way you can leverage to lure prospects into buying your products and earn handsomely.

Although Mathew  makes it seem like a very difficult task which requires rocket science, but the thing is anyone can create one if they have the knowledge or hire a programmer to create to create one .

You can  also learn and master the art of piecing together a sales funnel if you get the right training so it isn’t a top secret many advanced online entrepreneurs are using that exact method .

When you do get one in place you can be able to track and enhance the offers you provide to your prospects, you also get to increase your list of prospects who might turn into consumers later.

This way  you can still make money working as your own boss and not under someone to scale his system as he has a goal for $ 1 m  this year with your help of course. You will be helping him  get richer whilst you my friend may or may not get rich .

With that being said if you’re looking for a business to call your own, then this won’t be the case.

The chance of having control over your business is next to none here and so is making any decisions since all decisions are made for you and everything handled on your behalf!

Who Was 5K Formula System Created For ?

This platform was supposedly created for anyone looking for ways to earn money online advanced and newbies alike.

According to Matthew “if you tried to make money online but had no success then you’re i the right place, he will show you the fastest path you can make your first 5 K online in 7 days “

You don’t need to be an expert in digital marketing to join this system , all you have to do is follow the quick start guide on the drop menu

#. 1 Create your new account with click bank

#. 2 Upload your code

#. 3 Funnel link

#. 4 Click tracking

#. 5 Traffic Stream

In my opinion an advanced affiliate marketer would know better than to fall for any misleading gimmick.

If you have been in this industry or worked as an affiliate marketer you already know it’s a journey to build this business from scratch.

It requires patience, persistence and perseverance apparently there are no magic buttons to push open the flow in of cash .

We all know it takes some time to see results with affiliate marketing but in Mathew’s program he makes it seem so easy, you can see results instantly and without doing so much but just imitating his auto pilot sales funnel.

For a newbie this will seem somewhat enticing of course, and I wouldn’t  blame you if you were  jump to an opportunity  like this of making your first 5k instantly under 7 days,  who wouldn’t like that ?

When you watch his flashy video of money, cars, and all the trips plus the promises Matthew makes you can easily fall prey to his make 5k instantly formula system.


On his sales page though you will come across a click bank disclaimer where it ”states any claims made or examples given are proved to accurate, however, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether to purchase”

If they that partner with him have that type of disclaimer what does this prove to you! 

Would I recommend 5k Formula system to my family and friends?

My answer is no, but I have a better opportunity for you, where you will have a chance to learn, evolve and be the owner of your business plus have your name tied to your business and not the owners.

How Does 5K Formula Work?

As  I pointed out earlier in the post this platform is solely structured on Mathew Neer’s all done-for-you sales funnel system.

Which you have access to after becoming a 5K Formula system member by plugging your details into his system and then leave the rest up to him from doing the selling for you and then send you the commissions.

From the point you sign up you will be working directly with Matthew ‘s autopilot system which is inclusive of tools and materials you require moving forward

What To Except With The DFY Sales Funnel

  • The product : You will be earning !00% commissions on all the products in their sales funnel as if you owned them.
  • Upsells: You will be earning 50 % commissions on each product in their aggressive upsells funnel.
  • Selling system:Here pages, sales funnel plus offers for maximum possible conversion are analyzed to ensure you earn money for all the clicks you send
  • The Marketing Material: Every tool you need to market the products is You will have access to high CTR email swipes, banners, ads,  ppc keywords, classified ads, and so much more.
  • The done-for-you-setup; You will not have to worry about technical experience since all you need to work with is setup for you as soon as you become a member. In short, you will have access to every tool you need to kick start yours and Mathew’s business
  • Plugin & Profit: Literally everything will be made simple for you ,just access you unique link to help in tracking your commissions

You just have to sit back not doing so much as anything then leverage his sales funnel to start making money and the cherry on top of the cake is you actually don’t require to have any,

  • Technical experience if you’re not a novice in sending emails plus able to copy and paste that is just about it
  • Website of your own since you will be using his sales page
  • Domain name you will be using his domain name for free by just putting your name on it.
  • Hosting fees since it’s there domain name they will do the hosting as well.
  • Set up anything, everything is put in place for you just attach your commission link to your account and that is it

When you’re done with your account setup you will utilize according to Matthew his scientific cash flow extraction system by accessing the following on the to menu ,

  • The 5K Formula system
  • A five quick step guide
  • Click by click video training
  • Powerful traffic generating strategies
  • The high converting Sales Funnel
  • The done-for-you setup{DFY} all valued at $ 997 but now at a give away price of $ 39.99 if you act now since the page can disappear anytime according to Mr Matthew Neer..

The Methodical  $ 5K Access Price and Upsells

To access this product isn’t free you will have to cough out $ 39.99 to become a member, but that will not be all.

If you want to see results and not a penny-pincher like me then there are other incurring expenses you will have as well

  • Paid traffic : Although you can use free traffic, in order to have tons of traffic driven to the funnels you will have to pay $ 19.95 monthly for a profit pumping traffic stream which guarantees you 100 clicks. Question is will it really deliver and make you instant cash ? Who Knows ?
  • Fastest Servers: Do you want to be included on 5k’s fastest server this will incur $ 14.95
  • Sqeeze Page : Need a squeeze page no sweating just cough out $ 47
  • License Rights : If you want to earn 100 % commissions then having license rights will guarantee you total access to the entire product at $ 497

When you sum up every thing you will be spending some dime on this product, but does it really guarantee you will be making it back and more, I just can’t confirm this for you.

You maybe lured into the system thinking your $ 39.99 will be all you require to buy the product then start earning instant cash, but as you saw above there are other upsells and paying for traffic monthly will be a vital aspect you will require to make money on a monthly basis.

Whilst on the sales page some 5k members claim to earn it big within the system  that might not be the case for you.

Do I doubt you will be able to earn  the much Mathew claims to be making or even his members who testify to making huge sums?

I just don’t think you can If you aren’t ready for the upsells !

However, I will recommend you to my # 1 platform where to join is free and you can remain a free member for as long as you want .

The only drawback is you will be limited to some of the platform’s features whilst if you go premium you will be unlocking everything offered in this platform .

There is nothing like upsells , every thing is summed up into one package Which includes proper training actually hours of video ,text ,live webinars oh and not forgetting support from an entire community of over 1.5 m members, which includes the owners.

And guess what you will have 2 free websites plus hosting as free member and a premium 50 websites , whether your are a monthly premium, or yearly you will never worry about extra incurring costs .

Support At 5k Formula System

Support at 5K Formula is offered by his friendly support staff at the technical level and to customers if you have questions or concerns with the product or billing they will be there to answer them.

As I quote “they pride themselves on a rapid response time” you just have to send emails to support@5KFormula.com for help

Nb: as a member you won’t be dealing directly with your customers, as it is with everything at this platform they will be answering those questions / concerns on your behalf .

Is 5K Formula System A Scam?

Definitely not a scam but I wouldn’t recommend it to people, I do believe you can make some money with their system but it’s no guarantee either.

Maybe if you’re an advanced digital marketer and not new to online business you might have a clue of how these funnels work.

However, if you’re a total newbie in digital marketing I would hesitate to recommend this system to you.

Reason being you will never be able to evolve or learn anything, plus for someone starting out you don’t need to spend lots of money on a product that may or may not yield results .

On his sales page Matthew promises to work with you as a member and profit together, but bottom line is, this will never be your business!

It is his name on these sales funnels / sales pages, domain name plus not having control on anything might get a bit irritating, even in the real world or your offline business.

When you’re running a business whether online or offline you need to feel the sense of being in charge, informed and in total control of things that is the way you learn and master the business vs not being able to control anything.

If you want to join a legit platform where you can easily learn how to create your very own sales funnel and learn how to build and manage an online business with a website to your name go here to get rolling.

Formula System At A Glance

Name: 5K Formula System

Website: https://5kformula.com

Owner: Matthew Neer

Price: $ 39.99 plus upsells

Overall Ranking : 60 out 100

Who Is 5K Formula For : Advanced & Newbies

Verdict : Legit

My Take Away On This Platform

Sure thing  sales funnels do indeed convert as we saw above and you may or may not be able to make money with this system i can’t guarantee you  that .

Personally I do believe in the traditional way of  working as an affiliate marketer.

Where you will require  to have your own website, a domain name plus  be in total control of your online business, choose which products to promote and decide on everything that concerns your business vs all the DFY.

In my opinion if you want to become your own boss working online in long term business that will make you money.

The best way will be to have your presence online, and having a website can evidently and efficiently help to exhibit your services and contacts to the world plus enable you gain trust with your prospects.

As opposed to joining a system where you’re literally not the boss of your business, unable to control anything, decide on which products to promote, offer support to your customers and a lot more .

Although Matthew makes it seem like a top secret to use a sales funnel it really can be achieved by anyone if they knew how to design and put up one which does require you to be an expert in that regard or hire a web programmer to do it for you.

And if you’re a beginner with no experience at all, but have a dream of creating a blog /website in whatever niche of your choice to help others.

Needless to say this will never happen with Matthew’ s 5K Formula system since you don’t blog, use marketing strategies nor SEO.

With their DFY it will be next to impossible to master the traditional way of affiliate marketing .

Don’t quote me wrong though, I’m not saying it’s impossible to make the amount he professes you will make with his sales funnel.

As an  affiliate marketer it is very possible but not instantly, it’s something one has to work hard for,  invest time and exercise some patience to start earning.

Thank you for sticking around to this point and reading through this review of 5K formula system-does It really work or just another scam? I hope you found what you were look for.

It is your friend Barbara yet again always willing to help you start your journey working online around your passion.

Is there something you would like to add to this review, feel free to do so and has it been helpful in terms of making a decision to move forward ?

If that is the case please leave your  comment or question in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you I promise.

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal



How To Earn Money writing Reviews-Make your Opinion Count

To start an e-commerce business isn’t that difficult nowadays, Anyone can

very easily achieve this!

Photo by Camillie Orgel on Unsplash

It saves folks on renting a space for their businesses plus all the hustles an offline shop would require and enable them reach a larger market online.

That is why the internet has become an avenue where countless of products/ services are sold or purchased.

I do believe almost every one of us has at one point or time bought something online, by doing so someone must have gained from your purchase.

Naturally when it comes to purchasing products online, many a times folks literally rely on product reviews to get comprehensive information about the product.

They delve into different reviews to find out the quality, authenticity and compare different store prices, of that product before deciding on a purchase.

Product reviews are often instrumental to the consumer’s decision, as a result based on the reviews they read they make an informed decision to either purchase or not. Plus, reviews help Brands to improve on the quality of their goods /services.

What Does Statistics Say About E- commerce?

Statistics shows that by the year 2021,e-commerce global retail sales will rise to up $ 4.9 trillion, compared to the past years 2017 e-commerce generated $ 2.3 trillion in sales worldwide, $ 2.8 trillion in 2018 and come 2019 estimate is $3.5 trillion the numbers are still elevating.

Statistics also states that 85 % consumers rely on product reviews to make decisions on product purchases [ source oberio]

With such a high number of e-commerce global retail sales and high percentage rate of consumers pondering into product reviews.

You can only imagine how many products are out there for you to review, and how much you as a product reviewer can earn by just writing product reviews online while helping that high % of consumers to make an informed decision .

Behind those many sales are numerous Brands with various products you can leverage to write reviews for and earn handsomely.

Are you interested in becoming the next person in line to write product reviewers for online brands whilst offering your opinion to consumers ?

Then you my friend should stay put because I’m going to show you the best way of how you can get started to earn online writing product reviews.

How to get started ?

Are you wondering how to get started? Worry no more my friend because my ultimate goal is to show you different ways of how you can make money online, and in this post i will show you steps you can follow to start EARNING money writing product reviews and earn from them .

Of course there are numerous ways you can earn money online reviewing products below is a few of them

  • Answering product surveys,
  • Getting paid to test free products for top Brands/ Small businesses
  • Writing reviews on websites and get paid
  • Starting your own products review blog /website E.T.C

You just need to identify which one will work best for you. In this case I recommend getting started with your very own website, this is where you will be writing product reviews offering your opinion to consumers.

Build Your Website

You will need to have a presence on the internet where your readers/consumers will be coming to read all the reviews you will be writing from this point on.

Ideally having a website is going to be a necessity for you and not a privilege, which you’re going to need as you get started in your quest of writing reviews and turning this into a paying job so I strongly recommend you get started on building one .


Don’t let fear of being a novice in web programming/designing take over and stop you from taking a step to move forward, or not having enough funds to pay for web programmer/hosting deter you from pursuing your dream of making money online writing reviews.

Ever heard about this great platform one that offers training and has a community of supportive members who are willing to help you on your journey to success!

You don’t have to be an expert in web building /designing nor do you require to have a credit card/ payment details to get started.

If you haven’t I’m talking about Wealthy Affiliate it is beginner friendly and an excellent place for anyone starting out.

Everything is under one roof, from helping you in creating a website for free actually not one but two on their SiteRubix.com platform, to giving you support 24/7/365 and training you from the moment you join, all  this is achieved  at $ 0 to test the platform

Everything is simplified for you to get started no rocket science or the need to be an expert. With just a few mouse clicks and in less than 1 min you will have your website up and running ready for your review writing .

Affiliate Program You Can Write Reviews For

The internet has tons of affiliate programs and products for you to review

By Christian Wiediger on UnSplash

and make money. If your have been searching the net chances are you have bumped into the most popular e-commerce store “Amazon” and maybe bought something from them.

This is earth’s largest selection online shop that is famously known for selling different & innumerable products.almost everything is sold at Amazon .

They have an affiliate program [ Amazon Associates] for anyone who wants to partner with them and sell their products on your website by inserting links in your reviews.

You will earn commissions per each successful sale coming from your website if a prospect clicks on the link and makes a purchase. Commissions start from as low as 4% to 10 % varying on different products like ,

  • 4 % on Fashion, Shoes & Jewelry, Kindles & Fire Tablets Devices
  • 5 % on Digital music & Videos.
  • 8 % on Furniture, Home, Garden
  • 10 % on Luxury Beauty

Amazon is a great place to start with your products review writing, to sign up is easy and with their wide range of products selection I’m sure you will not have any difficult finding a product of your choice to review.

Amazon store is a well-known worldwide and trusted by most people it’s total share of e-commerce sales as of 2019 is 37%.

I strongly recommend you start with it then later evolve to other programs like i said earlier the internet has numerous affiliate programs with ready products for you to review.

Choosing the products to review

Now that your website is up and running ready to make money first and far you must delve into products you’re going to review.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash

It could be something your are accustomed to maybe you used it, or someone you know tried it.

This will help you in giving clarity to your readers based on your experience.

With the statistics quote  we saw earlier on in the post, you have a chance of finding as many products to review online as possible you just have to identify what the consumers are looking for.

Folks get on the internet to delve into reviews of just about anything to get the truth, it could be any of the products below plus a lot more ,

  • Baby stuff
  • Kitchen ware
  • Smart phones /phone accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Furniture
  • Dog stuff
  • Electronics
  • Computers/accessories e.t.c the list is endless .

Is It Mandatory To Test Each Product Prior To Reviewing It?

This might be a question you are asking yourself like how will I be able to purchase each and every product to test it in order to give my opinion about it.

Although it will be nice to write about your own experience in regard to the products you’re reviewing you don’t have to buy and test each product in order to write about it .

Assuming you have never purchased or tested the product this isn’t an hindering factor, you can do some research about that product, talk directly to some users who might have used it or and go through other reviews but be sure to write facts and not fabricated stories .

Elements To Consider When Writing Reviews

You should note as a product reviewer your ultimate task is to make sure, you provide very helpful, insightful and authentic information to your prospects.

You should write the good and the bad reviews either way you will be helping folks on making a deciding decisions and both ways you get paid

If you keep writing only the good reviews the consumers you’re trying to help might get suspicious, instead give them both the good and bad that way your can recommend the one you think is better .

There are literally some major elements to consider as well when writing reviews like the 4 principles “CIAO” in order to write eye-catching reviews they must be,

1. Captivating: In order to capture your reader’s interest and keep them reading through the entire review, your writing should be charming, like you were writing to a friend clarifying everything about the product not leaving out the good or bad, how the product can be helpful to them just don’t conceal anything you should offer your readers the facts of that product

2. Informative:Your reviews should be as extensive and informative as they could get, you should provide your readers with enough information that can lead to trusting you and making a decision to purchase the product, as opposed to less information which can incur loss of traffic and revenue if your readers were to mistrust and leave your site.

3. Accurate ; As you create your reviews it is very important to base your writing on facts and not fabricated stories there are many avenues you can obtain factual information if you do your research well.

The internet is a phenomenal source of information where you can learn just about anything be it a product or service you’re reviewing you can utilize,

  • The product’s websites and sales channels
  • Forums or online discussions platforms
  • In case, you used the product yourself give them facts based on your experience
  • YouTube, and other video platforms
  • Through other reviewers /bloggers and the authoritative websites in the industry
  • Direct communication with folks who have tried /used the product

You can also utilize any possible method available for you as long as you keep every thing true and accurate then you[re on the right track..

4. Opinionated: You must include your opinion in each review you write, because it does matter a lot to the consumers,they get on the internet to do their due diligence to  learn the truth of both the good and the bad Just be you and write what you feel or think about the product.

If you think it is good in any way, shape or form state that and if there are some drawbacks or downside to the product still put it out there and let your readers make an informed decision or recommend a better product.

Being opinionated makes your reviews more catchy and interesting for your readers and that my friend can be a good thing in terms of traffic and revenue.

With that being said you also have to be conscious of the intent of your readers /prospects since they come your site to find helpful and informative answers for various products .

It is your responsibility to find out what they are looking for and deliver that exact information they might be looking for like,

  • Comparisons with other products/ services
  • How the product /service works and it is down sides
  • Prices and upsells if there are any
  • Complaints of the product
  • Scams if you perceive it has one
  • Rip offs/ misleading gimmicks
  • BBB ratings
  • Success stories
  • income proof
  • Affiliate programs e.t.c

Getting Started With Your Review Writing

If you have taken a step to join wealthy Affiliate and you’re done with creating your website I greatly commend you, now you have access to WA’s Keyword research tool and Site Content platform which will play a major role in your reviews from this point on .

The next step will be to search for winning keywords and choose

Photo BY Jaimie Harmsen on Unsplash

meaningful titles targeting your chosen keywords, they have to make sense for your readers in order to rank well in search engines like Google, Bing  & Yahoo.

Keep your titles captivating and they should be to your liking, ones you won’t think of changing because once your reviews rank in google it’s uncalled-for when you constantly keep changing your them.

Site content has many features that are easy and simple to use which will be helpful with the lay out of your content when writing a review.

It has

  • Pre-installed templates free images
  • Spelling and grammar checker,
  • Automated publishing button where your content is published directly to your website if it is not considered duplicate and other features that will be helpful on your journey of writing product reviews

Now that you have this tool you can create review templates with a product /service overview as a summary for your readers.

When you take a good look at other reviews you will realize they all do have an overview section at the top right of the page.

This summary is very important in case the readers choose not to go through the entire review this summary will provide them with an insight of what the product/service all about good bad the costs e.t.c

Below Is How Your Review layout Template Should Look Like






Overall Rank:{XX out of 10}


A general overview of what the product is.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1

PRO #2


The Bad:

CON #1

CON #2



who will benefit from the product

Final Opinion of PRODUCT_NAME

Description of the product goes here

My Key Take Away

To start earning from your reviews might take a while, but trust me when you keep posting rich keyword review content on your website in a uniformity manner like at least twice or more a week  it won’t be long before your hard  work pays off !

Remember to include the product’s name and keywords  in a few paragraphs of your content then search engines will recognize your site.

When your posts are indexed in search those engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo then consumers will find them which means traffic to your website. it won’t be long before money starts rolling in..

Talk about the products you’re reviewing based on your experience, or research and show the difference between the

  • Scams
  • Ripoffs
  • Complaints
  • BB Rantings
  • Genuine products,
  • Price comparisons
  • Benefits of the products to the consumers then recommend to them the best product .

And adding exceptional images is also essential plus don’t let your prospects get suspicious of you by keeping each review a good one share your opinion on the good and bad alike.

Last but not least utilize the social media platforms each  time you post content on your website, be sure to share on all the social medias you’re signed to like Twitter and Facebook if you ain’t signed up yet it’s something you should consider doing. .

Social media platforms have enormous users who might turn out to be prospects for your reviews hence driving traffic back to your website and earning commissions.

As usual, it’s your friend Barbara thanks for sticking around to this point. If you found this post helpful, have something you need to add or some questions drop them in the comment area below and I will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal



Legendary Marketer 3.0 After Modification Review-Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Hello, thanks for visiting onlinewealth4all.com’s Legendary Marketer 3.0 Review After Modification -Is it a scam or legit?

Like we all know not everyone in affiliate marketing succeeds without a proper training and tools to help them scale their businesses online.

The internet has innumerable training platforms one can leverage to get started in the online digital marketing industry.

One of them is the Legendary Marketer 3.0, I will presume you have heard about it since, it’s  buzzing in the online world !

Do you envision affiliate marketing as your side hustle, or plan on trading your 9-5 job to work as an entrepreneur online, and whilst searching  for a training platform you bumped into LM?

If you’re inquisitive and uncertain about this Legendary Marketer 3.0,and  have the need to query into Legendary market 3.0 whether it’s a misleading gimmick, MLM  or an upsell company?

I should also say you’re in luck and have come to the right place.

Apparently I have dug into LM and in this review, I’ ll fill you in on the details of this platform and It will be up to you to make an informed decision about LM whether it’s legit or a scam. Without further ado Let’s get into it.

Below Is What we’re going to cover

  • A general overview of LM
  • Legendary Marketers pros & cons
  • What. Legendary Marketer’s 3.0′
  • Who was Legendary Marketer created for
  • How does Legendary Marketer work?
  • Legendary Marketers’ product overview
  • Legendary Marketers’ products & prices
  • Legendary Marketers affiliate program’s commissions
  • My summarized overview
  • My final take on Legendary Marketer

A general overview of Legendary Marketer

Product Name: Legendary Marketer

Owner ;David Sharpe {a.k.a Duplicate Dave }

Website URL https://legendarymarketer.com

Price; Free to join but has other payment options

{Starting from $ 30 monthly to $ 30000 one time }

Overall Rank 90 out of 100

Who is Legendary Marketer for

Total Newbies & Experts With Some Money To Spend

Legendary Marketer’s Pros & Cons


1. Step-By-Step Training

Legendary Marketer’s step-by-step training is structured to educate folks digital marketing  skills  and not lose you, once you join the platform they assign you a coach/business plan adviser whose goal is to guide you through the entire step-by-step learning process and  to ensure you have answers to any questions that might arise in your training.

Which is a good thing for  a beginner to have someone to guide and walk you through the entire process of scaling and building your business online.

2. High Commission Payment Rates

Most of LM’s products are highly priced and the commissions are equally high the lowest being 40% and the highest 60%.

As an affiliate for LM you can literally make up to $ 1,2000 which is quite a large sum don’t you think?

With such high commissions rates, you only need to make a few sales before you start living your dream life!

3. Guaranteed 30 Day Money Back Refund

Legendary Marketer has money a back guarantee policy which only applies to subscription-based products like the Legendary Marketer’s club. $ 30.

Nb it only applies within your 30 days of subscription.

I think this is indeed a good thing it gives you a chance to test out the platform’s resources and training for a full month.

If, you feel the platform will not work for you then cancel your subscription and request for a full refund it sounds like a win, win situation don’t you think?

The Cons

1. Highly Priced Products

LM has a wide range of products and most of them are extremely expensive for an average person like me.  I don’t know about you my friend I’m only here to guide you then you will make your informed decision.

These upsells include their mastermind classes if you’re on a limited budget you might not afford some of them.

2. Paid Traffic

Are you the type that is against incurring extra costs and on a tight budget, then this will not work for you. The training focuses on paid traffic for your promotional campaigns on sites like,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

and other social media platforms. So this will require you to spend some extra bucks and if your vision is to quit your job I would recommend you wait till your business picks up.

3. Low-Income potential: Don’t quote me wrong there is a possibility to achieve $ 1000 or more in a day if you’re promoting the high ticket products, but you should also note  LM has a disclaimer projection of the annual income $ 500 to $ 2000.

There are no emancipation lessons: You are literally trained on how to promote their products, any hopes of building your own business and working for yourself is given a back sit.

If you’re looking for freedom to promote and grow your business, their training focuses on promoting LM s products

You only earn commission: The only way to earn high commissions is by promoting those high ticket products or purchasing them yourself.

Let’s presume you’re a monthly $ 30 LM club member and promoting one of the upsell products of say $ 2500 or more, you will have to sell  at least 3 of those products to qualify for commissions.

What Is the Legendary Marketer 3.0?

Legendary Marketer 3.0  is an online digital marketing program that was founded and is owned by David Sharpe a.k.a Duplicate Dave.

David Sharpe has an experience of over 9 years in digital marketing ,he went from a broke construction worker sleeping on his dad’s coach, to a business mogul in the industry who has generated up to $ 250 millions with his 3 successful established multi-million dollar companies.

Apart from running his businesses he has also coached and mentored over 500000 students from across the globe imparting them with knowledge through his courses and live events.

The legendary marketer was structured on Dave’s proven sales funnel system that seems to be working for the members. To say the least, their curriculum is indeed legit except for the many up sells that are pushed upon the members.

It’s a high ticket digital marketing program that offers training courses to folks with existing or those considering to venture into entrepreneurship to build and grow  thriving businesses online

At LM, you will learn all the necessary digital marketing skills required in building and managing a business, or how to make an existing business thrive online.

Aside from learning affiliate marketing and other skills, you also earn commissions as an affiliate for LM through promoting their products and encouraging prospects to join,

Legendary Marketer has a wide range of products you can choose to promote and earn handsomely dependent on the choices you make.

Who Was Legendary Marketer Created For?

Legendary Marketer was created for folks who want to earn a living online It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner in internet marketing or a monumental entrepreneur.

Their system was designed for all levels of affiliate marketers as long as you are willing to invest some cash in advertising/paid traffic and other Up sells then this was created for you.

In case, you’re a cheap-stake like me who just can’t afford the up sells then this might not work for you.

Why because there ain’t any other way around it. If you want to succeed and thrive in your online business at LM’s playing field, investing in traffic and other up sells is something you have to consider .

Do You,

  • Want to learn digital courses, personalized virtual training, highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events then this has your name written on it and possibly earn a living doing just that
  • Longing for financial freedom and live your dream lifestyle
  • Have an existing business online but it ain’t working out for you
  • Dream of becoming a coach/selling courses online
  • Looking at becoming an influencer online and sell just about anything.

If the above list fits your criteria needless to say you’re in the right place.

However, if you fall into the category below then I suggest you don’t waste your time,

  • On a budget and not willing to part with your money
  • Thinking of getting rich fast
  • Unwilling to put in time, effort and patience

It is evident Legendary Marketers has various ultimate worthwhile training resources/ products you can choose from to make your business thrive online. Though this will entirely depend on your budget and how much you’re willing to part with due to all the upsells

Regardless of the choice you’re bound to spend some fees in advertising for your promotional campaigns {paid traffic} in order to see great results.

However, if that ain’t included in your budget, maybe you should try out this program where you are offered tools that help you get organic traffic to your website and there are no up sells.

Otherwise you should think twice before giving up you’re a day job, as this ain’t a get rich scheme it takes a while to see results If you don’t get traffic to your website.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

Prior to their modification this year, you would have to buy a product in order to join, but since they made some changes they introduced a 15 days online builder challenge which gives you access to the platform and equips you with knowledge of how to  start and manage an online business.

The 15-days step-by-step guidelines are offered in video formats each day with useful tasks to complete.

Plus, you’re assigned a coach/ business plan adviser to help you through the all process of growing and managing your business and applying that knowledge. In a way, I think this good who wouldn’t like to have a personal coach/adviser?

The legendary marketer has a one level affiliate training program [Legendary Marketer Club] which teaches folks digital marketing skills that will help them in building their online businesses.

Everything concerning digital marketing is taught at LM they cover  valuable topics on

  • Facebook ads
  • Lead generation
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram
  • Facebook marketing strategies

And you can access their other resources to help you  in you’re promotional campaigns like

  • Banners
  • Ad copy
  • Landing pages
  • Video Ads
  • 45-day email copy sequence.

Aside from learning robust digital marketing courses, you also earn commissions as an affiliate for LM by promoting their products and encouraging prospects to join.

Legendary Marketer has a wide range of products you can promote and earn handsomely depending on the promotional % of the product.

Legendary Marketer Products Overview

To join Legendary Marketer is free with the 15 days online builder challenge as we saw above, but there are other optional costs for LM ‘s selection of  products which start from as low as $ 30 monthly, $ 2500 a one-time payable fee for their Blueprints, to the highest rated product at $ 30000.I will list a few of them for you below

Legendary Marketers club: This training program will educate you all the necessary digital marketing skills you need on how to build and grow your business or how to make the existing business thrive online

Legendary Marketers club is  the Netflix of LM’s training in digital marketing and it is the only monthly subscription program.

The program is filled with educational resources that will impact you with knowledge and a foundation you need to grow and manage your  online business.

As a member of this club, you will have access to quite a no of training resources that will help you start, grow and scale your online business.

The training designed in a way that will help it’s members to develop their skills in business at only $ 30 a month they will be able to access the following

  • The journey to 250000 YouTube Subscribers
  • Sales Secrets From The 5-Billion Dollar Man
  • Learn and get real-time feedback each week on live Q & A  webinars From 6 & 7 figure marketer

The Traffic Rolodex Bundle: This a one-time payment product that will help you scale your business to the next level using paid traffic on social media platforms

You will have help from some the LM top experts in advertising walking you through the process and showing how to dominate on these platforms

This bundle consists of 8 different individual courses that train you the mechanics of advertising on social media sites below you won’t be left alone you.





•Google Display Network

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint: This training teaches you to promote other folks’ products through an affiliate program and It is revenue sharing based.

In this Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint, you’ll be taught ways of how to get set-up in your digital marketing business, and how to dig into the thousands of products online that are there for you to choose the winners to promote and make your sales.

Digital products business blueprint: This teaches you the ropes of utilizing your expertise, or interest into an audio, video, and written format from planning your curriculum to delivering it to your prospects

All you require is a PC, the zeal and a passion to work hard plus, sometimes on hands to get started.

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint: If your intention is to become a coach /consultant then look no further I believe this product works well for you that’s if you ain’t a cheapskate.

What you get with this product is to fast and far most identify your passion.expertise and then utilize it to create offers and clarify your pitch. You also get to learn service delivery and scaling your business for profit.

Events And Masterminds Business Blueprints; A one-time fee product if you’re ain’t the shy type and hosting, or facilitating a live event is your cup of tea then you’re in luck because this was created with you in mind.

The training will teach you the art of becoming a talented influencer, show you the ropes of how to plan, host, profit and save on costs.

Legendary Leader Mastermind: It trains you to become a leader and dominate in the marketplace while expanding your brand, scaling and product messaging ways that will enhance the growth of your business.

You also get the opportunity of receiving interviews from the top experts /advanced leaders from different industries imparting you with their knowledge and tips. Which will help your growth in the business?

It’s a foundation product filled with marketing and business strategies for creating and managing a digital marketing business as a member you will have access to a master class that teaches leadership principles,

The Live In-Person Events

The Legendary Marketer Mastermind: This.a 3 days live in-person mastermind event class which imparts its members with state-of-the-art knowledge in topics like traffic, how to strategies in lead generations, plus conversions all taught by experts in the online world.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind: Another live in-person mastermind event that covers a wide range of topics from health, wisdom, hack, performance strategies, growth tips in your business to ways of how to grow and protect your wealth

Legendary Marketer Products And Prices

To succeed online you have to get the right training and help to take your business to the next level. In many cases, it does require some help from professionals which at one place I know it’s free to start, then later pay per your wish otherwise as a total newbie it tends to be very hard moving forward with no guidance and prior knowledge in the cyberspace business

Therefore, you have to choose a program that will train you to become a master at the game. Question is does it really have to be the high ticket? I will leave that for you to make a wise but also informed decision.

Below are the prices of Legendary Marketers and they’re optional. It is up to you to make the decisions to buy and promote them.

  • Legendary Marketer 15-days step-by-step Business Builder Challenge Which. Free To Join
  • Legendary Marketer Club at $ 30 per month
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle $ 247 [one time]
  • Events & Masterminds Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time ]
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint $ 2500:[ one time]
  • Invisible Influencer $ 997 [one time ]
  • Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time]
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint $ 2500 [one time]
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass $ 2500 [one time]
  • Legendary Master leader Masterclass $ 2500 [ one time]
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind $ 8000 [one time]
  • Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $ 12000 [ one time]

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Commissions

Legendary Marketer has a very high rated commission % for it. Affiliates which are categorized into two The Basic affiliate which. Free to join and Pro affiliate will cost you $ 30 a month I guess it. worth it since you will be earning high commissions.

The Basic affiliate receives a commission rate of 10-30 % depending on the products you’re promoting

whilst a Pro affiliate receives 40-60 %. Below I will show you how much to expect depending on each product

Legendary Marketers Club; $ 18 for pro vs $ 9 for basic

Traffic Rolodex – $ 98.80 for pro vs 24.70 basic

Affiliate Business Blueprint – $ 1000 pro vs 250 basic

Digital Business Blueprint -$ 1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Coaching & Consulting Business Blueprint # 1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Events & masterminds Business Blueprint- $1000 pro vs $ 250 basic

Legendary Marketer Mastermind – $ 3200 pro vs $ 800 basic

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind $ 4800 pro vs $ 480 basic

Do I Think You Will Make Money With LM

I will not sugar coat anything since even LM has a disclaimer in place which states that the annual average income one can make. between $ 500 to $ 2000 so who I’m to give you false hope but this is just a projection.

Though truth be  told there are successful stories of people I know within the platform, that are making commissions and also if you browse through other reviews you will see the proof yourself. of how folks promoting LM show proof of their achievements  in their screenshots.

Regardless of that I also think success at LM is  achieved mainly by those willing to invest in paid traffic and remember the training focuses on paid traffic, therefore if you’re unwilling to invest in  your promotional campaigns then it might not be easy for you my friend.

Since it is all dependent on which products you will buy and promote as well I doubt if the $ 30 monthly membership will fetch you as much as someone promoting  the up sells products would earn.

Regardless of LM ‘s products being expensive, their recompasation programs can enable you to make the money back dependent on which products you promote.

If you feel this ain’t for you and want to try another option where there no up sells I would recommend you check  out this other  opportunity that has been proven to work for many.

To join is Completely free and by far this is my favorite platform, you don’t have to pay for traffic here. In short, you won’t have to worry about it unless you desire that. There are tools in place to help you with getting traffic organically.

My Summarized Overview

Name; Legendary Marketer

Sales Page URL;https://legendarymarketer.com

Owner: David Sharpe a.k.a Duplicate Dave

Price: Free to join but has other payment options

{Starting from $ 30 monthly to $ 30000 one time }

My Overall Ranking: 90 out of 100 %

Who Was it Created For:: Newbies & Monumental Entrepreneurs
Who Have The Means


My Final Take On Legendary Marketers

Since LM made certain changes earlier this year anyone can join without first buying into their products as it were the case prior to the revamp.

Basically this has made it easier for folks to test it out the free 15 days step-by-step business builder challenge before choosing to stick around or not.

Their curriculum has lots of training resources and tools like live events training, videos training, live webinars, and the cherry on top of the cake is a coach/ business planner adviser that is assigned to each member, and if you’re money bags then you will have the big man himself Duplicate Dave as your personal coach if you can afford to part with $ 30000.

Do I think LM  is a Scam or an MLM company ?  No I don’t think so, further from it, I just think there are so many upsells pushed on their members which makes it a no go area for me.

I just can’t afford to spend money I don’t even have. If, your anything like me and feel you can’t afford LM’s upsells you should try out this  free to get rolling opportunity

If you have any comments or something more you need to share feel free to drop them in the comment area below and I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Once again it is  your pal, Barbara, thanks for reading Legendary Marketer 3.0 review

Have you a nice day

Your friend



Build A Website In 30 seconds For free-Have Your Presence-Online

Hi, welcome to this post of how to build a website in 30 seconds at no cost. Do you want to have a web-presence, and are you looking for help in that regard?

It could be for your WooCommerce shop, a local business, a niche related website/ blog or even turn this to a business building website for clients.

I know building a website might seem a bit scary mainly if, you have no experience in that regard, but you shouldn’t let this worry you since, it can be easily achieved without much effort and I’m very sure you will have a thrill creating one !

Do you want to build a website in 30 seconds for free and experience this for yourself ? If so, that is awesome stick around and I will show you how super easy & simple it is to have your presence on the internet.

Building A Website Made So Simple, like learning to ride Bike

Nowadays AnyOne can build a fully revenue generating website within no time and at no cost at all, you don’t have to hire a web programmer/ designer or required to be knowledgeable in web programming. In fact it has been made so simple just like learning to ride a bike !

Having your presence online is similar to SomeOne who owns a real Estate Property offline, only in this case it will a property online.

Not only are you’re going to be building a website as a foundation for your business. You’re also building a brand that will lead in gaining you trust online through the help, you will be offering to others with your written content whilst promoting products/services, or if it’s an online shop by selling your products to generate an income.

Regardless of the type of website you want to build, with just a few mouse clicks you will have a beautiful website up and running and live to the all world in just 30 seconds.

What You Need To Build A Website

Having your presence online shouldn’t be difficult if you, get the right framework and a place to help you store the website for you.

First off you will need to choose,

1. A Website builder: This is the framework you need in building your website. There  are varieties of those out there like Wix,WordPress, Constant contact, Site I23,Weebly e.t.c.

But today I’m only here to talk about WordPress because it’s what I would strongly recommend to anyone.

You might be wondering why is wordpress my # 1 recommendation? Well my friend, WordPress is a very robust, flexible, and diverse framework yet simple to use.

It does come with many features like nice looking Themes, Plugins, Content Management System (CMS)  a classic editor to help you with your content creation  this will be useful moving forward.and so much more .

This framework is famously used by major companies like Neflex ,Foursquare, Comcast e.t..c thats why I strongly recommend it.

2 A Hosting Platform a place that will be keeping your website for you, it’s like storage room for your website and manages every thing to do with your website.

Again there are several other platforms you can delve into like Pagely ,Wp Engine, Pressable e.t.c but I have my # 1 recommendation for you and that is SiteRubix.com at Wealthy Affiliates .

SiteRubix is specialized in providing secure robust and super fast speed for your website not only that, it is exceptionally optimized for wordpress websites,with a guarantee of a very dependable backed up website

There are other powerful features within siterubix that are both for a starter member and a premium member

  • SiteManager (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteContent (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteBuilder (Starter & Premium)
  • SiteDomains (Starter & Premium)

The good news is no requirements for payment information or credit card to get started.

Would you like me to help you build a website? If your answer is yes click here to get started

Let’s Build Your WordPress Website

To get started you need to follow 4 fundamental but simple steps

# .1 Choosing a type of website

To get started you actually have two options either sign up at Wealthy Affiliates, or go straight to SiteRubix.com to build your website. Either way you become a member of WA by just filling in your names, email address and you’re good to go.

Moving forward you will have to choose the type/kind of a website,

  • The free website:With this you have a limit of two free websites built and hosted on SiteRubix.com at no cost at all
  • Domain: Wealthy Affiliate has a state of art platform called SiteDomains this where you register your very own Domain which is like owning your own piece of real estate online like my ” onlinewealth4all.com”

However, in this case we’re going to start off with a free website on SiteRubix.com which is completely 0 to get rolling 

Nb as a premium member at WA you will be able to register a domain of your own if you want to own one You register through the SiteDomain

# 2. Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing a Domain name for your website, depends on your interest/hobby as a person, and in consideration of your niche. It will become your brand & URL moving forward, so it’s only fair you choose accordingly.

Let’s say your interest is in MMO {Making Money Online} then use something in the lines of,

  • onlinewealth4all.com
  • waystomakemoneyonline.com
  • earnrevenueonline.com

if your interest is health you choose a name that coordinates with that interest like healthysnacks.com ,liveahealthlife.com e.t.c.

You can also use your own name as a domain name e.g barbaradesigns.com, barbaraonlineshop.com if its woocommerce online store.

Once you have chosen the domain name, type it into the required field and find it’s available. if you find out its been already taken you continue with the search till you get one that is available & will work for you.

Nb don’t leave spaces in a domain name e.g. “onlinewealth4all.com”
and you can never change a domain name.

# 3. Choosing A Title For Your Website

Your website title should be similar to the domain name, but in case you want to change it you can do that.the only difference here your website title must be spaced like “Online Wealth 4 All” and has to be grammatically correct

.# 4. Choosing A Design for your website:

With your free website you have access to over 12 hand-picked high quality themes to choose from. Themes do differ and they are created for different topics so depending on your interest you will have to choose one that is adaptable and compatible with your niche/interest .

Let’s assume your interest is in football, it wouldn’t make sense if you chose a theme that works well for restaurants

Nb: when choosing a theme first read the theme’s details. I remember when I was building my first website on SiteRubix I had no idea which theme to choose. I went for what looked good in my eyes which I later discovered wasn’t working perfectly with my niche.

Click Here To Watch The video Illustration Of How To Build A Website

My Final Take 

To build a website at WA  has been  made easier and fun for anyone looking to achieve that . You don’t have to be an expert in that field to build one neither do you require to hire a web programmer .

SiteRubix platform has your website covered from backing it up to a superb site speed,no worries for hackers  or spammers everything is taken care of for you.

Thanks for sticking around and reading this post if  you have any questions, comments, or want to add something to this article. Feel free to leave you comments in the comment area below, i will surely get back to you as soon as i possibly can .

Have a nice day

Your Pal



What Is The Best Way To Make Money From Home-The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide


Hello and Welcome to Online Wealth 4 All’ s What’s The Best Way To Make Money Online The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide My name Is Barbara and I am the founder of this site.

I personally believe that anyone can earn wealth in the online world if they put in the required effort and find the right opportunity to get started.

Hence, my reason for creating this site to motivate, encourage, inspire & empower ordinary folks like you and I by showing you the best ways of how you can make money online from the comfort of your own home.

My goal is to turn my talk into action by showing you what steps to take in creating your own fulfilling, and successful work from home jobs. If, you have a different view on this post feel free to share in the comment section at the end of this post

With the internet diversifying each day, it’s appealing to folks to chose  working online vs offline, the problem many of them encounter in most cases is determining the right course of action that will help them to expand their horizons whilst learning new skills.

The internet has a lot of misinformation, with all the rip offs and misleading upsells one will become frustrated and confused scrolling through a countless number of pages to find the best way to start earning a living online legitimately.

You spend precious time running searches, time you would have spent wisely to get started in building your business online. This is why I am here to give you pointers and do the research for you to save you all the trouble.

Believe me you, there are certainly innumerable ways you can earn and create an income online legitimately. With the many services /goods both sold or bought online, you can practically find something that fits your criteria with just a few  clicks of a mouse and start growing and managing your business from there.

You Don’t Have To Be Trapped-Change Your Life For The Better.

A great thanks for choosing to visit  this site, I commend you for sticking around. It shows you’re indeed interested in learning how to make money online  and you’re an action taker, who knows what you want.

I  do  have a question for you though, have you ever felt stuck, in that everything you tried was like spinning some sort of wheels? That was me once upon a time.

I used to work long tireless hours, but never achieved the goals of living my dream life. Being away from my girls and not spending enough time with them was quite painful and It did take a toll on me.

Working long hours and not being able to achieve my dreams was not helpful either until one day  when I made a decision to make some changes in my life by ditching my 8-to-6 and look into work-from-home jobs.

I have been able spend more time with my family and I’m glad I made this decision to work on my own times and at my appointed anytime.

You don’t have to be trapped in a job you don’t like, or chained to a desk everyday working long hours, stressed because you’re missing out on your family activities, have less time with your children or none at all!

When you can easily change that by becoming your own boss and manage your time building a brand, or make this your side hustle whilst spending time with your family.

As the old saying goes knowledge is the power, I found an incredible and reliable platform that imparts you with knowledge of making money online in affiliate marketing and gives you an insight on how people are thriving online.

I don’t regret at all about  making this wise decision of improving my life by following this step-by-step guide which has imparted me with knowledge and skills I needed in building and managing a business online.

I will not sugar coat anything though I want to be as transparent as possible, to say the list this hasn’t been an easy journey.

Success doesn’t happen overnight or within one day, as we all know success is a journey, and there are no magical buttons here to push for money to start rolling in that’s a wrong mindset .

Have I succeeded in achieving all my set goals yet? Truthfully not all of them, but I am ain’t worried either, I knew when signing up that this wasn’t a get-rich-scheme and I ‘m happy to work hard and persevere for my dreams.

So, if you’re looking for the get-rich-quick scheme you might as well stop right here, don’t waste your precious time by proceeding with the read, it will be a total waste of your time .

However , if  you’re here to delve into a long-term or part-time way of making money online, then you my friend should stick around and follow through because I will show you how to get started who knows you might thank me later.

You can choose to break the cycle today and start working on your terms, the choice you make now will create your future dreams and any effort, no matter how modest it won’t be in vain trust me. You will put in a lot of work in the beginning but later it will be worth a while.

All you have to do is to push open that door and discover what awaits you by getting started here. Many times the smallest step in the right direction might become the biggest step in your life.

A lot Has Changed In This New Era -You Don’t Be Left Behind

The world has diversified at very high speed in the course of time and the internet has become a different playing field, where folks are building revenue-generating empires online and as time drifts away the numbers keep rising tremendously.

You too can choose to go with the flow or remain stuck in the old era.

Considering that quite a number of offline businesses are closing down and many folks are forced out of their jobs, unemployment has impelled folks to make choices of earning a living online.

Therefore, you’re bound to meet some competition in any method you might choose.

You shouldn’t let this deter you from moving forward in the pursuit of your dream, everyone has a chance to make it with patience, perseverance, persistence, and handwork.

Whether you’re are searching for some part-time gig, or after a long term sustainable and fulfilling income online, there are certainly different ways you can earn money on the internet in any method you choose as long as you have the mindset and discipline you require moving forward.

Later on in the post, I will introduce you to one of the top best ways to make money from home as a beginner it requires no prior experience plus you don’t need huge sums of money to get started.

An Ultimate step-by-step guide that will train you the ropes of building a long sustainable online business in affiliate marketing.

Anyone can learn and master this business from young folks, middle-aged, or retired, male, female plus where you come from will not deter you from joining or learning new skills.

We all can share on this piece of pie and earn decently from trusted brands all you need is a desktop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Can Anyone Make Money On The Internet ?

Oftentimes folks wonder if it is really possible for any regular person to earn a living on the internet since the competition is high, and if so what is the best way to make money from home working online?

To answer those questions, yes there is money online and ANYONE can indeed earn a living working online regardless of the competition.

The internet is a very huge space with many realistic opportunities and different directions you can leverage. to make that happen.

Some can produce immediate results that will cater for your basic needs like utility bills, rent and groceries e.t.c but the payout might  not be great enough to buy you that dream home, or cover expenses for your desired trips.

Whilst others are gimmick upsells, and some are not in favor of a beginner who has no prior knowledge of getting started with online jobs.

However, there other realistic methods  that will transform your life and provide you financial freedom.

It’s entirely up you to choose what will work best for you and the fact still remains we can all earn something online if we chose what fits our criteria and put in the effort.

Is There Success Online & Can It Change One’s Life?

When you surf the internet you will come across obvious testimonies of how folks are earning wealth online whilst building brands. and YES you can certainly become successful online no doubt about that, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any failures as well, not every one online is succeeding

Statistics state that 70% fail online, I think it all depends on the individuals, the direction they chose, and misleading information. Plus some tend to quit after a few failed attempts because they are not patient enough to wait for and  see results.

With that being said there are literally different ways folks earn online, some are either through active income which will require you to work actively to get paid for your time.

It can be hourly, weekly or monthly and passive income where you do the work one time and get paid numerous times even while in your sleep.

Don’t forget the internet is also full of upsells and misleading gimmicks of get-rich-quick schemes you may encounter .along the way.

I believe this is partly the reason why many folks encounter failure along the way and some end up quitting. 

However if, you get acquainted with the right opportunity to work online you will definitely stick around to see it though & get the end results.

Therefor in regards to misleading gimmicks /upsells  when you feel the opportunity is too good to be true, I recommend you ignore and move on because not everything they promise you is a fact these folks are only trying to make a buck off of you by selling you their upsell products.

Does Working Online Appeal To You & Wonder If It’s For You?

You’re being on this page insinuates you must be probing into the best ways to make money from home.

If my presumption is right and  working online is unquestionably appealing to you, but deep down you harbor questions, or fear of failure and not knowing how to get started good thing you stuck around to this point.

I do understand you my friend, you shouldn’t stress  though I’m here to help  answer your questions, and overcome that fear of failure. 

All you need is to find the right method that fits your criteria and guidance or training to get you rolling.

As I mentioned earlier you can indeed earn a living online and make it your full/part-time job.it doesn’t matter what direction you chose as long you get the right training you will start and manage a thriving and fulfilling business online.

If, you’re indeed serious about earning money online and decided that you willing to do whatever it takes to live your dream lifestyle, i applaud you for wanting to cause change for you and your family s well-being!

Therefor i’m going to let you in on a secret that has been proven to work for many. Need my help to get started on how to build  your business online  then below is the way to go,

Passive income though it’s a long stride once you’re established it’s long term and you can make money even whilst in your  sleep which will lead to achieving your life dreams.

It would be an exaggeration if I told you this will be easy because it isn’t but in the long run it will be worth all your efforts.

The benefits will come down the road and it continues whether you’re still putting in the work or stopped at some point it’s an upward and downward business which requires perseverance, patience& persistence

Majority of folks are earning online in passive income it has worked for many actually 1000s of people and it’s been proven & tested to be 100% effective by many.

Although you put in a lot of work at the beginning you will be gaining recurrently in the future, you just have to give it your all by making your business the first priority.

Bear in mind you are now working for yourself so it’s only fair you should give it your all

Otherwise if you’re the type that is looking for quick cash, a quitter, putting in less effort, or not at all and anticipate money to just roll in then this ain’t for you my friend.

Unless you have Claire Voyant’s crystal ball to assist you then you my friend don’t belong here. I recommend you stop now to avoid wasting more of your time reading through.

What To Start With When Looking At Work-From-Home-Jobs ?

For someone who is just starting out with no prior knowledge of how to start an online business, or encountered  some scam sites which I also fell victim to a couple of them you definitely must have concerns and worries of course as to which method/direction to go and  this is quite understandable.

Let me just put your mind at ease, I do know how frustrating it can be I was in your shoes not long ago so I do have a clue of how you feel.

But I discovered this reliable and honest way one can utilize to make money online in a legit step-by-step guide that shows you the ropes of how you to make money online. Believe me you will never worry about being scammed again I know because I don’t anymore.

This step-by-step ultimate guide doesn’t involve start-up-capital, renting of space for your business, hiring of employees or finding customers all those necessities you would have worried about in starting an offline business.

In this case, there are numerous ready products & services for you to promote on your website and earn the commission which is called Affiliate Marketing it gives you.

  • Freedom to take vacations whenever you want no more asking for permission
  • Build a brand and work to achieve your goals, not around your boss’s and enriching others.
  • Choose which hours and time to work in a day instead of a 9-to-5 job.
  • Earn more than your 9-to-5 would usually pay you each month
  • Get enough time for your family and not miss out on your children growing up

Where To Go From Here, Ever Heard About Affiliate Marketing?


If  not, Affiliate Marketing means promoting other peoples products and earning a commission from those sales.

Affiliate Marketing gives you the resilience to work with an interest or passion as long as you have a website.

Fundamentally what you do is to promote/recommend other peoples products you do this by putting affiliate links in the written content on your website. It can be a review or blog.

When the consumer clicks on that link and buys the product from the company you’re promoting you will earn a commission from the sale.

The internet has many companies with affiliate programs you can utilize and a wide selection of millions of products to choose from and promote.

1000s of ordinary people like you and I from different walks of life are making money using this ultimate step-by-step guide it’s been tested and proven by many to be working.

This means if it indeed it worked for them, you my friend are no exceptions, as long as you have the will power and zeal to see it through.

Take this step to become the next success story like the ordinary folks out there who chose to change their lives for the better and they are now living their dream lives.

Like I said earlier in the post this method won’t require you to worry about all the necessities needed for an offline business instead there are  1000s of  ready to sell products /services  for you to promote.

Do you want me to help you get started if that’s the case I will walk you through all the steps you need to get rolling.

You may be wondering now what is next Barbara how do I begin ? Well my friend this is very simple, the first thing you need to do is to choose a topic.

It can be a hobby or passion for something you enjoy doing, an interest you can utilize into a fulfilling work from home job by turning your passion into profits and becoming an entrepreneur in different businesses/ niches online like,

  • Traveling
  • Technology
  • cooking
  • Relationships
  • online marketing
  • Sports any type
  • Gardening
  • Playing guitar
  • Health
  • Traveling
  • Dogs
  • Relationships
  • Gardening
  • Books e.t.c

Once you have chosen a niche/interest the next thing you will want to think about is which platform to use for your website. There are many alternatives out there it could be Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, Medium, or WordPress  e. t.c

I would strongly recommend you use WordPress because it is quite diverse yet pretty simple to use in just a few mouse clicks you will have a website up & running live to all world.

What you need to do next is deciding on a place to host your website again there are other alternatives, but not every hosting company will meet up to standard.  Some will offer you less information and support as to the use of all those control panel buttons which will make things very hard and a bit confusing for you. .

That’s why I’m recommending a trusted place I know SiteRubix.com or can go directly to Wealthy Affiliates where everything is made easier for you like 123 and in a few seconds you will have a very ready to earn money website up & running.

If  you follow this ultimate step-by-step guide and start your training at the   best one-stop-shop where everything you need to thrive in your business online is under one roof.

From website building to hosting, training  e.t.c. You will be building a brand from scratch with a reliable foundation

Step #1 Select a Profitable Niche/ Topic you really like {Passion }

Step # 2 Build Your Website {It’s A Brand You ‘re Building )

Step # 3 Create Content For your site {to attract visitors to drive traffic to your website }

Step # 4 Earn Revenue {Passive Income}

The good news is anyone can do this male or female, young or old 1000s of ordinary folks just like you and I who started from scratch in affiliate marketing are making money using this ultimate step-by-step guide it’s been tested and proven to work.

Again if it worked for them you and I are no exception as long as you have the will power to give it 100%.

Let yours become the next success story like the ordinary folks in the list below who chose to change their lives for the better and are  now living their dream lives.

•College /university students
•Stay at home moms
•Laid off from work
•Minimal wage employees

I wish the same level of success for you and I want you to experience this yourself don’t take my word for it if you haven’t built your website yet click here to get started

Click Here To Watch A Video Illustration Of How To Build Website

After building your webs what is really required of you now moving forward is the self-drive to work hard and the right mindset to stay in this for the long run.

Once you’re signed up with Siterubix.com it’s definite you’ve become a member for Wealthy Affiliate and what this means is that you now have access to Wealthy Affiliate platform’s training courses & tools which will equip you with new skills of growing and managing your business online.

I also promise you my support and guidance and so is all community of over 1.5 million members of WA as you proceed on your journey to success, everyone is willing to help and this includes the owners.

All you have to do is to start with the Online Entrepreneur Certification course which has 10 lessons for a free starter member ask questions whenever you are stuck and you will have an immediate response. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

My Take On This

You don’t have to be an expert or an advanced entrepreneur to learn or make money in this step-by-step Ultimate guide.

All you need is to get started is the right training and a genuine foundation that will teach/ provide you with the tools needed to create a thriving business online.

As long as you follow each step and apply what you have been taught there will be no limit to what you can achieve. Many before you and I have made money using the same PROVEN method.

With affiliate marketing, it’s a long stride but in end, it will be very rewarding, as we all know Rome wasn’t built in one day and I can’t give you a set time for when you will achieve it, but with consistency,persistence,and patience  your passion will eventually turn into profits. You just have to maintain the zeal to make this work.

Thank you for reading this article if you have any comments, questions or have something to add please feel free to drop them in the comment section below and l will surely get back to as soon as I can.

Have a pleasant day

Your pal




How To Sell Your Crafts Online-Make Your Creative Mind Count.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Hello, and welcome to onlinewealth4all.com’s how to sell your crafts online my name is Barbara the founder of this site.

Making handmade crafts isn’t something new to me, I have tried my hands on a few of them over the years, though I didn’t consider it as a supplementary income generating business.

I tried different categories from beaded jewelry, bottle beading to rugs, door mats, back packs, bags, sandals and clothes for both men and women in African prints,  coach cushions etc.

I just fancy trying out new things as a form of relaxation, by putting my creative mind to use.

Prior to looking into work-from-home-jobs I genuinely didn’t have any idea of how to sell handmade items online, except for offline but ever since I joined this bandwagon of working from home.

I discovered that you can practically sell just about anything online, including handmade crafts, and earn a decent living working from the comfort of your own home.

Do you have a creative mind like mine, and envisioning this as your side hustle, or even a full time job, but  have trouble selling your finished items offline.

Stress no more my friend because your pal here will show you different ways of how to sell your handmade items online and start earning decently by turning your hobby into a profitable thriving business.

Is It Possible To Sell Crafts Online?

We live in the world where people do love unique handmade crafts my self included. I have bought a couple of crafted sandals and also own some other crafted stuff around my house, which I bought from an online store.

I actually discovered that many folks like you and I who are passionate about crafts have set up stores online selling different handmade stuff and they’re earning handsomely.

You too my friend can turn your passion for handmade crafts into a paying

Image by Malubang from Pixabay

job by setting up your own shop/store online. Are you wondering if its possible to sell your crafts online, and don’t know where,or how to start ?

Oh yes you can skin this cat in more than just one way and  I will give you some pointers on how you can achieve this maybe you will appreciate me later.

The internet has a number of websites where you can open up a store or shop to sell your handmade stuff at no cost at all to start.

Whilst others will charge you, a small listing fee plus commission off your sold items not only that, there are other options like creating your own website, but I will get into that later on in the post first I want to show you some websites you can leverage to sell your crafts

Where To Sell Your Handmade Crafts Online?

As mentioned earlier the internet has many popular sites you can utilize to sell your crafts, they let you set up stores at no cost whilst others will charge you, but the fee will be minimal compared to what you will make in profits.

Don’t let this deter your vision of  setting up your store /shop  my friend its a very small fraction and other crafters are paying it. Below is a list of some websites where you set up shops and start earning from your hobby.

1. Aftcra

Aftcra is all about handmade  crafts online market place where you can sell your handmade crafts if your based in the US. its only limited to American citizens.

Their mission is to support local artists by giving them a place they can connect with crafts admirers from all across the globe.

Listing your craft products is free but you are charged 7% on your total sales once a transaction occurs.

2 Atfire

Image by Annalisa Batista from Pixabay

Artfire is another US based marketplace where you can sell your craft supplies, handmade items and vintage stuff.

They charge a commission on your sales and you pay a monthly fee for the shop but as you list more items it will be less.

3. eBay

You can sell just about anything on eBay and handmade items are no exceptional.

Its absolutely free to set up your store and  they charge two main types of selling fees on an insertion fee when you create a listing, and a final value fee when your item is bought. The amount charged depends on the listed  items

4. Etsy


Image by Kevin Phillips

is one of the most known and best marketplace online where you can set up a free store/shop for your handmade crafts.

Its is all about handmade items and vintage treasures hands down

The website has 3 optional monthly subscriptions and a listing fee of $ 0.2 for your items plus a transaction fee of 5 % and a payment fee plus they offer you tips and support

5. Facebook Market Place

Now days almost everyone has a face book account therefore having a store on Facebook marketplace will be very beneficial for you to capitalize on that larger audience.

If you envision selling  your handmade items online locally you can utilize this platform by listing your handmade crafts on Facebook Marketplace.

Its quite easy to create a store on Facebook marketplace you just use the Facebook app to join and its free .

Image by OranFire Blade from pixabay

You only have to upload photos of your items, put the price tags, contact details, and description then wait for prospects to contact you.

You can also utilize your Facebook wall page and share your listings with your Facebook friends or in other groups.

6 Dawanda

Dawanda is a worldwide marketplace created for crafters and artisans from all around the globe.

To create your store is free but listing fees for your handmade goodies do apply.

7 Folksy

If you’re a resident in the UK and a crater Folksy is a site that was created just for you. Its one of the best marketplaces online you can sell your handmade items and craft supplies.

They have a pay as you go per listing,or you can pay the folksy plus account which will save you money and unlimited free listing.

8 GCL Craft Mall

To open a store at GCL Craft Mall you have to be 18 and above, for minors the parents or legal guardians have to help in supervising the store.

On this site you can list a variety of handmade crafts and there is no set up fee, commissions, or contracts you just have to choose from the 3 store levels.

  • Basic Store you list up to 300 items at just $ 4.50 per a month
  • Basic plus you list up to 1000 items at just $ 7.50 per a month
  • Pro store you list up to 3000 items at just $ 12.00 per a month

9 Handmade Artists Shop

Handmade Artists shop was created to empower artists of all kinds and

Image by PublicDomainPictures

their creations. You can practically sell just about anything on this site as long as it is handmade, from ladies bags/purses, jewelry, shawls, wood works etc.

To set up a store at HAF shop you have to be a paid subscriber. The site has 2 subscription plans and you can list as many as you want with no expiry  date.

  • $ 5 a month
  • $ 50 a year this saves you $ 10

10 Misi

This is another UK online marketplace where you can sell your handmade items, the website works hand in hand with crafters /designers of different categories to help them build and expand their businesses.

To create a store at misi is free but they charge a small fee for listings and a commission on the sold items.

Other Ways You Can Leverage To Sell Your Handmade  Items Online

You may be wondering if that was all, but I can assure you it isn’t the case at all. I only listed a few when you browse the internet you are bound to find more websites that might work for you.

Like i mentioned earlier there are definitely many other ways you can skin this cat.

In this other opportunity  there are no middle men, commissions for each sale, or listing fees it will just be you in charge of this entire business and an audience you can utilize as prospects to buy your hand made items

I strongly believe the best way you to make money online is by becoming your own boss and i feel there is no harm in trying this opportunity out since its free to join.

It will be entirely up to leave if it doesn’t work out you have nothing to lose after all .

You will be quite amazed at all  the many things you can embed within this option,that will lead to getting exposure for your handmade craft items.

I can only give you an insight on how this folds out but you will be doing all the work, with my help of course and a community of over 1.5 million members willing to lend a hand.

The only catch is you have to be willing to put in the effort and time in order to see results. Below is what you can do with your online store/shop

  • You can create eBooks about your craft works and sell them on Amazon
  • Create tutorials of your works and share your expertise with others.
  • Open a  Pinterest  account which will be helpful driving traffic to your blogs
  • Write blogs about your crafts/handmade products and earn money doing it.
  • Upload your handmade crafts on you tube another audience you engage to drive traffic to your online shop

Let  Your Shop Have A  Presence Online

As an artisan its only fair to create your own brand online in form of a website or online store for your craft works. I strongly recommend you create an address /home for your unique handmade craft items.

Imagine being in total control of your own brand without competing with crafters  listed on other websites, paying listing fees, or commissions on each sale you make?

I commend you for being on this page and reading this far,the fact you’re on this page is no mere coincidence, I believe you’re trying to figure out ways of utilize the internet to sell your crafts and I will give you an insight on how you can achieve that at no cost at all.

You need not worry about being a novice in regards to creating your website. My main purpose here is to help you through this simple and easy step of creating your own website.

Which in just a few minutes will make you a proud owner of an up and running website, plus live to the all world.

Steps To Make This A Beautiful Live Store

 Setting Up A Website

And now it all boils down to creating your first website, therefore lets get rolling and make this happen, just be brave and take this step for your vision and dream to become a reality.

This website will serve as a platform where you will interact with your prospects about your handmade craft  goodies and build trust helping  them through your  blogs, e books whilst selling your goodies.

I know you might have some nagging voices within you right now, wondering if this is really achievable , who will host my website, and at what cost?

My assurance to you is that everything will be taken care of, for you at no cost at all to get started.

Ever heard of SiteRubix.com or Wealthy Affiliate platform ? If not this is where your dreams and vision of owning an awesome website are made easier in just a few minutes,you are able to have your own website set up and running ready to sell your handmade craft items, isn’t that amazing ?

Just envision your website appearance, the theme you want to choose for your store front, then get started with achieving just that.

So without further ado start building your very first website. You can either go to directly to SiteRubix.com or Wealthy affiliate.com

Now take that step forward, no need to think hard about this, it requires no rocket science and you don’t have to be a web designer to get a fully functional website live for the all world.

By taking this step not only, are you creating a website but you’re also gaining access to a community of experts that will help and support you on the journey of elevating your handmade craft business to another level.

 Giving Your Handmade Crafts Business Exposure  

Now that your website is up and running all that is left for you to do is let

Image created by Stephen Marc from Pixabay

the world learn about your online crafts business otherwise you will never achieve your goals.

For your business to thrive online you have to put in time and effort by this I mean giving your website the best that you can.

To start earning money with your newly created online shop you need to get visitors and the only way to achieve this is through writing helpful content or blogging about your passion,in this case its your handmade crafts and interacting with your prospects.

Good thing is the internet has over 4 billions plus users and among those you can get prospects to buy your goodies Therefore if,you have already set up your website, you will automatically gain access to Wealthy Affiliate  community.

This is where you will learn  robust ways of getting traffic to your website and its absolutely free to get started with the training just like with building your online store all free no credit card information/ payment required.

Making Your Store Authoritative Online

As soon as you sign up with wealthy Affiliate you will realize that you ain’t alone on this journey.

This might be your business but you will have support and help from a community of over 1.5 million members that are all willing to help in making your handmade crafts business lucrative .

Myself included I promise to help you in any way i can and if I don’t have the answers to your questions I will go out of my way to find you them.

When you are new in an area you don’t have expertise you definitely need some one to have your back and that’s what this community is all about.

Just imagine being in a space with experts who have already succeeded and not only, are they welcoming but also willing to share their knowledge, help, and support you where it is needed.

All you have to do is ask and you will get a response immediately. Help in this community is 24/7/365 since members are from all across the globe.

You will also have access to the most unmatched versatile training and tools you need to manage and grow your online store into an authoritative website while selling your goodies and acquiring knowledge at the same time that is if your overly  eager to learn.

Do You Still Have Some Questions Of How To Sell Crafts Online ?

If you need to learn more about how to sell your crafts or any other products online please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment area below.

My main goal here is to help you and it would give me total satisfaction if  I could help a friend get started on a journey of creating their very own thriving business online .

Just promise me you will reach out if you need anything drop me a comment I will be more than happy to get back to as soon as I possibly can.

Once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this post I’m looking forth to working with you in making your creative mind count

Have a pleasant day

Your Pal



Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It Legit Or A scam?

Hello and welcome to onlinewealth4all.com ‘s Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is It A Scam or Legit. My name is Barbara and here to give my opinion.

Are you searching for ways or want to learn how to make money online and affiliate marketing came to  mind? Then you must have heard about Wealthy Affiliate.

Now I am pretty sure you’re wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is legit or a scam because it sounds too good to be true.

I was in your shoes once upon a time, had the same indecision before getting to know this great affiliate program. Everything was new to me since I had no experience in the online world business.

I researched to get to the truth, went through various reviews and discovered it is indeed upstanding and here I am today giving you my own review on the same platform based on my  own experience.

I have been a member of WA  for a while now , when I tested it and leveraged the tools/ training within this platform, I was blown away by the amount of knowledge I acquired with my Free starter account.

It didn’t take me long to acknowledge the potential of this platform, just after few days I upgraded  to premium membership when I realized that this was indeed the right fit for me.

 Are you skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate being  an honest platform  and not an upsell or misleading gimmicks, pondering whether it will fit your criteria?

Then buckle up as I extensively delve into what I know about the platform  in this review. With out further ado lets get rolling, here is what I’m going to talk about,

  1. Honest overview & ranking of Wealthy Affiliate
  2. Wealthy Affiliate pros & cons
  3. What is Wealthy Affiliate all about,& who is it for ?
  4. Who owns Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Wealthy Affiliate training
  6. Site builder at WA
  7. WordPress Hosting  at WA
  8. Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool
  9. Support within WA
  10. WA success stories
  11. WA memberships /prices
  12. Is WA worthy every penny?
  13. Summarized overview
  14. My take on the platform

Quick Summary Of WA Review

Wealthy affiliate is an honest and reliable platform that offers legit training courses in affiliate marketing to all levels of affiliate marketers novices & advanced alike .

To get started at WA is $ 0 the training you are offered with your free membership is really mind blowing.

You get hours of video and text formatted tutorials ,live chat, one-on-one coaching, 2 free websites, access to the keyword  research tool jaaxy 30 searches and  so much more .

The  premium membership will open for you unlimited access to every thing WA has to offer we will get into details about that down below. In my opinion WA is an ideal platform to get you started in your quest of making money online 


As we delve into WA I want to ascertain that,

“Yes I am an affiliate member of WA”

” And no one paid me to write this review about WA platform”

‘Yes, I joined as a free starter member, after being  referred by one of the members in the platform and now I’m a premium member of this platform” 

Nb. This WA review post does contain WA links  When you click on one of them and join i will be paid a small fee in commissions at no additional costs from you.  

Honest Overview and Rankings of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Price Starter Membership; 100 % {Free To Join}

Price Premium Membership; $ 49 Monthly or /$ 359 for a year {
Join Here}

Owners; Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank; 98 out of 100

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For ;Total Newbies & Experts alike

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons


Do not require experience, the training is simple and easy to follow.
•There are tools and training related to each topic to help you succeed in making money online.
•100% free lifetime membership – no credit card or payment information required
•You have the ability to create 50 websites as a premium member and 2 websites as a starter member.
•Elite training courses
•Hosting that leads in the industry
•Unlimited access to Jaaxy keyword tool as a premium member and 30 searches for a starter account

24/7/365 live help and support
•Weekly live webinars which are recorded and saved. In case you missed the live broadcast, you can always go back and watch them
•A spam-free community of like-minded members that are always willing to help if you ask or get stuck
•Personal Support and coaching from the owners Kyle and Carson
•Fully integrated domain management
•Affiliate Programs


7 countries have no access to free starter membership.
•High competition .
•Take times to achieve results, success is a journey

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About, and Who is it For ?

Wealthy Affiliate is a popular platform and community that specializes in training complete newbies and advanced entrepreneurs alike.

You don’t require prior knowledge or experience in affiliate marketing  everything you need to grow and manage your business will be shown to you.

Diversified  ways of how to create, develop, and sustain a fulfilling and successful business online .

It is designed to help ordinary people like you and I who want to start legitimate businesses online while working from home or anywhere  .

All you require is a desktop or mobile device with internet connection to access the platform.

WA also has a Referral Affiliate Program that is  favorable and generous within the affiliate industry with up to 50% commissions for a premium member, or 25% for a starter member you actually earn while learning .

Are You;

  1. Tired of working minimum wage jobs?
  2. An Entrepreneur looking at work from home jobs?
  3. Retired and looking for something to occupy your time while learning new skills?
  4. Stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra income?
  5. Tired of  living a pay-check-to-pay-check
  6. Unemployed and looking for financial freedom?
  7. A college /university student who wants to make money to pay tuition
  8. Business and e-commerce owners who are looking to make more sales?
  9. Laid off from work?

Here is a chance to make something out of a life

4 Required Steps

Every one of us has a passion or hobby that you can utilize to  make money online while helping others.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to transform your ideas/ hobbies into profitable, successful and fulfilling online stories.

You build websites around your idea/interest as niches and make money promoting products related to your niche as an entrepreneur/ affiliate marketer.

So when a person buys a product you’re promoting,, you also earn commission.

====>To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry Click Here

Do Not Sign Up For WA If;

  1. You’re looking at quick ways to make money (money doesn’t come over night )
  2. Hate writing (you must create content for your website)
  3. Do not like taking part in online communities and networking (at WA you’re always encouraged to interact and ask questions which will benefit you along the way)
  4. You’re not willing to complete a profile (you easily get help with a complete profile than with an incomplete one )

WA has simple and liberal terms, It’s a community of over 1. 5 million members from 193 countries but, due to  a high volume of fraud from certain countries they are restricted and cannot access the free membership but can join as premium members.

Below  is the list of those countries

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Egypt
  3. Kenya
  4. India
  5. Pakistan
  6. Philippines
  7. Vietnam

NB: Nigeria is totally blocked from both free and premium membership

Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate – The Brains Behind This Great Platform?

Wealthy Affiliate  was co-founded  by two Canadian masterminds in 2005, Kyle Loundon and Carson Lim, both of whom had made it in the online world and had experience in making money online.

Kyle $ Carson with their families

WA initially started with one member as a keyword list website that provided people a place with a list of high quality Pay Per Click ( PPC) campaigns and ad groups.

However, it turned out a success and people loved the service. Today thousands upon thousands have been helped to reach their financial goals with the elite training and tools WA offers .

WA has continued to evolve over the years and gained authority in the online affiliate marketing world.

Today it is one of the best there is in the affiliate industry with over 1.5 Million members from all around the world and the number continues to grow  on a daily basis.

Kyle and Carson are also owners of

  • StreetArticles.com – Street Articles Publishing House,
  • Jaaxy.com – A Keyword Research, and
  • Website Analysis – a data mining software

Wealthy Affiliate Training – A True Education

Training at WA is for all levels of entrepreneurship, advanced and novices alike.

You’re equipped with proven and tested training skills  on how to start and manage a successful business online which has worked for many.

The training is very simple to follow, useful, and covers all the basics. You’re taken through two step-by-step courses which have a comment/discussion area.

In case, you misunderstood something and ask a question you get a response from the experts in the community or the owners Kyle and Carson who are relatively available everyday .

You’re literally taught how to start and grow an affiliate marketing business and it’s very important to complete the tasks as required of you.

The Two Step-By-Step Courses are;

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification is a 5-phase course consisting of 10 lessons each, walking you through the process of creating and growing a business in any niche that you want by building a website around a passion.

  • cation

    Online Entrepreneur Certification

    Online Entrepreneur getting started – Phase 1
  • Building your own traffic producing website – Phase 2
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Making money – Phase 3
  • Online Entrepreneur Mastering Social Engagement – Phase 4
  • The Business of Content Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation – Phase 5

A Free starter member has access to  level 1 which consists of 10 lessons. You will basically learn new skills on how to grow a business in affiliate marketing.


====>To Get The Most Advanced & Comprehensive Training In The Industry Click Here

2. Affiliate BootCamp Training – 7-Phase Course consisting of 10 lessons each, walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to promoting WA

  • Getting You Business Rolling – Phase 1

    Affiliate Bootcamp

  • Content Keywords and Conversation – Phase 2
  • Giving You Site Social Value – Phase 3
  • Get visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand Through Media – Phase 4
  • Knowing You Audiences and Catapulting You Referrals – Phase 5
  • Bing, Yahoo and The Power Of PPC – Phase 6
  • How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns – Phase 7

Each lesson includes:

  • Text and image instructions
  • Video tutorials to follow
  • Tasks to complete for each lesson (it is wise to put acquired knowledge to use right away to help you learn faster and progress along the way)
  • A check off each task at the progress bar for every lesson you have gone through.

Whether you’re a newbie or advanced marketer with experience in affiliate marketing, there are 1000s of core training resources awaiting you

WA Also Offers Various Other Great Ways of Training

  1. The interactive weekly live webinars with Q & A section; another

    Jay Neil Live Webinar Coach


    format of training hosted by an affiliate marketer, Jay Neil. Who has experience of over 15 years in the marketing industry.He shares different relevant topics each week about internet marketing which are mind blowing and cater for all levels, beginners /advanced. These live broadcasts are published as replays to enable those who missed the live broadcasts or if you need to go through them again. As a premium member, you  literally have access to over 300 plus hours of training on absolutely every topic you can imagine.

   2.   Premium Members; are privileged to conduct their own training in the membership area and earn money from it. These trainings are beneficial to other community members.

    3.  13 Organized Evolving Classrooms with detailed topics; another module of training with subsets you freely leverage, as a starter member you have access to 3 and a premium has access to all. It covers topics from

  • Local marketing
  • E commerce
  • Facebook ad
  • SEO ad sense
  • Pay per a click
  • Email marketing
  • Drop shipping  e. t. c
You learn a lot from these classrooms and in case  you don’t find what you’re looking for, just post it and someone in the community will respond to you. Everyone is willing to help you on a journey to success.

Site Builder At WA Made Easier As 1 2 3

A website is a must have  as it is  the foundation of your business where all  traffic will  come to. It is a brand you build to gain trust in the industry to promote products and services.

Fortunately this can be easily and effectively achieved with the most advanced yet simple to use website builder platform at WA.

It takes  just  a few seconds to have a fully operating, profit ready WordPress website up and running.

The good news is anyone can build a website. I will show you how it can easily be done with the WA world-class tools.

You Have Two Options To Chose From

  • Free website {In this case we are using a Free  Website}
  • Your own domain

There are four steps in building a website


STEP 1. Choose the Kind Of Website

STEP 2. Choose a Domain Name

When typing your domain name you will bee informed whether it’s available  or not. If your first choice ain’t available, simply continue with the  search  till you find one  that is available and will work for you.

NB: you cannot leave  spaces in a domain name e.g. “onlinewealth4all.com”.

STEP 3 Choose a Name for your Website.

Note the name of a website should match your  domain name and be grammatically correct and spaced e.g.” Online Wealth For All”

STEP 4 Choose a Design/Theme

 As a starter member, you have access to 12 hand-picked  pre-installed quality themes while a premium member has access to over 3000 plus themes to choose from.

See how easy it is to build a website at  WA! Anyone can do it! You need not be a web-designer/program to do it. Join me and experience this for yourself

====>Click Here To Build You Website

Hosting At Wealthy Affiliate

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is highly optimized for WordPress and it comes with a membership.

It does not matter if you’re a starter or premium member. There are no additional costs.

And it is guaranteed that you will always have a reliable backed up website with a super fast speed.

  • A starter member you create 2 free websites on Siterubix.com domain
  • A premium member you create 25 free websites on siterubix.com and 25 websites on your own domain

You will never be stressed building a website because WA has the best WordPress hosting in the industry which works hand in hand with SiteRubix and SiteDomain, making  site building an easy process .

Some Features That Come With WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress optimization servers
  • The most secure hosting ever
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7/365 website monitoring
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • You can purchase your own Domain name at WA Site Do

A State Of Art Subset Keyword Research Platform { The Infamous Jaaxy}

Jaaxy is the keyword tool you leverage to learn what is most searched for

Jaaxy Subsets

on Google. You need to know what people are searching in order to rank highly on Google.

Jaaxy will show you the most searched keyword and the times it has been searched in a month.

You will learn how competitive this particular keyword is in other sites and how many people have searched for it. Using Jaaxy helps you get the best keywords that will bring traffic to a website.

Support Within Wealthy Affiliate Is Next To Non

Wealthy Affiliate Community

  1. The support system at WA is next to non with over 1.5m like-minded people newbies /experts and all have the same goal as you and  that is to make money. As a newbie you can leverage the help of experts and get immediate response not only do they share their expertise and knowledge  but they are supportive  and always encourage you to be positive. Someone will always  have your back no chance of ever getting stuck
2. Live chat is another platform you leverage 24/7/365 doesn’t matter what time even in night you will get instant help & support within the community. There is always someone to help since members’ are from different time zones all across the world This way you get to interact & network; with movers and shakers in the industry while you get answers to your questions.
3 . Personal 1 on 1 coaching from anyone you like and sending private messages to discuss training or other projects with other community members’ including the owners.

4. Technical Support Team at a technical level regarding issues that concern your website you got nothing to worry about because the technical support team has you covered, its very efficient and responds immediately

5. 13 classrooms where you post questions and members in the community respond to you with possible solutions/answers .

You also find answers as you read through the comment area i have many times very educative and informative.

6 .Website feedback/Comment platforms; another way you get help from the community by receiving feedback on your website and offering the same to other members’ website

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

At Wealthy Affiliate you find a huge number of affiliates who have made it in the industry, and of course those that failed.

As we all know success is a journey, It takes sometime to see results like 3 to 6 months. Some people give up easily after a few months, if they don’t achieve their goals forgetting that this not a get rich  quick program.

Those who  are patient enough  and don’t give up do achieve success but it does not happen overnight.

They worked hard and invested their time. It takes determination ,consistency and  dedication to build a successful business online.

If you want to learn more check other reviews and see how people have made it in this industry through Wealthy Affiliate  the stats don’t lie.

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships and Prices

WA has 2 membership options: Starter Membership $ 0 Free to join and Premium Membership. $ 49 monthly or $ 359 yearly

The amount of training you get with a Free Starter WA account is mind-blowing. That is why I recommend to start as a free starter member and test the platform.

It is what I  did and I would also recommend to my friends and family, no credit cards or payment information  required because there  are no up sells here. This free account comes with many features and benefits.

It is a great start if you really want to learn how to become successful working as an online entrepreneur /affiliate marketer.

I am sure if you got this kind training elsewhere, it would cost you in $100.

To get started, you choose a username and password and in just a few clicks you’re done.

FREE Starter Membership Sign UP Here

The Free Starter member account will come with these futures and benefits at $ 0 cost

  1. 10 Online Entrepreneur certifications out of 50
  2. 10 Affiliate Bootcamp courses out of 70
  3. 2 websites hosted on siterubix out of 50
  4. 30 Free searches per month with Jaaxy
  5. 3 Training Classrooms out of 13
  6. 7 days of live chat 24/7 asking questions and getting immediate response from the community
  7. Highly Secured Website Hosting
  8. You can remain a free member as long as you want
  9. 1 on 1 Support from me and the community for those 7 days
  10. A personal wealthy Affiliate Blog

You will realize that what WA offers with a Free Starter Account is quite unique.

Make this your  moment and reap the benefits of making money as an affiliate by creating your free account.

As you have made the right choice of signing up, the next thing will be completing  your profile.

Begin by:

  1. Uploading a profile picture. If you do not want to use a picture, there are default images you can use.
  2. Add a Short Description of yourself. It can be short or long as you wish.

Completing a profile makes it 5 times easier for you to be reached and get helped. It is not a must, but I recommend that you do it.

A Premium  Member account comes with these features and benefits. Sign Up Here

Premium membership opens unlimited access to absolutely everything needed to build and grow an online business.

It unlocks a wide range of features within the community at just $ 49 monthly or $ 359

What To Expect With Premium Membership {if you upgrade within the first 7 days its just $ 19 for the 1st month} JOIN HERE

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course – 5 all phase
  2. BootCamp  training  7  phases
  3. Live chats 24/7/365
  4. Private Messaging
  5. Personal Affiliate Blog
  6. Website Backup
  7. Unlimited Keyword search Tool
  8. Access To Weekly Live Webinars
  9. 24/7/365 Website Support
  10. Website Analyzing
  11. Website Comment Platform
  12. Earn while you learn
  13. 25 free websites
  14. Option to purchase your own domain names for you websites
  15. One-on-one unlimited coaching
  16. 13 Classrooms
  17. Affiliate programs

This seems like a real deal to me  with all the features and benefits that come with a premium membership.

Not many training programs offer this kind of deal.

You gain more than you pay for. I am a yearly premium member because its cheaper I save up $ 299

Below is a comparison chart  of what you get with both memberships  Starter vs Premium

Comparison Of What To Expect With Both Memberships

Is Wealth Affiliate Worth Every Penny?

Yes I can say WA is worthy every penny, what you get as in knowledge and passive income when money starts rolling in is much more than what you part with just a few  $ 100s 

If  you choose to  go yearly it will only cost you  $1 or below  per day at $ 359 saving you $ 229  and unlocking unlimited access to  every thing WA  offers to a premium member.

Not many training programs charge that less with everything included in your membership, just imagine the amount of money you would part with at  college  or university  for the same knowledge you get at WA it will be in $ 1000s.

Summarized Overview

Name;  Wealthy Affiliate

Sales Page URL;


Owners; Kyle & Carson

My Overall Ranking; 98 out of 100%


My Take And A Special Bonus Up For Grabs 

As many folks are choosing to earn a living online  so are the very many training opportunities one can leverage to learn skills of how to make money online .

Who better to help you start than Wealthy Affiliate, not only is it legitimate, but the best platform there is. The  training is beginner friendly it  has been proven to work for many.

The advantages are more than the disadvantages, you get more than you pay for.

Based on my experience with this platform there is no limit to how much one can learn and eventually what you will be earning If you’re patient enough to see the results .

I will be exaggerating if I say you will make money overnight because it ain’t the case. 

I highly recommend you join with a Free Starter account  and check  things out. I m very sure you will be blown away with the amount of knowledge and training you will access

You  qualify for the 59% discount  off the usual $ 49 monthly charge for premium membership if you choose to upgrade  within the first 7 days of your  free starter membership.

 At only $ 19 for the 1st month you will unlock every feature and benefit offered to  premium members unlimited access to everything.

 If you have any comments/questions feel free to drop them in the comment section below I will surely get back as soon as I can, once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this WA review

Have you a pleasant day

Your Friend



4 Legitimate Ways To Make Money From Home – Work On Your Terms

Hello and welcome to onlinewealth4all.com’ s 4 legitimate ways to make money from home.

My name is Barbara and I strongly believe that the internet is a big enough space for anyone to make wealth if they get the right information,tools and resources.

The internet is the home of many businesses today, with the majority of work being done online, many people are increasingly choosing to work remotely with flexible schedules.

However, this flexibility has the downside of having many scams online, making one  wonder if there are still legitimate ways of making money from home?.

To answer that question yes  there are still many ways you can earn a legitimate living online and below I will be showing you some of the ways you can utilize to make money online  here are a few of them that you can start with.

#1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways folks make money online and for some it can turn into their passive income once established.

This  is a strategy where you as an individual partners with a business/product owner  in order to make a commission by referring readers or visitors to their  websites to purchase their  products/ services.

There are so many businesses online will to pay you for your efforts of sending traffic and buyers to them such as eBay,Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Shopify  etc

To be really successful at making money with affiliate marketing there is a little more to it.

Like working around your passion and promoting  products that  are related to your niche /passion .

When you are passionate about a product or – at the very least – interested in learning more about it, this will come through to your readers, engage them and better coax them to buy.

There are  various ways to do it like posting the merchant’s product links on your social media channels, starting a blog or blogs and advertising your merchant’s product links on them and email marketing (sending blast emails with the product links to potential buyers of your merchant’s products).

When the user clicks that ad / link / image and chooses to buy the product, the merchant will be alerted that you were the affiliate that led them to that purchase.

As such, you will receive a commission from the company for being responsible in driving traffic and new customers to their website that’s one legitimate way to make money from home.

If you re interested in learning new skills Wealthy Affiliate teaches you just that everything you will require to start your own business in affiliate marketing will be shown to you at this platform .

You should also note affiliate marketing does have some good side to it like no capital needed as you were starting an offline business , no products needed plus once established it will become your life time passive income .

But so does  some down sides like you don’t get to see results immediately plus you will need to work hard to see results .

2. YouTube Videos

YouTube, just like marketing, is evolving. What once used to be a platform for amateur videographers is now more than one billion active users strong.

Marketers are learning that YouTube is a powerful tool. Video is not just a passing trend, either as most marketers use video for content marketing campaigns, and Cisco predicts that 80% of all internet traffic will be streaming videos by 2019.

You’ll need to come up with great keyword content ideas, and of course, have an excellent logo designed.

Whether you’re new to YouTube video marketing or looking for ways to improve your efforts, you will benefit from tips for engaging your audience, perfecting your strategy, and using the platform as effectively as possible.

You must create engaging videos and increase your traffic, gain YouTube channel subscribers, and ultimately boost advertising revenue.

Below is a list of ways to maximize your revenue on YouTube

  • Adopt a mobile-first mindset as most YouTube audience use smartphones and tablets to watch
  • Be as relevant as possible to your audience by sharing useful content that solves your customer’s problem.
  • Choose your channel art carefully as they will be one of the first things that users notice about your brand and you know the saying “first impressions last”
  • Connect with your audience by telling a story. Not only do consumers develop more emotional connections with video thanks to the sound, motion, and visuals, but they also are more likely to engage with a video to the end
  • Consider the customer journey by thinking about how you want your customers or viewers to find you. Who are you trying to attract? What are they searching for on Google or YouTube and how can you help them?
  • Create a new audience using uploaded email lists.
  • Focus on audience retention by considering how to make the video more interesting to viewers.

3. Audio Transcription

A transcriber is someone who writes down what someone else is saying. Initially, a transcriber was a person that wrote things down in shorthand, but this art is dying out. Technology and the fact it isn’t taught anymore means, unfortunately, this art of note-taking is no-longer used.

Instead, recordings made on your laptop or tablet, for example, can then immediately be uploaded to your transcriptionist, via email or a sharing application like DropBox or Google Drive. They then download the audio, upload to their professional software player and begin to type what they hear in the speech content into a transcript.

As part of the transcriber’s role, unlike years ago where commas, full-stops and new paragraphs were dictated, in today’s advanced world, an experienced transcriber will insert the appropriate grammar for you, as a matter of course during typing.

While a professional touch typist should be able to type in the region of 75 words per minute, the industry standard states a minimum of 4–5 hours to transcribe 1 hours recorded audio or video. However, there are other factors that the client and transcriptionist need to consider regarding the audio for transcription. They are:-

  • The speed at which the participants of the audio are talkin
  • The number of participants in the audio talking (cross talking)
  • The clarity of the recording (background noise, phone interview, interference)
  • The speech clarity of the participating speakers (accents, speaking English as a second language, mumbling, no close enough to the microphone)

These are the variables that will add time to transcribing an hour’s recorded audio. It is difficult to say how much time should be allowed for these variables, so it is worth keeping in mind that a professional transcriptionist cannot type at the same rate as the average person talking, no matter how fast they are.

People generally speak 4–5 times faster than what an experienced transcriber can type. Using a freelance transcription service, like Virtuadmin for example, is the quickest and most affordable way to go.

Work is usually turned around as soon as it is received, therefore, as a freelancer offering a transcription service, you are most likely in a position to start it immediately.

4. Online Surveys

Would you like to give your opinion and get paid for it? There are dozens of market research companies recruiting new members from around the world to do online surveys for their clients.

They rely on people like you sharing opinions – from Donald Trump to the latest phone – and offer money and rewards in return.

Every site has a limited number of paid surveys each month per person. To earn serious rewards sign up to as many surveys as possible.

Taking paid surveys is an easy way to make money online by working from home. No matter who you are, or what you do, there is always a company interested in your opinion.

Your contribution helps ensure that the needs of customers, like yourself, are met. Your ideas can help countless product development projects and improve the range of great products in the future.

Don’t wait any longer, your opinion is valuable and you could stand to make good money by taking paid surveys at home.

The biggest draw of taking online surveys is that you can take these surveys whenever it’s convenient to you.

You decide when and where you take these surveys. All you need is a laptop or mobile device that can connect to the Internet. So relax and take some surveys while enjoying your favorite café or in front of the TV when the kids are asleep, it’s up to you! And best of all – you’ll get paid for it.

My Conclusion

As you can already see, there is something for everybody online. These are but a few of numerous legitimate ways to earn money online and anyone can make it with a good foundation Wealthy Affiliate .

As an online entrepreneur or self-employed individual, you will find yourself physically alone without people to interact with. This can bring a lot of stress if especially you are unfamiliar with the work you are doing and it has not yet started to pay off.

Besides, some online jobs require a little investment before you are enlisted for work. So before you choose an online job, ensure you are passionate about what it requires from you as you can easily get bored, distracted, and even give up before you reap from it.

All the best with your online income. If you have any comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below  and I will be  more than happy to  get back to you as soon as I can . Once again my name is Barbara thank you for reading this post

Have you a pleasant day

Your Friend